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Stefan's pov-

I chuckled watching Liam and dom tackling each other from where I sat Dangling my feet over the edge of the pool. "Twenty on Liam winning" Jasper said holding his hand out "Your on" I chuckled shaking his hand to seal the bet. "Keep the water in the pool, I do not want my dad kicking us out because we drowned everything" Lauren's voice announced from my left.

I lifted my eyes to see Lauren and Savanah. My mind going to the memory of Savanah earlier. How her breath hitched when I leaned in and whispered in her ear. Inappropriate I know considering she's dating my brother but the way her body reacted to me was worth it.

"Sav do what you want to do, don't not do something only because you think Seth wouldn't approve" Lauren told her. I looked over to the guys who all wore the same expression on their faces. She wasn't going to take her cover up off too worried of what Seth's reaction would be.

I kissed my teeth lightly at the thought. Turning my attention back to Savanah she surprised me as she pulled the tie slipping the material over her shoulders as her cover up fell to the floor revealing her perfect body in a white swim suit.

Damn She was beautiful I couldn't keep my eyes from drinking in each and every part of her. HEY I'm a guy I couldn't help myself but admire her.

Jasper approached them I didnt even realise he had gotten out the pool I was too consumed by Savanah. I turned my head avoiding the splash that was to come as Jasper lunged into the water with Lauren over his shoulder.

Turning my attention back to Savanah she was on her phone, I watched as Dom sneaked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. My lips forming a smile as I watched Savanah looking care free laughing brightly as Dom lunged into the pool with Savanah in his arms.

A bright smile is something I don't normally see on the girl next door and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. I shook my head to rid my thoughts. This girl is really digging her way into my mind and she doesn't even know it.


Savanah's pov-

We all sat on the sun loungers,the sun was setting and it was beginning to get dark. I laughed listening to Liam as he told us all a story of how his little brother pushed him down the stairs and then ran to his mum crying that Liam had been the one to push him down the stairs.

My cheeks are aching at all the smiling and laughing I had done today. I love being around this group of people each and everyone of them.

My phone rang signaling I had an incoming call, I didn't need to look at the caller I.D to know who it was. Seth had been calling all day I ignored it everytime. I left the call to go to voicemail before a text came through

'I'm pulling up to your house, I'll be two minutes' - Seth

'Still at Lauren's, Do you have my bag' - I replied.

"Right im heading home guys, Do you need a lift Savanah?" I snapped my eyes up to Stefan who was looking at me from the chair he sat on to my right.

I thought about his offer for a moment, I do need to go home we have school in the morning. But Seth is going to be there and it can't be good if I pull up in Stefan's car. Stefan stood to his feet "You will give your self a headache thinking too hard Princess" Stefan looked down at me with a smile "Come ill drop you off" He said swinging his keys around his fingers.

I stood to my feet pulling my cover up tighter around my body before slipping my sandles on my feet. We said our goodbyes to everyone before heading to the car. I sent a quick text to Seth

'Leave my bag on the door step please, I'll be home soon' - Savanah

I bit my lip as I pressed send. I can only hope Seth is gone by the time we arrive home.

Ten minutes had passed. That ten minutes feeling like an hour as I grew more and more anxious that Seth would still be at mine and that I was about to arrive home with Stefan.

Pulling into Stefan's driveway my thoughts where confirmed as Seth's car was parked in my driveway next door, Seth leaning against the bonnet of his car.

I fiddled with my finger's My nerves where getting the best of me. This was such a bad idea we haven't even dealt with yesterday's argument yet and I can't help the feeling that I know one will come after Seth sees me exit the car with Stefan. "You OK?" I look up from my hands my eyes locking with Stefan's who was looking at me intensely. "Yeah ii" I cleared my throat "Yeah I'm fine" I smiled taking my seat belt off "Thankyou for the lift, Again" I added. "Anytime Princess" He smiled genuinely at me.

I climbed out the car my eyes landing on Seth who was already looking at me. The porch light bright enough that I could see his jaw clench and his fist ball up. "What the fuck is this" Seth spat Flinging his arms out motioning between me and Stefan who was now out of his car lighting a cigarette as he made his way around the car "Stefan gave me a lift home" I answered honestly as Seth reached me.

Seth scoffed "I warned you before brother, STAY THE FUCKK AWAY FROM HER" Seth Roared taking a step in Stefan's direction. Stefan chuckled but he didn't look amused his jaw ticking as he took a drag of his cigarette his eyes never moving from his brother as he released the smoke from his lungs.

I knew this was a bad idea, I knew it.

I quickly stepped in between the two brothers. The palms of my hands resting against Seth's hard chest, My back to Stefan's. "Will you relax he was giving me a lift home" I told Seth Sternly.

His attention wasn't on me though his eyes stayed locked on his brother standing behind me. "let's go inside" I offered Seth pushing at his chest lightly trying to put some space between the two boys.

