The Princes Knight

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Chapter 7

It wasn’t to long that Rindle had notice how close he was walking to Lithia. In face the very moment he realised he had tripped over his own shows and fell with his face landing straight into mud. Lithia was surprised, and was trying to figure out what startled him. Rindle, so embrassed just laid in the mud wanting to just be invisable.

“Taking a mud bath there?” Tonia chuckled as she stood over him. Jayce was unable to hold back a laugh as he aided Rindle to his feet. Lithia was looked as if she was about to do something but Nalum got infront of her. She pulled out a small beautifully designed cloth and began to gently wipe Rindles face.

“You should be a lot kinder to the pr-... Rindle.” She hissed at Tonia while wipping the rest of the mud from his face. For a brief moment the looked into each others eyes. Rindle noticed that Nalums cheeks started to turn red and she quickly moved away after.

The rest of the way was less awkward. Rindle after having some words with Tonia, and a little bit of pushing. Finally got her away from Jayce so he could walk along side him. Jayce gave him a look of fustration. Rindle figured it was most likely because he wanted to stay in Tonias company.

“So you gonna tell me about that mud mask?” Jayce questioned.

“We were barely touching hands.” Rindle whipsered. Jayce one eyebrow raised and he even looked back to the girls.

“ Did she notice?”

“I have no freaking idea”

“Should have held her hand.” Jayce sighed with a shrug.

“Seriously freckles, move a little faster.” He heard Tonia say as he now notice she was walking slightly behind him.

“ How long have you been ease dropping?

"Don't worry about it. So about the hand holding." Tonia said in a mocking tone. Rindle rolled his eyes and just slowed his pace down so that Jayce and Tonia were walking alone together again. Luckily the rest of the way to the spot Nalum walked with them. Her and Lithia discussed different fighting style which even intrigued Rindle. He even asked if Nalum wouldn't mind teaching him while she taught Lithia.

It didn't take them much longer to reach the spot. The girls were simply amazed. They came at a the perfect time, the light was hitting the crystals in a way that lit up the cave and gave a beautiful hue of colors. The river was settle and there was a beautiful low faint mist. Nalum was the one to set the spot, her and Lithia that is. They agreed they needed to be placed where they can still keep an eye out for any danger.

Jayce and Tonia though walked a bit further into the cave. Nalum was highly against it but after some stern words from Tonia she backed off. So it was just Rindle sitting between Nalum and Lithia in a very awkward silence.

"What made you want to be a knight Lithia?" Nalum suddenly questioned. Lithia sat silently, she looked as if she was trying to figure out what to say.

"I wanted to be strong like me mother and father. I don't have to many memories of my mother. But from what I recall, she was a shield maiden of a tribe. A strong leader, keeping everyone she loved safe." Lithia spoke softly before picking up a small sandwich.

Rindle wanted to learn another question. This was the most he had ever learned about her. She never really speaks about the life with her father. None the less her mother, and he had always wondered about her. Now hearing that her mother was a tribal shield maiden makes him even more interested.

"What about you?"Lithia questioned.

"I am the tenth child of fifteen. I am the only girl and all but two of my brothers were born with some form of disability. My father was so disappointed that he had tried to kill all but the two. I was the one who stopped them. Since I have been training so that I can keep them safe in till one of the youngest are able to become the family leader." Nalum replied.

"Woman aren't allowed to run their family?" Rindle couldn't help but question. Even though he knew that was common, even here when a Queen becomes the one and only leader it is odd. And sadly that kingdom is even treated differently. Tonia would know, since her kingdom is run by her mother.

"Yes and No, some tribes that have branched away from the imperial rule are ruled by woman. But if you are under the rule only men are allowed and woman are....well, we are to only tend to the men. As a wife or... a tool." Nalum said. Lithia made a look of disgust at the end of Nalums words. Rindle couldn't even blame her. Once again even here many kingdoms few women in the same manner. Thankful, with new rulers there has been change for the better. Rindle can even proudly say his own father made a huge change in how woman are to be treated through out the kingdom.

"Wow you guys are actually talking." Tonia said as she walked toward them. Rindle noticed she was walking a little strange and seemed far more happier than before. Jayce was walking toward them as well with his hands clasp behind his head. He had a faint amount of blush on his cheeks and a smile he was trying to hide. Rindle felt his cheeks getting warm as him and Jayce locked eyes. Rindle was able to put two and two together, Jayces face seemed even more red as he looked away from his friend.

He sat next to Rindle not making any eye contact and quickly grabbed a sandwich. Tonia was swaying happily side to side as she nibbled happily on a croissant. Nalum gave Jayce a dark stare for she too also put the chips together. He wouldn't be surprised if Lithia also new what had happened.

"There is nothing wrong with you too having intercourse." Lithia suddenly said in a soft tone causing everyone to sit up straight.

"" Tonia stuttered trying to figure out the words to respond. Jayce grabbed a cup of water his face red showing through his brown skin.

"Just know if she ends up with child. I will grab your parts and drag up back to her kingdom and you will tend to her and the child. And if you resist I will cut them off and send you about your way. Is that understood." Nalum said calmy as she took a cookie. Jayce began to chock on the water he was drinking, he was trying to say something. Yet couldn't do to the coughing so he merely just nodded his head.

So for the rest of the time they just sat silently and enjoyed the meal they had. Rindle never felt more uncomfortable in his life.

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