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Savanah's pov

The sound of a knock on the door woke me from my sleep, I opened my eyes groaning at the bright sunlight that seeped its way through the curtained window. Lauren was asleep next to me her arm and leg dangling over the edge of the bed.

I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes "Girls wake up its nearly two in the afternoon" Lauren's mum yelled. Still knocking on the door. Shit how did I sleep so late. "I made a late breakfast/Lunch for Youse, You better come eat before the boys eat it all" She announced. "Im awake" Lauren groaned from beside me.

I climb out of the bed taking my phone from the nightstand. Great It was dead. "Can I use your charger? Phones dead" I asked Lauren. Lauren rolled over to face me "urgh remind me why I drink alcohol again?" she said rubbing her hands across her eyes.

I laughed "Good idea at the time?" I replied. "Mmm" she mumbled "Chargers by the desk" She replied to my earlier question, pulling herself to sit up.

I put my phone on charge leaving it on the desk."All I can smell is smoke" she said scrunching her face up. "Me too" I laughed smelling my hair. Yup smells like fire "Lighting the fire seemed like a good idea at the time too" She informed with a giggle. "Go take a shower ill dig some clothes out for you to wear and leave them outside the bathroom" She said taking a look at her phone.

Doing as told I grabbed my wash bag that lives here for when I stay over and made my way down the hall to the bathroom.

The hot water felt good on my skin relaxing me even. I massaged the shampoo into my head scrubbing my hair to get rid of the smoke smell. My mind wondering how I am going to get in my house without having to go see Seth to get my bag and keys. I didn't want to face him just yet I'm not ready for another argument. Things where going so well between us we hadn't argued in two weeks things where perfect, until the tornado that was yesterday happened.

I climbed out the shower drying my body and hair with the towel before wrapping the towel around my body. A knock sounded on the door and I opened it expecting Lauren to be on the other side with my clothes.

Instead I was met with a green eyed Stefan gazing down at me. A moment passed in silence both of us just staring at the other "What are you doing here?" I asked recovering from whatever that was. Stefan broke out in a smirk "Not one for greetings are you princess" He said his eyes never leaving mine. I'm grateful for that since I am currently standing here naked the only thing covering my body was this grey towel.

I felt my skin grow hot as a blush creeped its way on my cheeks at the thought of being naked in front of a guy let alone that guy being Stefan.

"Sorry I was expecting Lauren with my clothes" I replied. At the mention of my clothes Stefan's eyes slowly drifted down my body and back up to my eyes.

Stefan placed the palm of his hand against the frame of the door beside my head as he leaned in, his face so close to mine as he whispered "My brother's an idiot, You are too beautiful to keep hidden" He said the warm air of his breath hitting the side of my neck.

My heart was pounding out my chest so loud I'm sure he could hear it. It took everything in me to keep my balance because no matter how much I tried not too I couldn't help how my body reacted to him in this moment. He was hot and my body knew it.

I bit my lip nervously not knowing what to reply to that or even if I should? I stepped around him "Good afternoon Stefan" I greeted with a smile. Stefan smirked his eyes shining with amusement. I turned around quickly and headed straight to Lauren's room as fast as I could.

I shut Lauren's door and leaned against it taking a deep breath to gain some composure. Lauren was sat on her bed already dressed with her wet hair tied into a bun on the top of her head "What happened to you" She questioned looking at me skeptically. "I thaught you where bringing me my clothes?I just answered the bathroom door to Stefan in nothing but a towel" I informed her. She smiled widely clearly amused at the situation "Oo did you guys have a moment, Like a romance novel moment?" She asked wiggling her eye brows at me.

I huffed pushing myself of the door "Okay okay, I'm sorry. I just thaught you would want to try one of my new bikini's on and we can have a pool day instead?" She said smiling. She was still amused I can tell by the look on her face. A pool day with Lauren seems good I wouldn't mind a relaxing drama free day with my bestfriend. "Fine show me the suits you got for me".

After deciding to wear a white bikini and a white mesh cover up I grabbed my phone off charge and headed down the stairs to the kitchen.

My phone turned on and I could see I had 19 unread texts from seth. I read the last couple 'Kitten where are you?' 'Savanah quit ignoring me' 'I'm worried just answer the phone' I sighed reading them guilt hitting me like a brick.

I haven't replied to any of his calls or texts since he left me stranded at brick Mountain. I sent him a quick text to let him know I'm safe and that im spending the day at Lauren's

After eating breakfast we headed outside to the pool, the boys where already in the pool and I smiled at the scene as they splashed around like seals wrestling each other. "Keep the water in the pool, I do not want my dad kicking us out because we drowned everything" Lauren said gaining the attention of the boys.

We approached the pool and I placed my towel and phone on the sunlounger turning back around to see All eyes where on us, Jasper raked his eyes over Lauren's body as she took her beach cover up and sandles off. I couldn't help but smile at how awe struck he looked while watching her. "You coming in?" Lauren asked. I looked down at the white tie at the front cover up that was covering my body I didn't really plan on swimming, Seth would not approve of me only wearing a bikini infront of three very single guys, plus jasper.

I looked up to Lauren and I could tell she knew exactly where my thaughts had lead me "Sav do what you want to do, don't not do something only because you think seth wouldn't approve" She said quietly although I'm not sure she said it quietly enough that the boys couldn't hear as I could see the glances the boys made from me to each other.

Lauren's right though I need to do what I want to do. There is no way I am going to sit here for a second day deep frying like a chicken while everyone enjoys the cool water. I smiled at my best friend "Your right" I agreed un-tying my cover up I let it slide to the floor.

Lauren smiled at me widely clearly approving of my reply "That's the Sav I kno" She was cut off by jasper throwing her over his shoulder. "Savanah" he nodded before turning to face the pool with a tapp to Lauren's butt he lunged into the pool. I laughed watching Lauren come back up for air and splashing jasper in the face.

My phone buzzed, I turned around to take a look at my phone to see that I had a message from Seth. Deciding to ignore it I threw my phone back on to the sunbed.

Today is a me day, No Arguments, No drama, Just a day for me.. And my friends. "Your turn sav" I herd from behind me as I felt two large arms wrap around my waist pulling me into a hard chest.

A laugh escaped my lips recognising that they belong to Dom as he picked me up with a swing, my feet dangling in the air "Don't do ittttttt" I warned through a giggle as Dom launched into the pool with me in hand.



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