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Savanah's P.O.V -

It had just gone seven at night and there was still no sign of my father. He was supposed to be home at five. I guess work is running late AGAIN!!.

I had made a meal for him but decided to go ahead and eat alone since he was taking his time in coming home. Nothing new really, kinda seen it coming. Same old, Same old.. You know?

I put a note on the fridge, informing him there is food in the oven for him to reheat.

I'm tired, I'm probably going to have an early night tonight.

Hell I need it. The lack of sleep is clear as day with the bags under my eyes.

I opened the backdoor and entered the backyard deciding I would get some fresh air for a little while before heading to bed.

Sitting in the backyard wasn't a normal thing for me to do but I wasn't about to go on the roof in case Stefan was in his usual spot.

He wasn't at lunch with Lauren and the guys today and I hoped everything was okay with him but at the same time I was grateful that he wasn't at the lunch table giving me that look like he had done at the party.

Don't get me wrong I love Stefan's company. I'm just grateful for certain reasons.

The Number one reason being that I didn't want to face him after Saturday night's events and number two? Well I had promised Seth I would stay clear of Stefan Carter and that? That I will do. Why rock the boat right?

I put my headphones in and lay back on the grass to look up at the sky.

The sky was so beautiful tonight with all the stars that had spread out across the night sky.

I sighed in content my body relaxing into the grass beneath me as I took in the music that flowed to my ears.


Stefan's pov-

I headed out back to take the bins out like my mother had asked, she had been giving me chores to do all day since I came home early from school without 'a good enough reason to skip school'.

I would without a doubt pick chores over that hell hole any day, I was in no mood to stay and watch Savanah kissing Seth in the parking lot asif he hadn't laid a finger on her just the other day. The sight was grating at me, I needed to get out and far away from the two before my emotions ended up getting me in some deep shit.

I couldn't and still can't wrap my head around it? I just don't understand how she can still be with him? She doesn't deserve that! She deserves way better than the piece of shit that my brother is.

I heard a delicate voice taking me from my thoughts. Someone was singing!

I knew who the voice belonged to instantly, how could I not? I would recognise it anywhere.

That voice belonged to Savanah.

I took a look over the brown fence that was dividing our gardens. Savanah lay on the grass of her lawn looking up at the nights sky littered with stars.

I had noticed stargazing was a thing she loved to do.

It's as if she would just get lost in a world of her own literally dreaming about the stars.

I couldn't help but find myself watching her watch the stars. Not in a creepy way.. just admiring what's in front of me you know? Admiring her while she was admiring the night sky.

I stood there for a moment listening to her singing quietly to herself, although not so quietly as I could hear her from where I stood.

I didn't mind, not one fucking bit! She has a mesmerising voice I couldn't lie, like one of those Greek things that lure you in, what are they called? sirens? Yeah one of those.

It was the truth though it's asif something lures me towards her. It has been ever since the first time I stepped foot on that rooftop to see the girl next door lay there doing just as she is now, Looking up at the sky mesmerised at the stars.

I couldn't help but wonder why she was out here instead of on her roof like she usually was.

I climbed over the fence with ease and approached the forbidden fruit I just couldn't seem to stay away from. I sat down beside her, asif feeling my presence her eyes snapped open and she quickly sat up.

Now I felt guilty by the look of fear on her face.

I admit I could have handled that differently.

She punched my shoulder lightly "Ow" I chuckled.

"What The Hell Stefan You Scared The Shit Out Of Me" she scowled at me.

"Sorry princess, I guess I'm not a subtle guy" I confessed, sending her a smile.

It fell silent for a moment. It was nice, a comfortable silence before I spoke up breaking through the quiet air.

"Home alone?" I questioned.

She nodded her head

"Correct" She frowned picking at the grass.

She looked so broken and I had to fight the urge to pull her to my chest and wrap my arms around her in comfort.

I reached out taking her chin between my finger and thumb gently lifting her chin up so that she was now facing me ,her eyes connecting with mine. "Smile princess" I said, my eyes flickering to the frown upon her lips that I wanted to kiss away so badly. I dragged my thumb across her bottom lip gently. Her lips feel so soft beneath the rough pad of my thumb. "Stefan" She breathed almost inaudibly. I nearly didn't catch my name but I did, My eyes flicked back up to hers.

Savanah pulled away from me shaking her head slightly asif ridding herself of her own thoughts. "Stefan you have to go, you shouldn't be here" she said rushing to her feet a look of panic across her gentle features.

I stood up swiftly taking a hold of her hand gently pulling her towards me.

"Savanah calm down" I tried to calm her why is she freaking out?

"Calm down? Stefan you can't do that shit I'm dating your brother" She pulled her hand from my hold harshly.

I clenched my Jaw at the mention of Seth, She deserved so much better than him.

Not that I'm any better for her than he is but I sure as hell would never raise my hands to her "Do what shit? Admire you?" I gritted.

"That is not admiring, You were going to kiss me" she shook her head asif it was the most obvious thing.

She was right. I did want to kiss her whether I would have acted on it or not was another thing. "Why are you even still with that idiot?" I asked her. unable to help myself.

"That idiot is your brother Stefan, He loves me and I love him" she scowled at me.

I clenched my jaw, her words causing anger to roll through me. "He loves you?" an unamused chuckle passing my lips.

"Loving someone doesn't include being their doormat" I spat. " And If he loved you so much he wouldn't have hit you" I told her straight. Is it not obvious to her that what her and Seth have is not love? It seems more like lust and want on his part to me.

Savanah's eyes welled up with unshed tears at my words and I instantly hated the sight.

Fucking Fantastic, Nice move Stefan.

"Just stay away from me Stefan" she sobbed, the tears slowly slipping down her cheeks as she turned away from me entering her house and closing the door behind her.

My teeth ground together struggling to keep my anger at bay. How could she not see that if Seth hurt her once he would do it again? How could she forgive him so easily? I REALLY DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND? She was like a puzzle with a piece missing. I could never solve it until I figured out what that one piece is.

With anger bubbling through my veins I needed to release it fast, I climbed over the fence and walked to the front yard, I opened the garage pulling my motorbike into the drive.

Not even bothering with my helmet I drove off!

I need to get this girl off my mind, I need to go find a punching bag before I do something stupid. I need to forget about the girl next door and all the problems that come with.




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