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Savanah's pov-

Sometime had passed by I was now laying on the grass my head propped up on Lauren's legs as she sat behind me.

I watched Silver and Liam with a wide smile, They where standing by Jasper's car his hands on her waist Flirting away with each other

"The race should be starting soon" Lauren told me playing with strands of my loosely curled hair.

Stefan approached us, stopping in front of us "Ladies" He smiled "I have a surprise for you princess" He said looking down at me from where he was now stood.

"And what's that?" I looked back at him questioningly "Well if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" He chuckled.

Stefan reached his hand out to me, I shot him a questioning look but placed my hand in his anyway allowing him to pull me to my feet.

I looked down at Lauren who smiled up at me as if she knew something I didn't, I had the feeling she was in on whatever this surprise was.

I followed Stefan in comfortable silence as we walked side by side, A short walk before we arrived at his car. The car is Parked at what looked to be a starting line.

My Head snapped up to Stefan realisation dawning on me almost instantly "Your racing?" I asked with wide eyes "I am" He answered a smile playing on his lips.

I didn't even know he raced let alone that he would be racing tonight. "What's the stakes?" I asked somewhat aware that there's bets involved in these things. "Nothing big" He chuckled lighting the cigarette placed between his lips.

I observed him as he stepped into his car leaning his arm out the frame of the already rolled down window.

Has he raced before? He looks overly calm and collected for someone who is about to be participating in a possibly highly dangerous sport

"Don't worry your pretty head he's never lost a race" A voice I am unfamiliar with confirmed my thaughts.

I took my attention to the unknown guy he looked to be eighteen maybe even Nineteen

"So this our girl?" He asked Stefan. "It is" Stefan nodded exhaling his cigarette smoke. "Savanah, Jonathan"

"Jonathan, Savanah" He Introduced us both to each other.

"You'll need this" Jonathan announced holding his arm out to me a plain black rag in hand.

Okay now I was officially confused "What's going on?" I asked getting straight to the point.

Stefan chuckled "Your my Flag girl Princess" He flashed me a bright smile.

My eyes went wide he's fucking with me right? "You serious?" I bit my lip. Stefan nodded his head yes watching my reaction closely. I mentally Squealed, An insanely huge smile spreading across my face.

I looked around the crowd that had formed around us all patiently waiting on the events to begin, My eyes landing on a unimpressed Seth

I took my attention back to Stefan "You in?" He asked flicking his burned out cigarette to the floor.

Wether my plan was to piss Seth off I didn't know but What I did next took even me by surprise. I reached a hand around my back tugging at the knot of my make shift top, The material slipping away from my chest revealing my Black lacey bralet.

The crowd became lively hollering and whistling. The laughs and cheering of my friends clear as day "I have my own Flag" I shrugged biting the inside of my cheek. Stefan's eyes shining with amusement at my actions, That famously breathtaking smirk across his lips showing me he was highly amused.

Stefan's eyes trained on me, His attention never leaving me as I made my way around the front of his car taking my designated position.

I faced forward my attention on the cars in front.

With the bandana in hand I raised my left arm up, Stefan revved the Engine. A giggle escaping my lips.

Raising my right arm, bandana in hand The driver revved his engine.

I now had the confirmation that both drivers where ready to begin.

Raising both hands in the air I waved the bandana left


I waved the bandana to the right


GO I dropped to my knees the bandana dropping to the floor with me.

I felt a gush of wind hit me nearly swooping me over as the two cars pushed passed me. I swiftly rise to my feet spinning on my heels to catch A Glimpse of Stefan's car.

The crowd going insane as they watched the two cars race up the road switching in and out of First place.

A loud screeching sounds when the road comes to an end both cars drifting in a turn as they reached the half way point to turn back down the road.

The cars head to head and I screamed Stefan's name as I cheered him on waving my arms wildly in the air my adrenaline on a new level.

Stefan passed the finish line first not a doubt in my mind that he wouldn't. I broke out into a run running towards Stefan's car, some of The crowd Following suit as they rushed to the drivers.

I Reached Stefan as he climbed out of his car I nearly knocked him over in excitement wrapping my arms around his kneck. Stefan lifted me from the ground his arms wrapped around my waist tightly

"That was FUCKING AMAZING" I squealed as Stefan spun us around hist chest rumbling as he let out a chuckle.

Stefan lowered my feet to the floor. His hands still holding my waist he smiled a bright white smile down at me observing my happy state.

I smiled up at him placing a single kiss to his cheek, a silent thankyou for arranging for me to experience this.

I pulled out of his hold realising I was only in my bra "Shit" I Mumbled the bandana no longer in my hands. I crossed my arms over my chest Subconsciously covering my almost exposed body, My cheeks growing increasingly hot.

Stefan shrugged his jacket off placing it over my shoulders. I pulled the jacket shut tightly

"We make a good team, Don't you think Princess" He said resting an arm around my shoulder as we began walking in the direction of our approaching friends.

We were forced out of our embrace Stefan being tackled by the guys as they congratulated him on his win. "Holy Shit Sav" Lauren beamed at me "That was bad ass" Silver said her eyes shining proudly at me hell even I was proud of myself never in my life had I done anything like this before.

"Shorty BAD Bad huh" Calvin chimed throwing an arm around my shoulder. "That was Hot Savanah, You should come to my next race" He winked with a smile "Hey Maybe my winning streak will come back" He added earning laughter to erupt from our friends.



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