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Stefan's POV-

My eyes trained on Savanah as she followed Lauren inside the house. I knew she had been crying and I knew Seth was the reason. I get that he's pissed about other guys looking at her of course guys would be looking at her it's Savanah how could they not, for fuck sake my brother really has some issues if he takes it out on her.

He should be proud that he had a girl like Savanah, he should be proud enough to show her off and show his friends that that's his girl. Not scold her for looking perfect. I mean I haven't seen her in a bathing suit but I can only imagine she looks nothing less than perfect when wearing one. I can't wrap my head around it.

"Are we just going to act like your brother isn't a dick?" Dom said out loud.

I took my attention to Dom who sat with his eyes focusing on the beer bottle in his hands. I agree with him on that Seth is a Dick "No but she won't listen to me, so there isn't much I can do about it" I told him. "It isn't our business" Jasper stated. He's right it's not our business but I can't sit back and watch him treat her the way he does. But she wouldn't listen to me if I told her she deserves better than that.

Dom scoffed "Fuck that You all seen the bruises he gave her a few weeks ago, What's to say he didn't give her a black eye again today" Dom slightly raised his voice. It's clear he's angry at the situation and I don't blame him I am too. Seeing Savanah hurting is affecting him like it does me, If I'm honest it's a relief to know I'm not the only one wound up by all this.

"We would know if he did, she would have a black eye Einstein" Liam finally joined the conversation. "Maybe she covered it with that foundation thingy girls wear?" Dom defended.

Liam sighed "You got a point" He simply agreed. "She isn't wearing any make-up" Jasper corrected them reaching for another beer.

"It doesn't matter if he hit her today or not I couldn't live with myself if I just sit here and allow him to do it again?" Dom clenched his jaw. "There is no proof he was the cause of those bruises. She never confirmed that" Jasper reasoned. Always so reasonable.

Liam scoffed "What? You believed she got thumb prints from jamming her arm in a door?" he shoock his head in disbelief. "Hell nah" Dom and Jasper said at the same time. I shoock my head no as everyone became silent.

My mind travelled back a few weeks ago to the marks on Savanah's wrists and how she had drunkenly claimed she jammed her arm in the door or the bruise under her eye she claimed she received from dropping her phone on her face. I was taken out of my thaughts as a plate with a burger on came into my line of vision.

Christian stood in front of me offering me the plate, I forgot he was even here. I took the plate from his hands muttering a thanks. "This guys your brother?" Christian questioned taking a seat. "Sort of" Liam piped in. Christian raised a brow confused. "We got the same dad. Different mums" I informed him. "Ahh" He acknowledged.

Christian looked at me "I could see you watching her as she filled Lauren in. You seem really torn by it, why is that?" he asked eyeing me up. I stayed silent not knowing how to reply or what exactly it was he meant by that. "What do you think we should do man?" Liam asked Christian.

Christian removed his questioning gaze from mine as he looked towards Liam "You wanna know what you should do?" he paused "Leave her too it" He sighed sounding as if he couldn't believe he was telling us to leave It, I can tell He hated that idea "Its fucked but it's her life she has to decide her own path, Besides Savanah's a tough cookie" He said rising from his seat.

I could hear Liam mumble quietly on how shit that advice was "Look you guys have no proof so you can't act on speculation, so unless she tells you herself or you see with your own eyes you can't do shit" He began to walk away but stopped turning to face us again "But if you where asking what I would do? I would have his fucking head if I ever found out this ain't just speculation" He announced before making his way towards the house.

A few minutes past in silence

"I can't decide if that advice was helpful or not?" Dom let out with a confused face. I smirk shaking my head in amusement. "Yoo, I have the best fucking idea everr" Liam said loudly clearly excited at his revolation. "We" he said motioning to all of us "We should key a fat fucking cock into the dicks car" He smiled proudly at his plan.

I laughed along with the others, all equally amused at the idea of damaging Seths precious vehicle.



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