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Savanah's P.O.V

The school day went by pretty quickly.

I zoned out of most of it and as usual I sat with Seth and his friends at lunch, All in all it was a pretty normal day.

It was now the end of the school day, Seth had football practice so I was now sat on the benches waiting on him to finish so he can give me a lift home.

Lauren usually sits with me to watch practice but today she was spending time with Jasper going on a picknick or something I dunno.

Jasper is one of Stefan's friends.

He's pretty cool he's a really chilled out guy him and Lauren look good together with Jasper having blonde, brown hair, defined facial features and blue eyes. They really do look perfect together.

Seth doesn't really like it when I hang out with Lauren since she is always with Jasper and the rest of the group including Stefan. Lauren being the only girl I guess his worries are understandable I mean, would I like it if Seth was to hang around with four girls? Not sure probably not, although I'm not really the jealous type.

I'm not sure why he has a problem yeah she hangs around with all guys but it's not like I would cheat on him so he doesn't need to worry.

My phone buzzed in my hand. I took my eyes to my phone screen a text from my dad. I Opened the text message he was letting me know He won't be home for a few nights as he has to attend a business trip.

I sighed locking my phone and ignoring it I understand he has to work but it frustrates me that he doesn't have time for me like ever!

"Why the frown princess?" a voice came from the left of me.

I looked up to see an approaching Stefan "Take a guess" I said bluntly turning my attention to Gaze out on to the playing field as the players jogged off Into the changing rooms.

Stefan knows about my farther barely being home. When I need fresh air I like to climb out my bedroom window and sit on the roof that is below it.

I usually find Stefan doing the same since his bedroom window is opposite mine and the houses almost touched a tree being the only thing between them.

we usually end up talking about our problems or just random stuff.

He is a pretty cool guy to have as a friend. But our friendship doesn't go past being in the same place at the same time.

The rooftop is how I have got to know Stefan he actually listens and knows the right thing to say.

Seth isn't aware of me spending time with his brother. Its not like I'm hiding it from him it's just never came up there's not really much to it.

If I was to tell Seth I could only imagine he would go all cave man on me and probably force me to never talk to his brother again just like he has previously with other guys.

I really didn't need that he's my neighbour forbids sake and it's not like we plan to spend time together we just end up in the same place at the same time. Nothing more.

I was brought out of my thoughts as Stefan nudged my shoulder gently with his.

I looked up connecting his green eyes to mine. "What was that in the parking lot this morning with my brother?" He asked not removing his questioning gaze from me.

I frowned "What do you mean?" I questioned.

"It looked like you two where arguing?" He clarified.

I sighed at his question reminding me of the problems in my life, Seth's jealousy and aggression "It was nothing" I said looking down at my hands to avoid his gorgeous eyes.

I didn't want to tell him of the reason we where arguing I mean that would just be embarrassing right?

I could feel Stefans eyes on me.

Only enticing an unfamiliar feeling to wash over me. Why I was feeling like this because his eyes where on me I don't know but I shrugged it away ignoring it.

"Well princess looks like practice is over" Stefan announced as he began standing to his feet.

Thankful that he didn't push on the subject anymore I lifted my eyes to look up at him "You coming?" He asked holding a hand out to me.

I nodded my head to his question taking his hand he pulled me to my feet. We headed to the parking lot side by side to Seths car.

After five minutes waiting by the car Seth finally came out.

He marched towards us taking long strides. He seems pissed like really fucking pissed. I could feel the anger radiating off of him from all the way over here.

Without a greeting to me or his brother he placed his hands to my hips tightly. his lips crashing to mine with a force that resulted in making my back hit off of the side of the car.

His hold on my hips only growing tighter as his finger tips dug into my skin.

I didn't know what was wrong with him but he seemed extremely pissed off so I allowed him to kiss me letting him have complete and total control.

Stefan cleared his throat "Bro I got shit to do. Can I get this lift or what?" Stefan said frustratedly.

I pulled away trying to break the kiss but Seth began trailing kisses down my neck.

"Seth stop. Let's go home" I said cupping his face in my hands and forcing him to look at me.

His eyes bore into mine searching them for what? I'm not sure.

