Like A Moth

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Alissa Edwards is a survivor. A guilty one. After being the only survivor in a bus accident, she becomes consumed with depression. Guilt-ridden, she leaves the only home she's ever known. Finding herself in Winchester Falls, Nebraska and at the mercy of a handsome bar owner, Jace Howard. But Jace has scars of his own, believing that his mate had died five years ago, he can't accept that Alissa may be his second chance.

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It was just like any other day. The clouds were overcast, and the city was bustling. I was on my way home after a particularly long day at the bakery. Dad’s bakery. Him and Mama raised me in that bakery and now it’s all I really have left of them. It’s been 2 years since I lost them, but it feels like it was only yesterday.

Pulling myself out of those depressing thoughts, I quickly hopped on the bus before it left me behind. There were barely any seats left and I was lucky enough to get one by myself towards the back. I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes, just wanting to get home as quickly as possible. I must’ve fallen asleep at some point because, suddenly, I am jolted and open my eyes to complete chaos.

We were crossing a bridge and there was a black SUV swerving out of control. It had to be going at least 80 when it slammed into the side of the bus and sent us over the rails and into the river below.

There was so much screaming. Crying. Everyone is panicking as the bus rapidly begins to fill up with water. I’m a bit drowsy and I reach up to feel my head to see my hand come away with blood all over it. I had hit my head on the way down and was losing a lot of blood. Panic didn’t really set in for me until that moment. There were only a few feet left before the bus was completely flooded.

Using all my strength, I lever myself up and begin to slam my feet against the window with everything I’ve got. Slam. Slam. Slam. Again, and again. Pain shoots up both of my legs as I continue to fight for my life.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the window breaks just as I got my last lungful of air. I burst through the opening and begin to push off the bottom of the river. The surface seems to be miles away as my lungs begin to burn with each second. Just when I’m about to give up, I breach the surface, dragging in lungfuls of much needed air.

I look around myself and notice that there’s nobody else in the water. Tears fill my eyes as I realize that everybody else was dead. I didn’t save anyone but myself. Disgust fills me and I start to retch as soon as I hit the bank.

Waking in a sweat, I barely make it to the toilet before I begin purging the contents of my stomach, just like any other time I fell asleep for the past 6 months. I lie there on the bathroom floor for what seems like hours, silent tears streaming down my face, before I finally get up and clean myself up. Turning the shower on, I wait as it heats before quickly jumping in and scrubbing myself clean of invisible mud.

After my shower, I quickly brushed both my teeth and hair before throwing on some sweats. I had decided enough was enough. People died and they were always going to haunt me as long as I lived here. I grabbed a couple of bags and began dumping in as much clothing as I could. I was leaving here. Tonight.

Feeling slightly guilty about leaving stuff in here for my landlord, I quickly wrote an apology letter, explaining why I had to leave and telling her to go ahead and sell whatever she didn’t want before I quickly called the local bar I worked at and quit, apologizing for the short notice.

Climbing into my car, I set my navigation to Winchester Falls, Nebraska.

Hi There! This my first official story and I would greatly appreciate it if you would please like and comment! I would love to hear some feedback!~

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