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Savanah's pov.

Thirty minutes later we where pulling into Stefan's drive way. The whole ride home we hadn't talked both in a silent agreement that we needed to be left alone to gather our own thaughts.

I looked to Stefan as he turned the engine off, The hum of the car evaporating as silence fell around us.

My eyes zeroing in on Stefan's hands that still clenched around the steering wheel a small cut visible, His knuckle smeared in blood.

With A mind of its own my hand reached out taking Stefan's busted hand in mine as I observed it "Does your hand hurt?" I asked softly.

Stefan shook his head No in response.

"You should let me clean this up" I informed him. "It's fine" He said pulling his hand from mine.

Its obvious he's still pissed. The car fell silent again this time leaving me to sulk about his refusal of my help.

Stefan looked over at me A heavy sigh passing his lips "Fine" He accepted taking his seat belt off he climbed out of the car and I followed after him.

We silently stood in his bathroom the only sound was the sound of the running tap.

With His hand in mine I gently dabbed the warm wet cloth across his knuckles.

There was a lot of blood. The majority of it was Seth's I'm sure.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Stefan broke the silence. "Tell you what?" I asked softly, although I already had an idea of what he was referring too.

"That Seth had hurt you?" He said His hand unconsciously clenching in mine.

I lifted my gaze to his face, His green eyes already staring back at me.

"Because I wanted to avoid tonight happening" I quietly answered "You didn't need to hit him" I added. "He deserved more than what he got" He informed me.

I lightly shook my head side to side. Seth didn't deserve it or maybe he did but I didn't want them to fight. They are brother's they shouldn't be fighting over me! Even if Stefan was just looking out for me.

"You still shouldn't of hit him" I repeated. .

Stefan clicked his tongue "He came looking for a fight, He deserved it" He clenched his jaw.

"He was drunk" I reminded him. "Besides He already apologised for what he has done, it was best left alone" I told him.

Stefan angrily pulled his hand from mine "WHY DO YOU STILL DEFEND HIM?" He yelled throwing his hands out in the space between us.

"DON'T YELL AT ME STEFAN" I yelled back "THEN DON'T DEFEND HIM" He raised his voice louder.


"Then enlighten me on WHY THE FUCK YOUR STILL DEFENDING HIM" He shot back "BECAUSE" I cut myself short. In all honesty I didn't have an answer I didn't know why I kept defending Seth. I just did!

I didn't anticipate what was to happen next. Stefan crashed his lips on mine capturing my face between his large hands. Knocking all sensible thought out. His soft but rough lips pressed tightly to mine.

My mind ran a million miles a minute.

My body instantly reacting to his touch as my hands shot up, My fingers curling through the strands of his hair Tugging and pulling with want. His tongue slipping past my lips our kiss rapidly becoming heated.

His hands pulling me closer by my waist in an attempt to feel every inch of my body pressed closer with his.

My body grew increasingly hot as he hooked his hands around the back of my thighs lifting me with ease and placing me firmly on the bathroom counter. His lips still on mine "Your so fucking frustrating" He breathed through our kiss.

His voice so husky earning a moan to pass through my lips, My mind too occupied to form a coherent sentence to reply.

His rough finger tips gliding over my skin as he pushed his hands past my collar bone and over my shoulders the action forcing his jacket to slide off my body.

Stefan lifted me from the counter my legs wrapping tightly around his waist as if only natural. His mouth never leaving mine as he carried me down the hall and into his bedroom.

Stefan lay me on his bed my fingers curling around the material of his shirt Pulling his body back to mine greedily wanting, NO! Needing to feel his lips on mine again.

My heart pounded in my chest and with every second that went by my knees got weaker.

The only thing I could focus on was how his lips felt against my skin as he trailed his way Over the skin of my kneck.

The skin of My chest.

The skin of My stomach.

The Feeling So Overwhelming it was addictive.

Tugging at the waist band of my jeans he slipped them from my body and pressed his lips over the material of my panties his hot breath leaving my core to tense in anticipation.

Bringing his attention back to my lips he caught my lower lip between his teeth gently pulling at the skin. My stomach twisting and fluttering at the action.

My hands fumbling at the waist band of his jeans. Stefan broke away assisting me in removing his clothing before Pushing my panties to the side he positioned himself at my entrance "Stefan" I breathed out in eagerness His green eyes swirling in lust as he looked down at me.

My breath hitched and my lips parted, a strangled but almost breathless sound escaping as he slowly lowered himself inside of me.

My back automatically arching at the stinging sensation spreading through my core as he gently pushed himself inside of me. My hands pulling and my nails nipping at his skin as he invaded my every sense.


Stefan's pov-

I couldn't take my eyes off of Savanah. Fuck she was so fucking mesmorizing right now as I gently thrust in and out of her, Her walls so unbelievably tight causing an incredible sensation to pulse through my cock.

I have to force myself to stay at a steady pace not wanting to hurt her after realising pretty quickly that this was her first time. The realisation that she is a virgin only making my want to pleasure her grow intensly.

Her nails dug into my back leaving a burning trail as I pushed into her deeper. Her eyes rolling shut, Her back arching, Her kneck tilting back as her mouth fell open with a moan.

Latching my lips to her skin I kissed the length of her Jaw her legs tightening around my waist as she moaned my name, God the sound was so sexy encouraging me to want to hear more.

I kissed her lips, Her lips parting as she moaned into my mouth. Her climax quickly approaching as she became wetter and wetter. "SHIT! SAVANAH" I grunted thrusting deeper and deeper with each breathless moan of my name that fell from her lips.

Savanah's eyes squeezed shut, Her nails digging into the skin of my chest, Her legs left shaking as she came undone beneath me.

I pulled out of her, spilling myself onto her bare stomach as I reached my climax.

I looked down at the girl who caused my High. The sight being the best sight I had ever fucking seen.



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