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Savanah's P.O.V

I stood on Seths porch waiting patiently for him to answer his door. I couldn't wait to see him, It felt like we hadn't talked normally in a while since all we have done kately was argue the past few days and I just couldn't help the smile that was placed on my lips from how eager I was to see him. All I wanted right now was to wrap my arms around his waist, rest my head against his chest and have him wrap his own arms around me.

The door slowly opened revealing a stone faced seth. My smile faded seeing the dark purple bruises splayed across the skin of his face.

"Oh my god Seth! what happened to you?"

I asked cupping his cheeks in my hands pulling his face down in an attempt at observing his injuries. His cheek was slightly swollen. My heart sunk at the sight. He's been in a fight but with who?

My hands were taken from his face when Seth took a hold of both my wrists holding them tightly in front of him.

I frowned looking up at him questioningly.

He was mad about something I could tell by the way his jaw tightened as he clenched his teeth together but before I could question him on what was wrong with him, He pulled me inside the house slamming his front door shut with a loud slam.

I stood still, my eyes gazing up at him worriedly.

What happened to him? What was he so angry about?

Seth turned away from me his shoulders rising and falling the cause of his heavy breathing. "S-seth" I stuttered.

The unfamiliar feeling of being afraid of him creeped up on me.

I never feel afraid when in his company so I couldn't understand why I felt that way now, And Why the hell was I stuttering?

Arggh hold it together Savanah you don't need to be afraid of him he loves you and would never hurt you again, He promised I mentally reassured myself.

I slowly approached him Placing my hand upon his shoulder "Seth, Please tell me what's happened?" I asked softly.

My heart dropped when he shrugged my hand off his shoulder turning his body swiftly to face me.

His usual gorgeously handsome ocean blue eyes where now stormy with anger. Was I the cause of them? Did I do something wrong to cause him to feel this way?

I couldn't comprehend Why he was acting this way towards me?

"Seth, what's wrong?" I tried again.

Pleading him with my eyes to talk to me.

To give me some kind of answer.

"You SAVANAH you and my FUCKING brother" he seethed.

Me and Stefan? I was confused at how we had got back to the Stefan thing again.

SHIT! It clicked.. No Stefan wouldn't do this to Seth, would he?

"Did Stefan do this?" I asked reaching my hand out to the bruises upon his face.

Seth scowled at me with a kiss of his teeth

"This is what you wanted isn't it? You wanted payback for what I did to you" He took a step towards me forcing me to take a step back in fear from the look on his face

"You cried on Stefan's shoulder, You seeked comfort in my brother didn't you?" He ground out. His anger was evidently visible.

I shook my head rapidly "I Didn't" I replied with a shaky breath.

It was the truth I didn't purposely tell Stefan.

I would never.

I was afraid he wouldn't believe me.

And is this moment I was afraid he would hurt me again.

"Pleas" I began but Seth cut me short

"YES YOU DID" He yelled so loud I'm sure his neighbours could hear.

I winced as he pushed at my shoulders with extreme force, My back crashing harshly into the wall that was behind me. The pain spread from my lower back and upwards.

With a thud He Placed his hands palm down on the wall either side of my head.

My hands instinctively shot out to his chest asif to halt him from coming any closer to me.

"Seth stop, I didn't talk to Stefan. I didn't tell him anything" I rushed shaking my head rapidly trying to get him to understand.

To believe my words.

I could feel Seth's body shake With anger beneath the palms of my hands.

With a lump in my throat and all the courage I had leaving me I spoke.

"Please Seth your scaring me" I cried allowing the tears that had built up to roll freely down my cheeks.

Seth pushed himself off of the wall using his hands before bringing them up to his face he Dragged his palms across his face frustratedly. A moment had past and the room was deathly silent.

I didn't dare make a move.

I didn't dare say a word.

Seth raised his head back up to face me connecting his eyes to mine.

He took a step towards me gently placing the palm of his hand against my cheek.

"Don't cry" His words where simple as he wiped my tears with the pads of his thumbs before gently pulling me into his chest.

I broke letting all my emotions go as I cried into his shirt eventually I made a move to wrap my arms around his body to hold him tightly as he held me in a hold of his own.

After awhile Seth slowly pulled back to look down at me "Stay away from Stefan" Was his only words.

I looked up at him searching his face for a reason on why he wants me to stay away from Stefan so badly. I haven't done anything wrong or crossed a line have I? Either way if I did I wasn't aware that I had.

At my lack of words Seth cupped my face between the palms of his hands

"Promise me Savanah" he begged, his voice demanding yet soft.

I nodded my head quickly at his request.

"Say it" He demanded with a clench of his Jaw. "I promise" I told him what he wanted to hear. "Good" Is all he said before crashing his lips to mine. Kissing me Intensely, Ferociously, Dominantly.



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