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Savanah's pov-

It has been just over two weeks since my encounter with Stefan in my back yard. Two weeks of avoiding him!

I have seen him around and he acts asif he doesn't know me. I haven't talked to him and he hasn't made an attempt at talking to me either.

For some reason I am unknown to, My mind couldn't help but drift to the thought of him all the time.

And the thought of him wanting to kiss me. I mean he was going to kiss me I wasn't just imagining that was I?

I understood now why Seth wanted me to stay away from his brother.

But I still couldn't understand Why Stefan would want to do that? I had filled Lauren in on Stefan and I's encounter and she seems to believe Stefan has a thing for me, I do not believe that Though the only answer I could reason with was that Stefan Carter is a player and probably found amusement on hitting on his brothers girl.

I do miss his presence though, I care for Stefan I do he has helped me through a lot and put a smile upon my face even when Seth couldn't.

I just wish that things where different and I could still be friends with Stefan and date Seth at the same time, I don't see the Carter brothers agreeing to that anytime soon and there is also the fact that I'm pretty sure Stefan doesn't want to ever talk to me again.

My farther eventually came home that night but it wasn't until after I had gone too bed. My farther had left for another business trip again lastnight resulting in me not being able to sleep too well in an empty house.

It was now Saturday afternoon and I was sat on the front step waiting for Seth to pick me up. We where heading to a pool party at Jackie's.

I was pretty excited for it since the weather outside was amazing today.

I wore a black beach dress over my black bikini and paired it with some sandles. Something simple.

Seth pulled up and I all but jumped to my feet eagerly taking a hold of my overnight bag with me since I'd be staying at Seth's afterwards because he had an empty house on the weekends.

I sat in the passanger seat of Seth's car "Kitten" He greated with a handsome smile. I leaned in placing a kiss to his lips.

Pulling away Seth smiled down at me "Your in a good mood this morning" He commented with a smirk.

"Can I not be happy at the fact that I will be spending the whole day with you" I replied a wide smile upon my lips.

Seth chuckled "Either that or your up to something" He sent me a wary look.

I huffed sitting back in the seat "Your killing my good mood offf with your questioning looks" I scolded.

Seth chuckled gliding his hand across the fabric of my cover up dress he pulled it up slightly revealing my naked thigh. Placing his hand upon the skin of my thigh he began rubbing soothing circles with the pad of his fingers.

I sighed revaling in the feel of his hands on the skin of my thigh.

I relaxed into the seat watching the buildings go past out the window of the car with a blur.

We pulled up at Jake's within ten minute. His front yard was filled with cars and I could hear the music playing from the back yard.

Seth stepped out of the car. I tucked my bag under the seat before stepping out and following behind. We entered Jake's garden through the side gate of his house.

The scene was as you would expect, The yard filled with people from our school all wearing swimsuits with a bottle of beer or a glass of what I had presumed had the contents of alcohol in.

I followed Seth as he made his way to his friends gathered by the BBQ.

Seth greeted his friends as they pulled each other in to a 'Bro hugs'. "Savanah" Dave greeted me "Dave" I returned the smile.

After greeting Seth Jake turned towards me reaching his fist out infront of me in a sign of respect.

I bumped My fist with his "Jake" I smiled up at him. When I say smile up at him I wasn't exaggerating Jake is a very tall guy for his age.

Jake turned back to the BBQ, tossing the burgers he was in the process of cooking. "How long untill they are ready? My stomach is growling at me" Seth asked impatiently.

"Fifteen bro" Jake replied simply.

Seth groaned placing himself on a chair with a frown on his face, Leaving me smiling down at his sulking behaviour, He looked like a kid who had been told he can't have a cookie.

Harry approached Seth and I watched as they greeted each other before Harry turned in my direction "Looking bangable as always Baby girl" Harry greeted placing a kiss to my cheek before pulling me into a hug. I giggled at his remark embracing his hug.

Without a warning two large hands gripped me by my waist and I was tugged harshly as Seth pulled me on to his lap, with my back facing his chest he dug his finger tips into my hips tightly.

I winced slightly But kept a straight face keeping a strained smile upon my face so that I didn't receive any questioning looks.

I pushed it to the back of my mind asuming he didnt realise how tight his hold on me actually was. Although something in my mind was telling me he knew and his tight hold was on purpose.

From my place on Seth's lap I stayed silent and watched as Seth conversed with his friends.

The food was now ready and Jake began to dish it out on to paper plates. After the third plate Jake walked away from the grill "I give up you can all get your own food" Jake said as he sat at the table with a plate of his own.

Seth tapped the side of my thigh asif asking me to stand and I Did so raising to my feet. Seth placed kiss to my cheek "Want a plate?" He offered. I shook my head "I'm not hungry" I replied with a small smile.

Seth returned to the table with his food and reached out for My hand. For some unknown reason I didn't feel comfortable to sit upon his lap again so I made an excuse "I'm going to get a drink, Do you want one?" I asked. "Beer babe" he replied.

I turned to do just that but was my move was halted as Seth took a hold of my hand tugging me back around to face him.

I looked at him expectantly until he pulled me down onto his lap for the second time, His lips crashing to mine as he kissed me rough and heated.

I kissed Seth back melting into his hold as he took control.

His hands drifted up and down the inside of my thigh, I quickly pulled away seeing as we where surrounded by a lot of people from our school and I for sure dint want to give any of them a show. I would be the talk of the school for weeks.

I sent Seth a smile placing a single kiss to his frowning lips before raising to my feet and making my way towards the kitchen to get the drinks I had said I would get.



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