Fallen Abyss

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“All that matters is humanity. And love." Love is explosive. Love is destructive. Love is painful. But, more than that, true love is a rare treasure that not many people find. And angels were never supposed to find it. It was forbidden, only causing havoc. Evelyn Cole. The girl filled with happiness and sunshine. The girl that saw the good in everyone and saw the world in rose-tinted glasses. All she wanted was to be a good person and help people, trying to make everyone happy. Kyler Gray. The fallen angel who couldn't forget and only seemed to fall more in love with the girl that made him fall. The girl who was killed in the horrifying war between good and evil. He was the angel with a heart of gold, but only saw the world in black and white. Until fate intervened, their beautiful past in its hands. It created a love so perfect that nothing could destroy it. Not time. Not denial. And definitely not the shadows of their past. A past with so much truth and so much pain. But not even death could keep them apart the first time. And all they could do was fall deeper and deeper into their abyss of love. All over again.

Romance / Fantasy
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♡ epigraph ♡

"She was everything to him. The calm to his chaos. The silence to all the noise. And the air that he breathed."

"Redemption is not just about the survival of our soul. It's about the revival of a soul that was once dead."

"There's a plan for all of us. People don't just come into our lives by accident. They come with a purpose."

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