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Savanah's pov-

I grabbed a cereal bar and a bottle of water from the kitchen throwing them in my bag and heading to the front door.

I'm jumping a ride with Lauren and Jasper today, Stefan had offered but I thought it be best to not accept. I felt guilty enough that Seth and Stefan where fighting over something as stupid as me catching a lift with Stefan. I didn't want nor need anymore drama for myself or anyone else.

After locking the front door I headed toward Jasper's car parked in front of the yard.

I hopped in the back seat with a small greeting to the couple in the front seats.

"How are you holding up today?" Lauren asked as Jasper started the car. I had called her last night to fill her in on the events that had happened once I had left her house. To say she wasn't not pleased about my break up with Seth was an understatement.

Even though she comforted me on the matter she had also told me how hearing of the break up had made her extremely happy and proud that I had finally had the courage to "Stand up to the prick" as she had put it.

"Tired, I had near to no sleep" I answered her question honestly.

The car ride was quick and in no time we where pulling up in the school parking lot. I thanked Jasper for the lift as I unbuckled my seat belt following the couple out of the car.

The second the car door was shut Liam spoke up "Baby girl" I turned to see an overly happy Liam smiling at me with His open arms stretched out widely "Liam" I greeted as I reached him embracing his hold as he wrapped his arms around my tiny frame. "Ay break it up" Dom instructed with a wide smile pulling at the sleeve of my top "Sav" He smiled with a wink pulling me into his hard chest. "Dom" I said in greeting. "You two are way too happy for a Monday morning" I eyed them both skeptically, pulling away from Dom.

I drifted my eyes to where Stefan was stood to my left, His eye's already on me as he leaned against the side of his car and as always a cigarette in hand. "Princess" He greeted His lips tugged up at the corner as they formed his famous smirk. "Stefan" I smiled back.

Lauren hooked her arm around mine "Come on I gotta head to my locker before class" She announced pulling me along. The guys following not far behind.

I abruptly halted my steps from Approaching my locker when I noticed the all too familiar Black and White colours of the school football teams jacket. Seth was leaning against the locker besides mine waiting for me impatiently checking his watch. "Sav?" Lauren questioned following my gaze "Oh, Yenno I don't mind if you wanna use my locker for today?" Lauren offered.

I moved my gaze to my concerned Best Friend "It's fine, I have to bump into him at some point. Right?" I gave her a weak smile knowing the awkward break up talk was inevitable "Do you want me to come with?" Lauren asked "I'll be fine honestly" I was cut off by the bell ringing "Your going to be late, I'll see you at Lunch?" I told her.

I turned my attention back to Seth who's eyes had found me. I was nervous just thinking about approaching him "Sure you don't want me to wait for you" Lauren asked having noticed my hesitation.

A heavy arm swung over my shoulder, an arm I have now come to recognise as Liam's "What's the hold up girls? Sav we are late for Math baby girl" He stated the obvious. Lauren groaned shaking Liam's arm from around her shoulder. "Go ahead without me I'll catch up" I told him.

Lauren looked at me silently asking if I'll be ok and with a slight nod of my head to signal a yes she sent me an encouraging smile before turning her attention to Liam she linked her arm through his proceeding to pull him along.

"Later Sav" Dom waved, Jasper nodded, "Savanah" Stefan saluted one by one bidding me goodbye as they strolled past.

With the halls emptying out fairly quickly I had no choice but to approach Seth. "I went to pick you up but you weren't at home" He told me.

As I unlocked my locker and placing my bag inside. "I got a ride with Lauren" I told him "Why?" He asked sharply.

I sighed heavily in response.

What does he mean why? I'll never get over you if I don't put some distance between us that's why! I thought to myself.

I felt Seth's hands on my waist spinning me around to face him "Talk to me kitten" He insisted searching my face for a response

"Seth we need distance" I sighed yet again.

Seth's perfectly shaped eyebrows scrunched together "Savanah, I'm not letting you leave me" He reminded me "Seth" I swallowed the lump formining in my throat, please don't cry Savanah please don't cry I coached myself.

He cupped my face between his hands "I'm sorry about last night" He Rushed to apologise but he was missing the point of why I had broke up with him in the first place.

"It's not just about last night Seth, It's about you, Your anger, Your Jealousy I can't take it anymore" I let out, My eyes threatening to spill my unshed tears.

"But you're my Savanah, My kitten" He insisted His eyes sinking mine at his intense gaze his eyes almost pleading mine.

I pulled his hands away from my face allowing them to drop to his sides "I'm not your anything anymore Seth" my voice wavered.

The Damm holding my tears back was finaly cracking allowing a few stray tears to slip down my cheek.

Seth leaned the palms of his hands against the lockers behind me, Caging me between the metal and him "Your my girl Savanah, Always have been and always will be" He said lowly "There isn't anyone who could say otherwise Not You, Not me Not anybody" He whispered his tone a mix of Demand and certainty.

