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Savanah's pov-

The car ride was quick and in ten minutes we where pulling into Lauren's driveway. We exited the car and I followed Stefan down the side gate and into the back yard. Liam, Dom, Jasper and Lauren where sat around the lit fire pit. While Christian stood at the bbq grilling burgers with a beer in his hand.

Liam wolf whistled as we came in to view "Damn Savanah, You should get stranded more often" he spoke checking my outfit with an amused smile upon his face "Shut it dick" Stefan defended me as he took a seat. I shock my head in amusement at the goofy grin plastered upon Liam's face. Christian Greeted me with a nod of his beer in my direction "Burgers will be done in five if you want one Sav" he informed me. "Sounds good" I smiled.

I took a seat next to Lauren while Jasper handed me a beer. "Are you okay?" Lauren asked. "Yeah it's just been a long day" I admitted taking a swig of my beer. "You've been crying" she stated. "I'm fine" I sighed. "I thaught you where at the pool party with seth?" she questioned. I shook my head gulping down more beer. "Tell me what happened sav" she placed her hand on mine in a comforting gesture.

I looked up seeing the guys where in their own conversation. So I decided I may aswell get it over with. "Seth had some melt down at the party because I took my beach cover up off, he absolutely freaked yelling and demanding I get in the car and leave the party" I explained Gesturing down to the clothing I was wearing. "So because you where wearing a bikini he made you leave the party?" She asked scrunching her face up as if trying to understand I nodded in reply

"That doesn't explain how you got to brick mountain" My head shot up hearing Stefans voice. I looked up and all eyes are on me. FUCK! I mentally groaned. "it doesn't matter, can we just talk about something else?" I tried hoping everyone would stop looking at me.

Stefan leaned forward in his chair, his elbows resting on his knees. "He left you out there didn't he" He said not removing his eyes from mine. I could feel everyone looking at me knowing I have no way out of this. "I got out the car and refused to get back in, he eventually had enough of my shit and drove off" I Confessed.

Stefan scoffed cussing Seth out under his breath. "Well your day kinda sucked baby girl" Liam tried lightening the mood as he flashed me a bright white smile. Dom just looked at me intensely doing exactly what Stefan had done earlier trying to figure me out like I was a puzzle.

I just want to go to bed now. I'm hating all the looks and not knowing what they are all thinking I don't want to be judged by anyone around this fire I enjoy every single one of their company.

Asif sensing my angst Lauren spoke up "Righttt I think we should go and get our pajamas on" She stood up stretching. I gave her a thankful look and she winked letting me know she got me.

As I walked past Christian he put his hand on my waste gently pulling me to a holt his hand turning my body to face him. I looked up to his Hazel eyes confused "If your having trouble with this guy I can pay him a visit if you like?" He spoke lowley. I shook my head, a small laugh escaping my lips "I'm Fine christian, Thankyou" I placed a light kiss to his cheek before following Lauren inside.

"I'm sorry I should of waited until we where alone I wasn't thinking" Lauren confessed.

Finally in a pair of pajamas I decided I wasn't going to go back outside and join everyone, it was late almost midnight and I was exhausted.

I lay in Lauren's bed attempting to fall asleep but my phone would not stop ringing. Seth has been calling and texting none stop for the past twenty minutes and I have been indecisive about answering the god damn thing. I reached for the phone turning it on silent so I can finally allow myself to drift off to sleep.



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