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Savanah's pov.

It was now Friday and I was so looking forward to the break away from school.

The whole week was filled with me avoiding Seth at every turn. I succeeded with little run ins whilst at school thanks to Lauren and Silver never leaving my side. Although Out of the school grounds it was a different story.

Seth had waited outside my house three nights in a row each time resulting in me crying and Seth reminding me that I was "His" as he had put it.

By the end of a long and aggressive fight with Seth on the third night I had some how managed to get him to agree that all I need is some space between us while he works on his anger issues.

He made me promise we would go back to normal after I had my space and I made him promise to do something about his anger.

Would I go back to him? I don't know! Honestly I was telling him whatever It took to make him leave. So far it seems to have worked, Thursday had rolled around and Seth kept his distance just as he said that he would.

Today is Friday! Still nothing from Seth and I'm thankful that he had kept his promise In giving me what I needed but god did I miss him.

It's almost Eight pm. Right now I was in the process of having my makeup done by Silver while Lauren sat on my bed fixing her hair.

We are getting ready to head to the race. I'd be lying if I said I was not excited because I was.

I had never been to the race before, Seth would always shut the idea down refusing to take me with him.

But I was drawn to the idea of attending the race for two reasons.

One being intrigued to watch the cars go head to head as they hit a powerful speed and then there's Number Two, Number two being the fact that I had always wanted to at least once be the flag girl in starting the race "Done" Silver announced pulling the lipstick away from my lips. I smiled watching her pleased reaction as she looked over her work.

Standing to check myself out in the floor length mirror. Wow! My makeup looked amazing Silver had really gone in with a 90's look makeup style, My outlined lips a beautiful Classic brown.

I wore A black and white paisley print bandana as a crop top, Tied in a tight knot at the back a strapless black brallet beneath It.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea of wearing a bandana as a top but Silver insisted I look hot Lauren agreed commenting on how I now look the part of my flag girl fantasy.

I complete the outfit with a pair of blue excessively ripped skinny jeans and my Black peeptoed High Heels. I felt good looking at my reflection This outfit making me feel amazing.

A horn sounded from outside "That's the guys" Lauren confirmed as she received a text from Jasper and with that we make our way outside.

The boys had parked their cars in front of my yard Jasper Liam and Dom standing by them laughing at whatever it was that they where talking about.

Stefan and Calvin sat on the steps of my porch stuck in a conversation.

Stefan Drifted his attention to me as I approached the top step His eyes roaming over every inch of my body with a lick of his lips my cheeks were growing hot a blush creeping its way across my skin.

Calvin followed Stefan's gaze Noticing his friends distracted state. Double taking as his eyes landed on me "Damn Savanah" He said My blush only deepening. Calvin Jumped to his feet as I took my last step off the porch. Taking my hand in his he twirled me around gently a whistle leaving his mouth. A laugh escaping my lips at how ridiculous he was being.

We spread out between the Two cars Calvin, Liam and Dom riding with Stefan. Me Lauren and Silver riding with Jasper. The ride a little over half hour drive so by the time we pulled up it was nearly Nine pm.

We climbed out of the car Silver telling us how she has been here a couple times with Calvin and his friends who apparently come here often.

I looked around the place an empty field next to a deserted back road lit up with the headlights of what has to be around sixty or so cars. The place was thriving with people ranging from my age to at most Nineteen years old, Some I recognised from school the rest I'm guessing go to the school across town.

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face as my eyes wandered the area around me.

"Someone's happy" Lauren stepped beside me. I looked to my Best Friend "This is awesome" I confessed with a grin. "Just wait until you see the race" She informed me.

It had been an hour since we arrived and I currently sat beside silver on the bonnet of Jasper's car music playing from the Speaker. "Im heading to see Marvin You coming?" Calvin asked Silver. Silver shook her head "I'm good here" She told her brother her eyes glancing to Liam who stood a few feet away. "How about you Savanah?" He turned his attention to me "You up for a little exploring?" He asked that cheeky smile of his appearing across his lips.

