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Savanah's pov-

I awoke being disturbed from my sleep by a hand gently nudging me. Trying to ignore it I rolled over pulling my quilt cover more tightly around my body.

"Sav" Lauren said from beside me on the bed. "Hmm?" I mumbled to exhausted to form a sentence.

"Sav wake up I made you breakfast" She said giving me another gentle nudge.

I rolled back over to face my bestfriend who sat on the edge of my bed with a plate of food in her hand.

I was starving. Yeah I was exhausted but not to exhausted that I couldn't eat.

"What did you make?" I questioned, Intrigued that she would actually succeed in being able to cook anything. "Pancakes" She replied proudly. I smiled up at her they actually smell amazing.

"Syrup?" I asked Pulling myself to sit up.

My hands instantly flew to my head and I groaned at the pain my head was in. God my brain was pounding like the blood just rushed straight to my head at my movement.

Lauren giggled finding amusement at my pain in result making me scowl at her unamused at the situation I am in. "Thats what happens when you have a shots contest with Liam" she said laughing at me.

I just winced at how much I felt like shit right now.

"Eat and take a shower you will feel better afterwards I promise" she said smiling at me.

I returned the smile Pulling the plate of pancakes towards me.

Observing the plate the pancakes actually looked edible for something Lauren had cooked infact these looked asif they were store baught or made by a professional pancake maker. "You made these?" I questioned taking a bite out of the deliciously smelling cakes. "Ovcourse" she waved me off.

I raised my brow at her amused "Okay fine" She sighed "Jasper dropped them off, Stefan made them" She confessed. I nodded my head with a hum

"Wait Stefan made these?" I asked bewildered.

"Yup, The guys stayed at Stefan's lastnight" she informed me taking a bite of one of the pancakes.

I cant believe I had drank so much lastnight the most I would have at a party is one glass of alcohol I'm not much of a drinker.

My eyes widened as the events from lastnight came to mind.

"Oh my god, Stef-Stefan seen my bruised wrists" I began panicking.

Shit how am I to explain that?

"OH my god I'm going to be the talk of the school, Be named the weakling and everyone is going blame Seth and-and Seth is going to think I told people oh my god he is going to hate me" I rambled as unwanted tears began to fill my eyes.

"Hey" Lauren took ahold of my hands in hers "Calm down, Stefan would not tell anyone. And even if Seth did get the blame then the blame is rightfully aimed" she tried to calm me.

But I shook my head "No it's not Seth's fault he was angry because I didn't listen" I shook my head.

Lauren let go of my hands "Are you kidding me? Are you actually fucking kidding me right now, he hit you sav that's on him not you" she said angrily.

The tears finally began to spill and I shook my head in denial

"But it's my fault" I almost breathed "It was my fault I wound him up" I let out.

Lauren sighed heavily as she pulled me into her warm embrace allowing me to shed the unwanted tears. Not a word was spoke and I'm glad Lauren didn't carry on speaking her thoughts on the situation. She doesn't have a filter sometimes she can be brutally honest of her thoughts and I couldn't handle that right now.

A little time went by before I pulled away and looked up to my friend.

She gave me a sad smile before jumping to her feet.

"Right you need to take a shower and get dressed. Jasper and I are going to the movies and your coming because I am not leaving you alone like this" she said pulling me to my feet.

Although I was not up for attending a movie I didn't bother arguing as I know I wouldn't win, I never do.

I wiped my tear streaked face with the palm of my hands before nodding my head with a smile.

She was right I'm grateful for the offer I didn't feel like being alone today.


I had took a shower an gotten myself ready for the day.

I was now ready to leave when I herd my phone ring from my bedside table. I took my phone off charge taking a look at the caller I.D. It was my Dad.

Pressing accept on the call

"Hey Dad" I answered.

"Hey munchkin" He greeted.

I cringed at the nickname my farther had used, He has called me that since I was like five years old.

"I wanted to check up on you Kid" He said through the phone.

"No need I'm fine as usual" I reassured him

"Great, Well this is just a quick call as I'm about to go into a meeting, I will be home tomorrow night around five" He confirmed.

"I transferred some money to your bank account in case you need anything before then" He informed me.

"Ok thanks dad" My reply was simple.

"I have to go now munchkin. Be safe, I love you " He rushed a small smile appeared on my face at his words "Love you too dad" I replied.

"Bye Kid" He bid me goodbye before putting the phone down.

I heavily sighed pulling the phone away from my ear.

Atleast my farther will be back tomorrow and I can't wait, I have missed him it feels like I haven't seen him in weeks.

Technically I haven't seen him in weeks since he is always in his office untill late and I was always in school during the day our paths Bearley cross its kinda sad but he's a busy man.

Looking down at my phone in my hands I could see that I had a few missed calls from Seth last night.

I bit my lip I was supposed to find him at the party but I didn't since I had got so wasted I had to leave the party early. I hope he isn't mad or anything there's been enough drama between us the past few days.

I wasn't going to lie I wanted Seth right now.

The past few days have just been an emotional roller-coaster and all I want his for him to hold me and take this shitty hangover feeling away.

"SAV, HURRY UP" Lauren yelled from down stairs.

I rose to my feet with a sigh today's going to drag I can feel it.

I made my way down stairs to meet lauren standing at the door.

"Come on we are going to be late, The boys are waiting" She waved hers arms at me to follow her.

I frowned I thought it was just going to be the three of us.

Although I didn't want to be a third wheel, That does sound more appealing than having to face the accusing and questioning eyes of Dom, Liam and Stefan.

"There coming too?" I asked closing the front door and locking it with the key.

Lauren shook her head

"Nope Jasper is dropping Dom and Liam home before we go" She replied as we made our way towards Jaspers car parked in Stefan's front yard.

"Took your time as usual girls" Dom said with a devious smile.

Lauren rolled her eyes at him before being pulled into Jaspers embrace.

Liam pulled me into his side roughing my hair up with his hand "Hayy" I groan as I had just done my hair

"How's the hangover treating you baby girl?" He asked with an amused smile upon his lips.

"Just great" I mumbled hearing chuckles follow after from Liam and Dom.

I looked up to the car seeing that Lauren was already sat in the passenger seat beside Jasper.

Dom made his way to the other side of the car hopping in the back seat whilst Liam held the door open for me to slide into the middle seat before proceeded to climb in beside me.

I zoned out in my own thoughts as Dom and Liam began bickering about who was to be dropped off first.

My thoughts where on Seth I wanted to see him maybe explain to him that Stefan had seen the bruises but then again maybe that will just make him mad. I don't want him to be mad I just want him to comfort me, To hold me in his strong arms.

"Hey Jasper" I spoke up cutting Liam and Dom off from their bickering. Jasper hummed a response as his eyes caught me through the mirror, a slight nod of his head asif saying to carry on.

"Do you mind dropping me off at Seth's?" I asked hopefully.

I could see Jasper and the guys beside me share a look but I ignored it returning my gaze to Jasper hopefully. Its probably some silent boy conversation I wouldn't care much for anyway.

Lauren twirled around in her seat to face me "What, No" She said firmly.

I rolled my eyes "Oh come on I don't want to be a third wheel" I said leaving Lauren frowning.

I turned my attention back to Jasper expectantly who just shrugged "I can do that" He replied simply.

Lauren sent a dig to his shoulder

"ow, I'm driving here" He commented.

Lauren crossed her arms across her chest with a scowl upon her face "What she doesn't want to go. What Do you want me to do, force her to watch a movie with us?" Jasper replied leaving Lauren to look unimpressed and sulking in her seat. "Thanks Jasper" I smiled receiving a gentle nod from his head.



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