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Savanah P. O. V

My head was spinning with this overwhelming sensation that consumed my whole body.

My body was tingling the blood flowing through my veins felt fuzzy.

We had just connected on a whole other level and I can't help but wonder if he could feel what I was feeling.

This feeling was something I have never felt before in my entire life. It felt addictively amazing.

I lay with my back to the mattress My chest rising and falling, My breathing slowly evening itself to a steady pace.

Stefan lay on his back beside me his arm draped over my waist his hand placed firmly on my thigh, The pad of his thumb softly gliding soothing circles over my skin.

The room settled in a comfortable silence. The slight noise of our breathing the only thing I could hear.

Wow did that really just happen? Did we really just have sex? I couldn't comprehend what had just happened. "First time?" He huskily asked "Mmm" I Mumbled my mind still hazy to even consider giving him a vocal response.

With too gentle squeezes to my thigh Stefan reached over pulling the cover up and over our naked bodies.

I can't believe I just lost my virginity! All the thoughts I had ever had on how I imagined my first time to be not one had played out like this

"That wasn't how I had planned my first time" I voiced my thoughts. "Sorry to Disappoint?" Stefan said softly.

My eyes shot open my body swiftly sitting up to face him The action suddenly making me aware of the ache that settled into every muscle in my body. "That came out wrong. Th-That isn't what I meant" I rushed out. "That was more than what I had ever imagined. I just.." I rambled earning a chuckle from Stefan "I know what you meant Princess" He halted my ramble an amused smile played on his lips as he looked up at me.

Unconsciously biting at my lip a slow blush made its way to my cheeks.

Stefan reached his arm around me pulling me to lay down with him. My head resting on his firm chest and his arms tightening securely around me, The action relaxing me completely with A content sigh leaving my lips.

I closed my eyes the sound of his heart beat nothing less than calming. My body fully aware of Stefan soothingly gliding his thumbs over my bare skin encouraging a sleepy state to wash over me. That really was amazing. Stefan chuckled softly beneath me as I drifted into sleep.

The sound of a door closing over woke me from my sleep. Instantly feeling My body aching from the events of last night. "Sleeping beauty awakes" Stefan's voice drifted through the room.

Slowly sitting up on the bed My eyes landed on Stefan standing by his door fully clothed with wet hair and a towel in hand. I guess He just took a shower.

My god was he handsome the memory of last night flooding through my mind. How his hands had glided over my body, How his muscles flexed above me. The thought of it causing my body to heat and the flutters to settle in my stomach.

"Did last night really happen?" I asked pulling the cover tighter to my fully naked body.

Stefan chuckled "It did and as I recall you said it really was amazing" He flashed me a cheeky grin.

My cheeks flushed and I'm sure I was the colour of a beetroot. "I said that outloud?" I groaned. Stefan chuckled "You did" He smirked his green eyes lighting with amusement.

Stefan threw some clothes at me "You can take a shower if you want my mom is in the kitchen making breakfast" He announced.

I took my clothes in my hands "I think I should go home and shower" I paused "Does your mom know what we did last night?" I asked beginning to panic.

A soft laugh passed his lips with a light shake of his head "I told her you where drunk so I took you home to let you sleep it off" He informed me. I nodded my head slowly in understanding.

His mom is going to think Im bad news after causing Stefan and Seth to fight last week and now getting flat out wasted to the point I can't get myself home although the second part wasn't true I'd rather her think that then let her know what me and her son got upto last night.

I stood up from the bed the cover wrapped tightly around my body. I looked at Stefan expectantly silently telling him to turn around so I can change. Stefan chuckled "It's not like I haven't seen it all before" He smirked. I bit my lip to stop the smile that threated to spread across my lips "Turn around Idiot" I giggled. Stefan put his hands up in surrender a chuckle sounding through the room as he turned to face the other way.

With Stefan facing the other way I slipped my underwear on, My jeans from last night and a black t-shirt Stefan had threw at me. "Done?" He asked "Done" I confirmed.

Stefan turned back around making his way to his bedside table I watched as he unhooked my phone from a charger "It was blowing up before it died so I put it on charge for you" He handed me my phone "Thankyou" I softly thanked him.

I unlocked my phone. Two calls from Lauren, one from Silver and fifteen from Seth. SHIT Seth My heart sunk "Oh no" I slept with Seth's brother I slept with Stefan Fuck! "No, no, no" I scolded myself I was beginning to panic.

"Savanah?" Oh my god Seth is going to be livid he could never find out. Never mind Seth omg I lost my virginity "Savanah. Hey. breathe" Stefan pulled my hands into his. His thumbs rubbing calmingly over my skin.

"What's wrong? " Stefan asked softly worry in his gorgeous green eyes as he looked down at me.

"We slept together" I told him.

"I thought we already established that we did" He chuckled

"Your my ex boyfriends brother, Seth is Seth".. "Seth will be right next time he acusses us of fucking" He chuckled.

I swatted at his chest with the palm of my hand "It's not funny Stefan" I shot him a glare.

" Alright alright" He paused "Do you regret it?" He asked me.

I thought about his question for a moment losing my virginity to a guy I wasn't even dating was not how I had ever imagined to lose it but I didn't regret it, Not one bit. "No I don't" I answered honestly.

He raised his hand to my chin taking it between two fingers

"Then that's all that matters Princess" He reassured me.



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