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Stefan's pov-

I watched Savanah From where I sat on the hood of my car. Savanah chatting away to Silver and Lauren, My jacket wrapped tightly around her body. The smile on her face hasn't left since the race.

Lauren had informed me of Savanah's flag girl dream so I put a surprise in place for her and I felt nothing but pride to have Savanah be my flag girl.

"What's the deal with you two?" Calvin asked drawing my attention to him. "Huh?" I shot him a confused look.

Calvin looked to Savanah with a nod in her direction "You two got history or something?" He asked curiously. "Nah" I shook my head in answer.

"Nah? Bruh don't tell me you ain't think She's banging" He grinned observing her.

He was right she was banging, lately being the only girl able to catch my attention.

"Nah, She deserves something good" I paused "Good ain't me" I chuckled. "Well If you don't take that I will" Calvin announced eyeing Savanah from our distance.

His words stirring something within me, I couldn't help but tense at the thought of Savanah and Calvin together.

Calvin sucked a breath in "Ah this can't be good" He pointed his bottle of beer at an incoming Seth.

I hopped off of the hood standing to my feet as a fuming and seemingly intoxicated Seth approached.

I swear if he's here to ruin Savanah's night I'll loose my shit. I flicked my eyes to Savanah, Good she hasn't noticed Seth as of yet.

Seth stood an inch away from me "Did you enjoy the show" He screwed his face up.

I tilt my head to the side "Show?" I questioned "Don't act dumb" He clenched his jaw "Did you get a kick out of having my girl strip like a slut" He spat.

Calvin kissed his teeth at the word slut clearly not impressed of Seth's use of the word.

"She's Not your girl Stefan, Nore this pricks here" He motioned to Calvin. "Who you calling a prick?" Calvin spat inching towards Seth "Easy Calvin" I shook my head lightly the motion telling him not now. There needed to be no fights tonight, for Savanah's sake.

"Stay away Stefan. You had your warning, She will get hers" He gritted. She will get hers? His words snapped a nerve and before I could stop my self my hands shot out gripping Seth by his collar my teeth clenching together tightly. "STEFAN" Savanah shreaked.

I hadn't even noticed that she was aware of us right now. But She was, My fists clenched tightly around the material of Seth's collar, my knuckles begging to punch his fucking face in.

Feeling Savanah's burning eyes on me I decided against it pushing at his collar I let him go. Seth stumbling slightly backwards at my action "What is going on" Savanah asked her eyes bouncing from me to Seth.


Savanah's pov-

"Ahhh speak of the devil" Seth laughed.

"Seth your drunk?" I stated, I was not in the mood to have my night ruined.

"Just because I beat doesn’t mean that you can beat, two fucks don’t make a right Savanah" Seth blabbered.

What the fuck his he going on about? Did he just admit to sleeping with other people? Wait.."What?" I let out confused "YOU FUCKED MY BROTHER" He spat Earning whispers to erupt from the on lookers.

I looked at Seth anger flooding through me how dare he embarrass me like this again.

Me and Stefan have never fucked

I'M A VIRGIN! I've never fucked in general



Seth grabbed at my wrist pulling me towards him, I pulled my wrist from his grasp. Seth snapped towering over me his pointer finger in my face. "First of all, Watch the way you fucking talk to me" He blowed up in my face.

My eyes shot to Stefan sensing the anger that practically vibrated from him.

With quick thinking I placed my hands to his chest halting his attempt at reaching for his brother, almost tripping over my own feet thanks to the high heels I was wearing.

Miraculously I still managed to keep Stefan from pushing past me. The muscle in his chest flexing beneath the palms of my hands, A definite sign of how angry he was becoming.

"Savanah, come here" Seth said in warning muttering something about how I expect him to believe I ain't fucked Stefan with the way we act around eachother or something along those lines. "ENOUGH" I spun around to face Seth.

"How many times do I have to tell you nothing has happened" I pushed at Seth's chest with the palms of my hands "How many times?" I yelled.

"You dont respect me, You don't care for me" I spat. "SAVAN".. "SHUT UP SETH" I cut him off "Let. me. finish" I demanded Needing to get everything That I need to say off my chest.

"Every day you want to go to war with me, crying over spilt milk" I told him my tears falling on their own accord.

"I'm getting sick and I'm tired, I'm tired and I'm crying." I waved my arms frantically in front of my face to prove my point.

Seth swiftly encaged my face between his hands trying to wipe my tears away with the pads of his thumbs.

He doesn't get to do this not anymore.

With the thought I pushed at his shoulders harshly. "Your the cause of all my pain And then you’ve got the cheek to come and dry my eyes" I shook my head in disgust. "Do you not see it?" I shot at him.

Seth's eyes are on me, Almost pleading the anger still evident in his eyes.

"I trusted you with my life And you’ve hit me twice" I broke a light sob escaping past my lips.

"What Did you just say?" I darted my eyes to Stefan at the sound of his voice.

He Stood firm fists clenching and unclenching at his Sides.

His jaw visibly ticking.

His question aimed at me but his eyes where solely trained on his brother.

I hastily placed myself in front of Stefan once again. Silently scolding myself for saying such a thing so publicly.

Stefan Stepped forward but I pushed at his chest to stop him advancing towards Seth "Move Savanah" Stefan instructed but I stood firmly in my place. "Stefan Don't" I demanded.

Stefan's Jaw tightened, Silence falling over us. The two boys clearing having a stand of with their eyes.

"Stefan, Take me home" I Asked unwrapping his balled up fist and lacing my fingers with his. Stefan's eyes flicked to mine at the action "Please, Take me home" I pleaded hoping to do damage control by separating the pair and truthfully I have had enough of this back and forth shit I wanted to be anywhere but here.

Stefan agreed with a slight nod of his head, Relief flooding me at the tiny motion.

I pulled at his hand as I took the lead to leave.

But things moved too fast for me to comprehend what was about to happen next.

Stefan twisted back, My hand falling to my side as he let go swiftly turning around to face his brother. His right fist colliding with Seth's Jaw so harshly I inwardly cringed at the sound.

"You Ever lay a hand on her again ill fucking kill you" Stefan spat at his brother.

I stood frozen. Tears rolling down my face at the sight of Seth on his knees, Blood pouring from his mouth a look of defeat in his eyes, His eyes glued on mine and mine on his.

I felt a gentle hand on my waist forcing me from my Seth induced trance.

With Stefan's Jaw still clenching He nodded his head towards his car silently telling me he's now ready to go. Swallowing my tears back I allowed Stefan to guide me to his car.



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