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Stefan's Pov-

Liam stood infront of me saying some shit that I just couldn't here, I was distracted by the Rage that fully consumed me.

All I could think was how satisfying it would be to pound my fists into my brothers face for ever laying a finger on Savanah. No women deserves that. She of all people does not deserve that!

With that thought still fresh in my mind I left the kitchen to do just that. Liam followed behind Me as I reached the living room. My eyes roaming, searching the crowd of sweaty underage drinkers grinding on each other.

I ignored Liam's attempts at trying to grab my attention untill he stood infront of me pushing my chest in an attempt at halting me.

"Stefan, You need to calm the fuck down and tell me what the hell has got you storming around like your the fucking hulk" Liam demanded frustratedly.

I pushed his hand off my chest harshly. Is it not obvious as to what Im pissed over?

"My brother that's what" I spat

"You know just as well as I do that Savanah didn't receive them bruises from 'Jamming her arms in the fucking door" I gritted out.

Liam clenched his Jaw

"I'm not a fucking idiot, but your stupid if you go around accusing Seth if you don't have any proof" He said boring his eyes into mine

"Proof" I kissed my teeth "All the proof I need is the black eye she got this morning after arguing with my brother" I informed him.

Liam's lips turned into a thin line

"She has a black eye?" He asked almost as-if confused.

I shook my head I'm not in the mood for this shit!

I pushed passed him making my way out the front door.

The second I stepped foot outside of the house my eyes landed on my brother leaning against his car laughing with two of his friends.

I can't wait to wipe that fucking smile off his lips my fists where itching for it.

I clenched my fists at my-sides before My body took over and my legs made there way towards Seth.

"Bro this is not the time or place" Liam appeared at my side gripping my arm in an attempt at halting my advance.

I pushed him out my way harshly forcing him to stumble backwards in result receiving the attention of my brother and his friends.

All their eyes now on me.

Seth took a step forwards "Stefan Broth.. " Seth began to greet me with a wide grin but I didn't allow him to finish smashing my fist into the side of his face.

Seth stumbled backwards at the force of the unexpected dig and before he could gain his balance I brought my fist back down on his face for a second time.

One of Seth's friends Harry came to his aid as he tried to push me back.

I swung my fist hitting the prick in the jaw.

Harry gained his balance "You will pay for that" He began to approach me again before he received another dig to his Jaw this time not from my fist but from Liam's.

I proceeded towards my brother who had now gained his balance a amused smirk aimed at me. "What no hello?" He chuckled.

I pushed him harshly making his Jaw clench in anger.

Seth swiftly pushed me back and sent a dig to the side of my face.

Groaning I raised my head to face him that was a pretty hefty dig ill give him that. It's going to bruise for sure.

"Your a piece of shit you know that Seth" I gritted Taking a step forward.

I grabbed a fist of his shirt tightly by the collar "Hurt her again and I'll end you! brother or no brother" I informed him, Not a warning a threat is what it was.

Anger flooded Seth's features in a second "Ah I see" He chuckled pushing my hold on his shirt away

"You think she's a damsel in distress" He pushed at my chest "FUCKK!! I always knew you had a thing for her but I'll give you one warning Stefan,She is my GIRL So stay AWAY" He clenched his Jaw.

He wasn't wrong I did like his girl.

I would never act on that emotion though. This is because he hurt her not because of my feelings for her.

I clenched my fists at my side my eyes boring into his. He has no remorse for his actions whatsoever and if he did he really isn't showing it.

Two of Seth's friends stepped infront of him asif trying to hold him back cautious as to stop any advances.

"Alright boys break it up" Dom's voice came from my right. I didn't even notice him arrive but by the sound of it he has seen enough to know what is going on.

"Watch it Seth" I warned before leaving my brother standing there with his fists clenched to his side's and the anger rolling from him like a tsunami.




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