That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea I've wanted to take a walk around the place since we arrived here but I was not about to go exploring on my own "Sure" I accepted his offer.

Calvin took my hand in his helping me slide of the car bonnet to my feet with ease "Ever the gentleman" I smiled "Anything for me lady" He winked with a pretty impressive attempt at a British accent.

We walked around for a while Calvin telling me how he came here often with his friends from the previous school he attended.

He was currently telling me the story of the Times that he had raced here. Winning Five in a row and losing the other two. "My ex Monica was my lucky charm cheering me on from the side line's so when she moved away my winning streak crashed" He laughed.

"Ayy Calvin" I looked up to see a group of guys leaning against their cars ahead of us. "Marvin brother, Its been a minute" Calvin grinned widely bumping his fist with his friends as they all greeted each other excitedly.

I stood a few feet behind Calvin awkwardly not knowing if I should introduce myself or Stay silent. Two of the guys stepped past Calvin eyeing me "What's your name baby" one asked as they Both literally walked circles around me. I was beginning to get nervous at their stares as they checked me out.

Calvin kissed his teeth "Yo allow it boys" He stepped towards me "She's with me" He announced throwing his arm around my shoulder. The two guys put their hands up in defence a chuckle leaving their lips. "Ignore them they are like stray dogs" The guy I thinks name is Marvin spoke. Light laughter following after.

"Names Marvin" He Introduced holding his fist out to me "Savanah" I smiled touching the knuckles of my fist to his.

We hung out with Calvin's friend's for an hour before heading back to the others. His friends are actually pretty cool even the two who had surrounded me like vultures are highly amusing company to be around.

We where a few cars down from where we had parked when I noticed a familiar car.

My heart ached Seth was here. Harry, Dave and a few others with him but it wasn't the fact that I was seeing him that hurt. What hurt was the sight of Seth making out with a girl against his car, his hands grazing the skin of her thigh lifting her skirt ever so slightly.

I know we aren't together, I was the one who broke up with him but that didn't mean it hurt me any less to see the sight in front of me. Harry caught sight of me A look of guilt washing across his face.

With an inaudible whisper and a tap to his shoulder from Dave. Seth swiftly turned his attention to me. "Savanah" He panicked wasting no time in making his way towards me "I can explain" He reached for my hand but I pulled it back before he could touch me.

I forced a smile on my face "There's no need. We aren't together anymore" I told him my word's only partly true. Yes we are indeed not in a relationship but hell he still needs to explain himself.

I deserve an explanation after he spent three days harassing me, putting me through hell when refusing to accept that I had broke things off with him.

He made me promise not to date while he worked on the promise of learning to control his anger issues. I willed myself to not cry right here right now he didn't deserved to see me cry anymore. I side stepped him my attempt at walking away blocked as he stepped in front of me "I wanna be left alone Seth" I told him making another attempt to pass but failing. "Let me explain Savanah"

Calvin pulled me back by my waist creating some distance between Me and Seth "She said let her be" Calvin reminded Seth. "This ain't your business, now fuck off" Seth scoffed. Within a second Calvin was in front of me "I'll make it my business" He pushed Seth by his shoulders harshly.

The look on Seth's face was one I knew all too well, He was going to blow up any second. I hurriedly placed myself between the two boys my hands placed firmly to Seth's hard chest "Seth" I shook my head rapidly "You Promised" I reminded him. Seth's jaw ticked clearly having a hard time trying to stay in control of his bubbling anger. His eyes searching mine I prayed he could see the pleading behind them.

Harry appeared to the side of Seth, His back to me and his right hand placed on Seth's shoulder "Give her time to cool down bro" He advised his friend.

It became silent Seth eying me carefully so I took that as an opportunity to leave before he had the chance to stop me. Taking Calvin's hand in mine I pulled him along with me towards the rest of our friends who where watching us from where they stood by their cars.

Seth really does have a nerve insisting our relationship wasn't over and here he was his hands all over another girl. Is this why he never let me come with him to the race? Fuck knows but I refused to let Seth ruin my night so I plastered a big smile on my face and reassured everyone that I was fine.



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