"Is everything OK here?" A feminine voice questioned.

Seth straightened up taking a step back allowing me to see the person behind the voice.

Silver stood a few feet away from us, Her eyes flicking between me and then Seth "Everything's good right Sav?" He smiled brightly. "I better head to practice, Coach is gonna be pissed I'm late" He said placing a Kiss to my cheek before heading down the hall.

I took a deep breath closing my eyes trying to gain some control of my emotions "You okay?" Silver asked placing a hand to my forearm.

I opened my eyes to meet the brown eyed silver haired girl staring back at me with concern "Me and Seth broke up" I told her honestly.

Silver nodded her head in understanding "He refuses to accept it though" I shook my head wiping at my wet cheeks harshly. "It's so fucking hard to see him and.." I began to cry.

Silver pulled me into her embrace wrapping her arms around me "Hey, Nah uh, Not here Savanah" She instructed patting my hair down.

I pulled away Wiping my wet face "Sorry" I cleared my throat to gain some control back "What are you apologising for?" She gave me a disapproving look "Girl you can cry, but I am not about to let you cry in the school hallway where anybody can see" She swung her arm over my shoulder "Come on! we may as well skip first period" She pulled me down the hall and out the front door.

I had spent first period with Silver out on a bench to the side of the school. I filled her in on everything that had happened since Seth had dragged me away from the pool party on Saturday. From Seth leaving me at brick mountain, To Stefan and I's encounter outside Lauren's bathroom, To the chaos that was last night. I told her everything.

I enjoyed spending time with Silver she was a character for sure someone I wouldn't mind spending more of my time with. After giving her all the details of the past two days she filled me in on her and Dave and how she had broke it off with him when she read a flirty text from another girl. "Ah it's minor, He's not for me" She flicked her wrist in dismissal.

The whole time Silver didn't fail to distract me, My mind not once going to Seth and I am grateful to her for it.

It's currently lunchtime and I'm heading to the cafeteria with Silver walking beside me. I had invited her to sit with Me, Lauren and the guys. She didn't enjoy the company of the cheer squad and was planning on avoiding that table all together because of Dave.

"Baby Girll" Liam smiled brightly at me as we approached the table "Who's this beauty I have the pleasure of laying my eyes on" He eyed silver I couldn't help but laugh I swear he was drooling and he wasn't even ashamed.

"Dude you sound creepy as shit" Stefan chuckled from the chair to my left gaining all my attention "Princess" He greeted popping a chip past his smirking lips. "Stefan" I smiled taking a seat at the table.

"Silver right? Names Dom we have Art together" Dom Introduced himself "The one and only" she answered him with a smile.

"I'm Liam" Liam chimed in "Nice to meet you handsome" Silver told him as she sat in the seat beside me.

I introduced Silver to Lauren, Jasper and Stefan. They all welcomed her to the table. Silver laughed with the group of people around the table, a group of people I now consider as my friends as they all joined in telling her comical stories of the boys doing idiotic but highly amusing things.

"Baby girl, you have an audience" Liam alerted me looking behind me he eyed Seth who sat watching me, His jaw visibly ticking even at this distance. "Idiot" Dom whispered followed by a slap. I imagine Dom smacked Liam upside the head I wasn't looking at then to know, my attention was still drawn to the Boy eyeing me from across the room "What?" Mumbled Liam.

"looks like you both have" Lauren announced. I felt like I was being summoned by the way Seth was looking at me I swear he wasn't even blinking then again I don't think I had remembered to blink either.

"Him, Ew, Nah he's my Twin" I turned my attention to silver "Your a twin?" I asked she hasn't mentioned it before. "Yup" she smiled "None identical, Obviously" She clarified with a slight roll of her eyes.

I looked up as a very muscular dark skinned guy appeared at the table. My oh my He was handsome with a well built frame and deep brown eyes much deeper than Silvers.

He squeezed his way in between me and Silver as he took a seat "Sister" He took a fry from her plate plopping it into his mouth with a cheeky smile "You Ditched me" He clicked his tongue. "Who's your friend's" He asked glancing around the table.

Silver introduced her brother to everyone as she went around the table one by one."And this" She flicked her brother's arm but he dodged her attempt with a chuckle "This is".. "Calvin" He interrupted his sister with a wide smile.

Calvin sat with us for the rest of lunch talking animatedly with the boys. Calvin instantly clicked with Stefan the two sneaking out for a Cigarette smoke before the lunch hour was over.

I reached last period. It Turns out Calvin had the same class as me, Unknowingly saving me from Seth by taking the seat beside me before Seth could even have the chance to reach it. That didn't stop Seth from burning his eyes into the back of mine and I'm sure Calvin's head the whole class. Calvin didn't seem to notice, Either that or he couldn't give two shits about Seth's burning gaze. The complete opposite to how I was feeling.



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