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Savanah's P.O.V -

I lay in bed beside Seth, His arm wrapped heavily around my waist as he held my body flushed to his own. He was refusing to let go of me. The thought only made me smile.

After last night's drama things between me and Seth have settled down, Touch wood no jinxing that is.

He is in a much better mood today and Im relieved for many reason.

One being I'm tired of the drama.

Two being Seth is happy.

And three being if Seth is Happy then I am happy.

"Seth I need to go home and change, if we don't leave soon we will be late" I reminded him trying to make an attempt to get out of his bed for the third time.

Seth tugged at my waist halting my attempt to get out of the bed for the third time. Tugging my body flush against his own.

"Just wear what you already have on" He breathed to my ear as he trailed delicate kisses to the side of my neck.

My face screwed up at his suggestion.

I am not turning up to school wearing the clothes I had wore yesterday.

"No I slept in these" I huffed out a frown forming across my lips.

"So, maybe if you look like a hobo you won't attract the attention from the majority of the male population at our school" He retorted into the skin of my neck.

"Your exaggerating" I giggled rolling my eyes at his cave man attitude. Its way too early in the morning for cave man Seth to make an appearance.

Seth rolled us over changing his position to hover above me

"Did you just roll your eyes at me" He asked that devilish smirk of his playing across his lips.

"And what if I did?" I teased with a bite of my lip to hide my smile.

Seth hummed asif in thought

"Punish you" He said with a devious smile on his lips.

I laughed unintentionally rolling my eyes at him for a second time. I swear that time was an accident.

"Its almost as if you want me to punish you kitten" Seth chuckled looking down at me with lust-filled eyes.

"Mmm" I smiled up at him, I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes at him for a third time.

One toxic trait of mine is unintentionally doing something I've been told not to do. I can't help it my mind does its own thing, always has done. Like when Im in a moving car and I get the urge to open the door anyone else get that? Like What is that about?

Seth dipped his head down placing his lips to the skin of my Jaw. Gently placing soft kisses to the length of my Neck tracing my collar bone.

My eyes fluttered shut at the feel of his lips on my skin. A soft moan passing my lips as he began biting and nipping on the skin of my neck. "Seth" I let out breathlessly.

Seth hummed but didn't stop his assault on my neck. "Seth we will be late for school" I reluctantly confessed.

I would happily stay in bed with Seth all day his lips to my skin feel amazing. Addictive even.

I loved this side of Seth, The playful but gentle Seth and I wished he would be like this all the time.

Seth pulled away with a frown clearly sulking that time is up, and if we don't leave soon we really will be late for school.

Placing a single but gentle kiss to my lips he raised to his feet heading towards his chest of draws. "Take a shower and Wear this" He said throwing me one of his grey long sleeve T-shirts.

I smiled up at him I love wearing his shirts and I know he loves when I wear his shirts too, but does he really expect me to only wear his shirt and nothing else?

"I don't hav" Seth cut me short throwing me a pair of jeggings. I observed the piece of clothing in my hand. These are not mine!

Where on earth did he get a pair of girls jeggings from? I'm like one hundred and sixty percent sure that this item of clothing did not belong to me.

I raised my head to look up at him with a frown.

As if he could hear what I was thinking he put my mind at ease "Relax I bought them for you on Saturday along with these" He raised his left hand to reveal a matching set of very sexy underwear.

I scowled at him whilst he only smiled at me smugly. With the jeggings and his T-shirt in hand I stood to my feet making my way over to where he stood.

I took the underwear out of his hand turning towards the bathroom.

Seth twirled me around by my waist to swiftly face him halting my attempts at getting ready to leave.

"What? Do I not get a Thankyou Seth, I love you Seth" He said with an amused smirk.

He loves teasing and winding me up I swear it's his highlight of the day.

"Thankyou for the very unsuitable porn star panties Seth, I love you seth" I smiled sweetly at him. Seth chuckled his eyes shining with amusement at my remark.

I placed a kiss to his cheek before spinning on my heels and heading into the bathroom to finally get ready for school. No chance of making it on time. Not even in the slightest.

We finally managed to get to school.

Seth parked his car next to his friends who where clearly skipping class. Since we should all be in class right now.

Harry and Jake leaning against the car in a conversation of their own whilst Dave was making out with a girl who was sat upon the hood of his car. I had never seen him with her before she must be new, I couldn't see her face though since it was glued to Dave's lips but her hair? That was standing out for sure, Her hair was a beautiful Silver colour styled in box braids.

Seth placed his hand on my thigh squeezing it gently to get my attention

"Ill grab my gym bag from the boot then ill walk you to class" Seth placed a peck to my lips before exiting the car.

Drifting my eyes to the clock in Seth's car. I sighed Great we where so late we had missed our fist lesson, at the rate I'm going ill have detention by the end of the week.

I snapped my head to the door as it opened. Harry stood his arm leaning on the frame of the door as he looked down at me with a smile.

"Just gonna sit there?" He smirked.

I shook my head with a small laugh climbing out the vehicle. Harry closing the door behind me.

I furrowed my eye brows at him. I know Harry pretty well by now and if I'm not mistaken that look upon his face meant he was upto mischief.

" What's that look for?" I asked Confused as to why he was looking at me like that.

Harry grinned "Come I'll walk you to class baby" He said throwing an arm around my shoulder.

An uneasy feeling crept up on me the thought of Seth's reaction couldn't be good could it?

I shrugged the feeling away sending a smile to Harry.

It's obvious he was purposely trying to wind Seth up and it worked as Seth swiftly sent a dig to Harry's shoulder. Harry dropped his arm from around me instantly groaning as he held his shoulder in pain "Ahh dick" He groaned earning laughter to erupt from Jake and Dave.

Seth pulled me towards him by my waist crashing his lips to mine with no hesitation.

The boys Hollered and chuckled at Seth's reaction clearly finding amusement in their friends jealousy. I raised my hands Wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him back, Melting into his touch.


I placed my books inside my locker. I was starving the lunch hour couldn't of came fast enough.

"Where have you been, You missed english" Lauren voiced from behind me.

I closed my locker seeing Lauren looking at me expectantly "I was running late this morning" I replied honestly.

"You had me worried. You haven't answered your phone since we dropped you off at Seth's yesterday" she explained the worry evident upon her facial features.

I gave her a small smile.

She cares about my well being more than my own parents do, Speaking of which my farther is home tonight.

"I'm fine I stayed at Seth's lastnight and didn't charge my phone. No biggie" I explained.

"He didn't hur" She began "Don't Lauren" I cut her off with a stern look

"I told you he wouldn't hurt me" I said sternly.

"Bit late for that" she retorted

"Can you get over it already I HAVE" I said raising my voice slightly.

I know she is only looking out for me but I just want to get past this already I don't want to be judged especially by my best friend.

She raised her hands up in defence "Okay, okay ill drop it" she said with a sad smile.

"Butt" She dragged making me roll my eyes, There's always a but "Your having lunch with me" she said grinning at me widely.

I laughed at how excited she can get so easily over practically nothing.

"Deal, But let's go because I am absolutely fucking starvinggg" I hooked my arm through hers pulling her in the direction of the cafeteria.

I told Seth I would meet him at the cafeteria but I'll just send him a quick text and let him know I'll be eating with Lauren he wouldn't mind! I don't think?




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