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Savanah's pov-

I was now sitting on the table next to the one Seth was sat at with the guys.

I was Talking with the girl Dave had taken to the party.

Her name was silver whether that was her real name or not? I Did not know, since her long hair was actually a silvery grey colour.

She told me she had just moved to our school and didn't know many people other than the girls from the cheerleading squad who she tells me she doesn't seem too keen on. I happily gave her my number so she would at least have someone she could talk to and maybe hangout with sometime.

She was very pretty with unblemished smooth black skin, brown eyes and her hair styled in silver braids.

She is a nice girl from the vibe I had gotten from her so far. She has been gushing over Dave and I couldn't help but smile at how awe struck she was over him, she had asked me what Dave was like, I told her he was a nice guy which he was but I just couldn't bring myself to tell her that he literally has a new girl on his side every time I see him.

I looked to the pool seeing the water shimmer under the sun. I could use a swim, The sun was beaming down and I have been sitting here sweating like crazy.

Asif reading my thoughts Silver took me out of my trance "I'm going to go for a dip, You coming?" She said standing to her feet and taking her shorts off.

I smiled nodding my head before standing to my feet. Silver had already gone ahead and I watched as she cannon balled into the pool. I giggled taking my sandals off as I began to pull my dress up over My head.

My breath got caught as my dress got to my hips and two strong arms wrapped around my body from behind taking a hold of both my wrist halting me from taking my dress off.

I sighed as the smell of Seth's cologne hit my nose. "You scared me" I confessed. "Keep that on kitten" Seth's breath fanned the side of my neck as he cut me off. I frowned, twisting myself around in his hold to face him. "Why? I'm going for a swim" I questioned , Seth raised his brow Asif daring me to disobey. "I can't swim in this" I said referring to the floor length black beach cover up I wore over the tip of my bikini. "Then don't swim," Seth said bluntly.

Is he serious? His caveman attitude has been quiet for the past couple of weeks and now when I'm roasting like a fucking turkey he decides to make an appearance. I sighed knowing if I argue he will only get mad that I gave him an attitude in front of his friends.

"Fine" I huffed "Good girl" Seth smiled widely at me as he moved a strand of my hair and placed it behind my ear "aww You two are so cute" Silver's voice brought my attention away from Seth's Gaze. I gave her a small smile whilst Seth chuckled "I'll leave you two to it" He whispered, placing a kiss to my temple and returning to his friends.

I returned my gaze to silver who stood in her bikini, Her wet hair clinging to the skin of her shoulders. "Are you not coming? The pool is so refreshing after bathing in this heat" she confessed.

I shook my head "I'm not feeling up to it anymore but I'll come sit by the pool" I replied. Even though all I wanted to do right now was cannonball into the pool like silver had done.


I was laying on the sun loungers by the pool. Harry, Dave and silver had waved me over a few times trying to persuade me to get in but I resisted their taunts.

Seth had brought me a drink over around ten minutes ago and was now back sitting with his friends who looked as if they were enjoying themselves.

Don't get me wrong I was enjoying myself too and the sun on my skin felt good but this heat really was a killer. I was ready to go back to Seth's, cuddle on the couch and watch a movie.

I took a sip of my drink before laying back down, closing my eyes I let my skin soak in the sun. I wish school didn't exist so I could just hang out like this everyday and not only just the weekends.

I felt a sudden tug on my ankles and I snapped my eyes open to see Harry smiling down at me cheekily. He was up to something. Harry would get on well with Liam, They were the exact same playful and mischievous. "Bath time" Harry confirmed my thought. "Hmm Nope" I replied with a smile as I raised to sit up .

Harry pulled my ankles again making me slide to the end of the sunbed "Hay" I scowled. "What is it Seth calls you?" He paused to think for a moment before a wide grin spread across his lips "Bath time kitten" he said, mocking the nickname Seth always uses for me.

I laughed at his comment yelping as Harry picked me up throwing me over his shoulder "Put me down you idiot" I yelled trying to push myself up off his shoulder. "Time to get wet baby girl" He said and I could practically hear the smirk in his voice "Harry" I warned but my warning went through one ear and out the other when he began to speed up.

I held my breath knowing what was to come next. In a second The cool water engulfed my body instantly cooling me off. Pushing my feet off the bottom of the pool I came up for air.

I wiped the water from my face hearing the amused laughter surrounding me And I turned to face Harry who was looking at me with a bright smile. I shook my head "I hate you" I commented but couldn't help but join in the laughter.

I swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out. My dress now clung to my skin as it weighed down with the heaviness of the water. I slid my dress off taking it in both hands as I attempted to wring it out and drain the water from the fabric.

"SAVANAH" My eyes shot up hearing Seth's anger filled voice, I quickly turned around in time to see Seth taking his shirt off as he stormed his way towards me. I sighed heavily, Great he's mad and I bet you anything it's because I was now standing in only my Bikini.

Seth pushed his shirt into my chest "Put it on'' He gritted. "Seth it's just a biki" I began to defend myself but stopped as he clenched his Jaw sending me a warning with his eyes. I gulped as I could feel everyone's eyes watching us.

I pulled his t-shirt over my head, Sliding my arms through the sleeves. The second the t-shirt was on Seth gripped my wrist firmly as he began dragging me towards the exit. I stumbled over my own feet but caught my own balance.

His firm grip only got tighter and I winced trying to pull my wrist from his grip "Seth slow down your hurting me" I almost cried. Seth ignored me and carried on pulling me out the yard through the gate, I lowered my head feeling the intense gazes of our friends.

We had just reached Seth's car when I heard Harry yell "Yo relax bro, you don't need to be so rough She was just having some fun" He tried to defend me.

Seth let go of my wrist turning swiftly to face his best friend. Jake stood to the right of Harry whilst Dave stood a few steps behind with an arm around silver. "STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS" Seth yelled, pushing Harry backwards by his chest harshly.

Seth turned to face me "Get in the car" he gritted but I was frozen too afraid to get in the car and go anywhere with him whilst he was so angry. "SAVANAH GET IN THE FUCKING CAR" I flinched at his raised voice but I still did not move my feet.

I bit my lip nervously as Seth took two large steps towards me, Taking my now aching wrists into his tight hold, "Do as Your told" Seth clenched his Jaw tightly, I couldn't help the small cry that came out my lips as He pulled me towards the car harshly

Pulling the car door open seth looked down at me expectantly. I pleaded seth with my eyes hoping he would realise that in this moment I was afraid of him. But all I got was Seth gripping my upper arm and shoving me towards the seat "OKAY" I yelled pulling my arm out of his painful hold.

Unwillingly I slid into the car taking my seat as told while Seth slammed the door shut in result forcing me to flinch.

My eyesight blurred as I watched Seth make his way around the car, Climbing in the driver's seat and starting the engine..

Seth looked towards me and I quickly looked away, lowering my gaze to my lap. I couldn't shake the embarrassment I felt from how Seth had acted in front of our friends. I couldn't shake the fact that he had switched so quickly from the loving guy I know him to be, To the aggressive guy I didn't wish to ever see.



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