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Savanah's P.O.V

The car is deathly silent. The air is so thick, the tension is suffocating me it's as if the air was intoxicated and I was drowning in it.

There is So many feelings and thaughts rushing through my head right now.

I feel humiliated, How could he act that way in front of our friends?

I feel hurt, how could he treat me like that? Like a possession?.

I feel scared, I'm scared of how he will act now that we are alone.

I'm angry, hell I'm so fucking angry. Who does he think he is to treat me like this?

I open my eyes to look over at seth. He's flexing his fingers as he grips the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white as he does so.

I need to get out of this car.

Closing my eyes I Took a deep breath "Stop the car" I breathed out.

I received no response instead I was Met with silence.

I opened my eyes to look over at Seth. His eyes are glued to the road, his jaw straining as he tensed it in anger.

Right he's now ignoring me, I swear he has some fucking nerve to be the one to ignore me after the way he had just acted in front of everyone.

"I said stop the fucking car seth" I ground out.

Seth flicked his eyes to look at me anger clear as day upon his facial features.

"Don't fucking start with me Savanah" Seth gritted before flicking his eyes back to the road.

With his reply My anger began to boil even more. I swiftly turned in my seat to face him "Don't start with you?" I laughed, No amusement in my tone.

"Savanah" He warned tensing his Jaw tightly.

I can't stop myself this time though. He needs to know he can not treat me like this! If not then we will always be in an endless circle.

So I carried on "your the one who started this shit Seth, how can you humiliate me in front of our friends like that" I raised my voice Ignoring his warning.

The Anger and embarrassment I am feeling is to overwhelming to not pull him up on his shit.

Seth laughed but there was no amusement coming from him as the car began to speed up.

"Humiliate you? You were acting like a whore, striping in front of the boys like a slut" He spat.

His words cut through me, he thinks I'm a slut? for wearing a bathing suit to a pool party?

NAhh I need to get away from him now. I need to get out this car because I can not deal with him right now, I want to punch him so fucking bad. "LET ME OUT THE GOD DAMN CAR SETH" I yelled.

The car jolted forward as Seth began speeding up the car forcing me to grip the seat beneath me.

"Seth what are you doing? Slow down" I began to panic, my heart pounding in my chest.

With how fast we are going I was quickly becoming afraid.

He only got faster.

His fingers repeatedly flexing around the steering wheel as he pushed the car to a new speed.

My breathing was becoming erratic "SETH" I screamed trying to gain his attention.

But Seth didn't stop.. I feel like I can't breathe what is he doing?

Holy fucking Lord we are going to crash. I can't breathe.

"Seth you're scaring me" I cried out choking on the air as I tried to catch my breath.

The car jolted forcing me forward indicating that Seth had began to reduce the speed of the car.

As the car pulled to a slower pace I harshly drew my breath in and out as I gained control of my panicked breathing.

Aggressively I wiped the tears away from my face.

I didn't even realise I was crying so hard but I was.

Laying my head in my hands, I tried to calm my nerves.

The car was silent again.

The only thing that you could hear was my heavy breathing.

Shit I was afraid! normally fast cars wouldn't bother me, hell I love that kind of speed and adrenaline but right now every sense in my body was on high alert and I hate it.

Just relax Savanah calm down I coached myself we are on the back roads, no cars, just road I repeat. What on earth was he thinking? A car could of come around the corner or somethin.. I was snapped out of my thaught's by Seth placing his hand on my thigh as he rubbed soothing circles on my skin with his thumb.

As much as I love the feel of his hands on my skin I was anything but feeling calm.

I took an even breathe "Stop the car" I looked to Seth who flicked his eyes to me but made no move to stop

"Please Seth just stop the car" I pleaded into his eyes.

Seth clenched his jaw but reluctantly pulled his car to the side of the road. "Sav" he began.

"Don't" I cut him off.

I didn't want to speak or listen to anything he has to say right now.

I just need air. I need to feel my feet on the ground.

I took my seat belt off and climbed out the car grabbing my bag on the way out. "Savanah get back in the car" Seth scolded.

Ignoring him I slammed the door shut fishing my phone out my bag.

In return Seth banged his fists down on the steering wheel cussing profanities before climbing out his car and heading straight towards me "Babe get back in the car" He asked trying to be patient but by the tone of his voice I knew he was not asking he was demanding.

Seth reached me taking my bag out my hands he opened the car door throwing my bag onto the passanger seat of the car.

"Am I hell getting in that car with you driving like a nut case. what the fuck was that Seth?" I demanded an answer.

Seth run his fingers through his hair frustrated, inhaling a deep breath "You've pissed me off enough today Savanah Just get in the god damn car" he exhaled heavily.

"Me I pissed you off?" I scoffed "Prick!" I spat at him.

Seth took a hold of my wrists gaining my full attention "Kitten, I'm sorry I scared you okay?" he paused searching my face for a reaction. .

"I just blacked out in anger. please just get back in the car" he asked taking his knuckles to my face he gently dragged his fingers along my jaw line. I closed my eyes at the feel of his touch. "Babe come on" He pleaded tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

I sighed opening my eyes

"I'll get back in the car if you promise me one thing" I reasoned.

Seth bit the inside of his cheek

"What is it Savanah?" He questioned wiping his thumb across my wet tear stained cheek.

"Promise me you won't ever freak out at me in front of people like you did today, over something as stupid as me wearing a bathing suit?" I answered.

Seth Groaned as if annoyed at the answer "Sav just get in the car" He demanded.

"No Seth promise me? It's not fair that I can't go swimming at a pool party with everyone else,because you won't allow me to wear a swim suit" I pleaded.

Seth scoffed "I'm not stopping you swimming, I just don't want you walking around half naked like a slut" He clenched his jaw.

Slut? That's the second time today he's called me a slut.

His words struck a nerve.

I pushed at his chest with force

"I'm not a SLUT" I pushed at his chest again "I'm wearing a bikini at a pool party Seth that does not make me a slut or a whore" I explained shaking my head in disappointment and anger at his words.

Seth grabbed my wrist tightly restricting me from pushing his chest again. His jaw shut tight as his teeth ground Together.

Seth Swiftly backed me up against the side of his car. I knew that look in his eyes he was out of patience.

Gripping my chin tightly between his fingers as if he knew I wanted to look anywhere but his raging eyes, he forced my face still

"I'm not agreeing to shit Savanah, you're not walking around other guys naked" He instructed calmly but The tone of his voice told me that he was anything but calm.

I tried to turn my head away from his burning gaze,but he only tightened his grip on my chin keeping me firmly in place. "Get in the car, I won't ask again" Seth told with a serious tone.

I pushed at his arm in an attempt to remove his grip on my chin.

To my surprise Seth dropped his hand from my face.

I refuse to give in to him he has to understand that he can't demand what I can and can not do or what I can wear for that matter.

"Then I'm not getting in the car" I gulped the lump in my throat away. Seth's jaw clenched unbelievably tight at my words, He raised his balled fists slamming them both down on the roof of his car.

I flinched at the loud bang as his fist clashed with the roof of the car beside my head.


Seth pulled at his hair not removing his anger pooled eyes from mine. Resting his palms on the car to either side of me he leaned in close.

"You don't wanna get in the car? then fucking walk all the way to mine" He whispered pushing himself off of the car.

"I don't fucking give a shit" he cussed me slamming his door shut he punched the steering wheel before starting the car and driving off at a high speed.

I swung my hand up as I flipped him off with my middle finger "PRICKK" I screamed at the back off his speeding car.



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