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Savanah's POV-

I stood there not knowing what to feel. My emotions are getting the best of me they are so disorientated, I'm angry, I'm confused, I'm crying and I'm damn righ fucking exhausted. He actually left me here. He left me in the middle of no where.

I sunk to my knees, My tears pouring freely as I cried for god knows how many times today. Why was it so hard for him to just agree with me? Or at least try to control his cave man attitude? Am I asking to much? Did I over react? I know I didn't but I can't help but think that I have.

Smooth move Savanah refuse to get back in the car was not a smart move. I honestly didn't think he would leave me but he did he fucking left me on a Deserted back road. AND HE TOOK MY FUCKING BAG WITH HIM.

I wiped away my tears from my eyes Before searching for Lauren's name on my contacts and pressing call "Hey Savvy" Lauren's overly cheerful voice came through the phone. "Hey, are you busy?I need a ride im kinda stranded" I explained to my best friend. "ohh stranded? Whyyy where are you?" she asked. "oh and to answer your question I'm sorrryyy your a few drinks too late I can't drive.. Safety first.. But you're stranded… ThThat doesn't sound safe" she stated the obvious.

I laughed at an obviously tipsy Lauren "its cool ill just" I began "Wait I'll ask waithold on" she muttered "STEFANNNN YOUR SOBER SAV NEEDS A LIFT SHE'S LOST STRAND3D?" she tried to explain. My eyes popped out my head at Stefans name.. oh noo why would she ask him we haven't exactly been on good terms "Lauren that's not.." I began to save myself from an awkward car ride but she cut me off "Stefann said text him where you are, now I gotta a gooo I'm bursting for the loo" she announced and hung up the phone without bidding me a good bye.

"Today is not my fucking day" I spoke outloud to myself.

My phone beeped signaling that I have received a message. I opened the message seeing it was from Stefan.

'Where do u need picked up from? -Stefan

I tapped my fingers against the screen of the phone before sending my reply

' The back roads off brick mountain" - Savanah

"why the fuck u out there by yourself?" Stefan

I sigh Reading his text, this is not a good idea the last thing I need right now is to add fighting with Seth over his brother to the list of issues we are having.

"if you can't pick me up it's fine I can find another way home" - Savanah I attempted to back out.

A minute past before I received a reply

' Stay put, I'll be seven minutes'- Stefan.

I let out a small laugh at his precise timing

Taking a heavy breathe I pulled the phone camera up to look at my reflection. To say I looked a mess was an understatement. It is obvious I have been crying with my bloodshot red eyes.

I wiped under both my eyes wiping dry my tears that have now thankfully stopped. If only Seth wasn't so stubborn and drove off with my bag I would have my makeup to try and make myself look less of a train wreck. SHIT realisation hit me My house keys are in my bag. Great there is no way I'm having stefan drop me off at Seths he would freak the fuck out.

I pulled up Lauren's name and sent her a text

'Can I come to yours I'm locked out' - Savanah

A few minutes passed before I got a reply.

'Sure Christian is cooking food on the bbq' - Lauren

I smiled Christian is Lauren's older brother I haven't seen him in a while because he's been away at college. 'Lifesaver' - I sent a reply. .

I looked up at the empty road around me there is nothing but trees and the side of brick mountain. The sun was nearly set and the sky was becoming dark. I sighed how could my day turn from good to a disaster so drastically. A car came into view up ahead, That has to be Stefan if his 'Seven minutes' Timing was correct.

I stood up dusting my knees off. My legs feel knumb from kneeling on the hard floor for so long. I looked down at my barely clothed body.. just now realising the only clothing I was wearing was Seth's t-shirt with my bathing suit underneath. Lord this day keeps getting worse.

Stefan pulled up beside me in Jasper's car and my nerves hit me at full force. We haven't spoke since that altercation in my backyard and now here I am about to face Stefan dressed in only a oversized T-shirt.

I opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. "Hey" I softly greeted closing the car door behind me.Stefan didn't greet me back. I sighed as I put my seat belt on. My nerves only increasing at his silence and the fact that he has yet to start driving the car.

I looked over at Stefan to see his eyes on me. His gaze was intense asif he was trying to figure out a puzzle, That puzzle being me. I cleared my throat nervously "I get we haven't talked since.. Well you know and I'm sorry I dragged you out here to pick me up but I just want to say thankyou for doing so when you didn't have to" I rambled on.

"Why are you out here alone, nearly naked?" He questioned, Ignoring my nervous ramble and every word I had said. I mentally laughed at his words, I wonder if he knows how much he sounds like Seth right now.

"Don't you start too, I am not naked" I clarify sternly. "Right" he said. I shot a glare at him daring him to say something "Hey am not complaining " He chuckled instantly making me relax. Well I guess I'm glad he is being himself I couldn't handle another moody Carter brother right now. "And why is it you needed to be picked up out here, Alone in the dark?" he asked. "Dressed like that?" He added with a smirk.

I smiled shaking my head "Can we just go I've had a really rough day, I'm cold,I'm hungry and I want to get away from this place because it's starting to really creep me out" I let out a breath.

His eyes not moving from mine Debating weather or not to keep prying "Anything you say princess" He finally said reaching to turn the heating on full blast. I smiled relaxing in my seat knowing I don't have to relay the event of today right now.



A/N- Stefan to the rescue. 🙊👇👇💭💭👇👇

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