Seth reluctantly pulled away from me unlocking his car and opening the door for me I took my seat. Seth slamming the door shut harshly.

The brothers both climbed in their seats. The whole ride home Seth kept his hand on my thigh rubbing the pad of his thumb back and forth across my Jean clad thigh.

Stefan climbed out the car rather quickly "Laters" He said not looking back as he made his way to his front door. I turned to face Seth who was already looking at me his jaw ticking as he clenched his teeth together.

I inwardly groaned this is probably because I was talking to Stefan at the football pitch.

"What's wrong?" I friwned.

"Are you fucking my brother?" He spat his voice laced with anger.

My eyes went wide at his unexpected question I was expecting something about talking to Stefan not this is he serious?

"What?" I asked scrunching my face up in confusion.

"ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION" He yelled. I flinched at his suddenly raised voice. "NO" I replied raising my own voice slightly.

Is he being serious does he really think I would cheat on him? With his own brother? Does he think that low of me?

"Don't raise your voice to me Savanah" He gritted "I seen you both at practice, do you think I'm blind" He let out.

He can't be serious? Is he?

"Don't be stupid Seth we where just talking" I replied honestly.

My whole body jumped as He punched the steering wheel of his car "DON'T LIE TO ME!! I SEE THE WAY HE LOOKS AT YOU" He roared.

I flinched again at his anger "I SAID NO!" I yelled back in defence.

This is ridiculous, I could literally say one word to a gay guy and he would still act the same way that he is right now.

Opening the door of the car I stepped out quickly, reaching back in the car to grab my bag but I was too slow as Seth reached my bag before me. He Quickly exited the car.

I slammed the door shut not in the mood for one of his outbursts. I was enjoying the time we had while his anger was dormant.

By the time I had turned around Seth had reached me.

Grabbing both my upper arms harshly he forcefully pushed me against his car caging me in-between his arms his palms face down on either side of me.

A small gasp passed my lips at the pain that spread across my back from the impact of the force he had used.

He was angry like raging and I didn't want to look at his intense burning gaze any longer so I turned my head to the right in an attempt to avoid it.

"Look at me Savanah" He gritted.

I took a deep breath ignoring him.

I refuse to let him treat me this way when I haven't done anything wrong

Seth didn't like that as he grabbed my chin tightly between his fingers and thumb forcing me to look at him.

The look on his face made me gulp he was so angry nothing ever good comes from that look

"I told you Seth, nothing is going on" I began but He cut me off

"I don't want him around you" He said sternly giving me a look that warned me to not disagree with him.

"He Is my neighbour Ho" He cut me off yet again "I don't care you are not to be around him alone, understood" He ordered in finality.

I rolled my eyes at his demand.

He sounds crazy right now.

That only angered Seth more though

"DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME JUST DO AS YOUR TOLD" He roared his pointer finger in my face.

I can't stand it when he is like this. "FINE" I said with a snarl as I pushed him off of me by his shoulders. Snatching my bag from his hands I quickly began walking to my door.

Seth can't control his anger sometimes so I have learnt that it is best if I'm not around him when he gets so angry best to not feed the anger.

"SAVANAH DONT WALK AWAY FROM ME" He yelled, his voice so loud.

I ignored him quickly rushing into my house and slamming the door shut behind me. I took a deep breath trying to keep my tears at bay as I leaned against my front door.

I heard his car door slam shut before the sound of his car sped off a relieved sigh escaping my lips.

I cant believe he accused me of sleeping with someone let alone sleeping with his brother.

I know he doesn't intend to get angry he has anger issues and jealousy issues, I have known that for awhile now but sometimes his anger and jealousy can get the better of him.

I dispise when this side of Seth appears.

I wiped the stray tears from my eyes as I made my way up to my room. Throwing myself on my bed I let the tears fall freely.

I have never cheated on him or even thought of doing such a thing so why does he accuse me of such things? Hell I'm still a virgin I haven't even gave my v card to Seth.

So again, why does he think I would give it to Stefan? Or any of the other guys he has accused me of doing in the past.

I lay in my bed not being able to control my tears. Eventually I fell asleep to my own thoughts.



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