With my actions Seth's attention was on me "You ignored me all day because you where with him" He said venom laced through his voice. "I was at Lauren's I already told you that" I yelled back losing my patience at this whole situation.

I could see the anger radiating from his eyes "Take it easy bro I was giving her a lift, like she told you" I herd Stefan's calm voice from behind me. How is he calm right now? I'm Freaking the fuck out. Seth pushed me to the side. I stumbled slightly but gained my balance quickly and in a split second Seth was in Stefan's face the pair of them clenching their Jaws and fists. They where squaring off and I had no idea what the fuck I was supposed to do.

I rushed to Seth's side taking ahold of his balled up fist in one hand and his wrist in my other I pulled at him trying but failing to pull him back "Seth plee" my voice got caught as Seth pushed my grip off his arm harshly making me crash into the bonnet of Stefan's car. "DONT FUCKING TOUCH HER LIKE THAT" Stefan's voice boomed.

I spun around quickly to see Stefan's fist collide with Seth's Jaw. Seth recovered quickly without a thought he charged at Stefan the force making them collide with the grass beneath their feet.

The tears poured from my eyes and I cried as I watched the two roll around throwing digs at each other. "STOP" I was screaming but they where not listening. "Omg what the shit is going on out here" I snapped my head up seeing Stefan's mom rush out of the house. "PACK IT IN THE PAIR OF YOU" She yelled.

With Stefan's mother approaching the pair scrambled apart, Fists and Jaws clenching as they stared each other down. "What is wrong with you two, You have the poor girl in tears" Stefan's mother declared. Stefan shot his attention to me at his mom's words, his eyes locking on mine. The look of worry upon his face was evident "Shit Savan" He began but was cut off as Seth Pulled my face between his hands taking my gaze from Stefan to him "Shh Sav, its OK" He tried to sooth rubbing his thumbs across my tear streaked cheeks.

I shook my head out of his grasp willing my tears to stop. "Savanah" Stefan called my name. "Ba" Seth began but I cut them off. "Just leave me" I said, My words aimed more to Seth than Stefan.

I cant believe he would pull this shit again. Why does he act like this it's clear he doesn't trust me and clear he can't control his anger.

I broke in to a run as I ran towards my house Seth hot on my heels as Stefan was scolded by his mom to "Get his ass inside the house"

My bag was on the door step where I asked Seth to leave it. I reached for it searching for my house keys. I opened the door entering the house swiftly closing the door. Seth gripped the door tightly keeping it open as he pushed his way in. "Just leave" I gritted. "I'm Not leaving, Wtf where you doing with him? Huh?" He asked pulling at his hair angrily.

My anger was rising at how predictable he was getting "Argh, You, Arghh" I screamed Frustratedly "You don't get to be mad at me right now. I told you I was at Lauren's and Stefan was giving me a lift home. Why is it so hard for you to understand that" I yelled.

Seth scoffed "You expect me to believe that shit. What you spent the day with Stefan and God knows who else wearing that?" He spat looking at my pool outfit.

I looked at him blankly shaking my head I wasn't even surprised at his words anymore "I can't do this" I breathed the biggest lump forming in my throat as I struggled to not break down for the second time tonight. "Do what tell me the truth?" He questioned harshly. "No" I shook my head "Us Seth, I can't do us anymore." I confessed.

I scanned Seth's busted and bloodied face for his reaction. He looked hurt, shocked even at the words that left my mouth. Instinctively I raised my right hand to his cheek "Your bleeding" I stated the obvious, His lip was bleading and his eye was clearly swelling. "Your not leaving me" Seth announced ignoring me.

I dropped my hand "I already have" I informed him my eyes blinking the tears away.

Seth's face screwed up in anger and without warning Seth's hands gripped my waist tightly pushing me into the wall behind me. A strangled cry escaped my lips at the scorching pain that spread up my spine. "YOUR NOT FUCKING LEAVING ME SAVANAH" He blew up. He took my chin between his fingers tightly I whimpered at the force as he held my face in place "Never Savanah" He said in finality. "I just did" I cried my voice barely audible.

But Seth heard me clear as day. My words only adding gas to the fire as he pulled his fist back before smashing it in to the wall beside my head. I flinched crying loudly. I was so fucking scared of him right now. Seth Pulled away breathing heavily as his bloody knuckles pulled at his hair, I can tell he was trying to gain control of his anger.

My legs are shaking I can't hold my weight up any longer my legs gave way and I fell to my knees on the floor. Seth was silent and I cried hard so bloody hard I couldn't control it. I don't know how much time had past before Seth spoke up "Your not leaving me" He demanded quietly. With My head in my hands I refused to look up at him. The front door slammed shut and I raised my head up to an empty room.

Seth had left and I sighed in relief that he was gone, That this argument was finally over. And then I broke again I broke because I left the only guy I ever fell for. I broke in sadness that I had no other choice but to leave him because he couldn't control his anger and jealousy.



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