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Stefan's pov-

For some reason it got to me seeing my brothers hands on Savanah's thigh.

I ignored the feeling inside of me telling me to loose my shit but instead I decided on making a move to leave the car.

"Laters" I said quickly jumping out the car and making my way into my house. I headed up the stairs and straight to my room.

I kicked my shoes off before Taking my cigarettes out my pocket.

I opened my bedroom window about to climb out but halted seeing Seth's car still parked.

Savannah was still in the passenger seat they looked asif in a heated argument.

Savanah hurriedly climbed out of the car as did Seth who looked absolutely fucking livid.

My fists and jaw unintentionally clenching at the sight in-front of me.

Seth had slammed Savanah into his car harshly.

His actions made my blood boil.

I wanted to beat the crap out of my brother for that one action alone.

But I stopped myself. I couldn't interfere this is between Seth and Savanah.

I watched as Savanah turned her head, Seth gripping her chin tightly with his hand as he forced her to look at him. They began talking more calmly now making me unable to hear there conversation but for some reason it only angered me that I could not hear what Seth was saying to her.

I was About to turn away and mind my own business as it looked as if things had calmed down but I stopped hearing Seth's voice boom "DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME JUST DO AS YOUR TOLD" He yelled at her "FINE" Savanah screamed back as she pushed him off of her by his shoulders.

Savanah rushed into her house leaving Seth yelling behind her.

"SAVANAH DONT WALK AWAY FROM ME". Damn my brother was angry for sure as he got in his car slamming the door loudly before speeding off my guess back to dad's house.

I climbed out my window sitting on the roof I was angry seeing my brother physically hurt Savanah it's not the first time either I've noticed how he man handles her when he get pissed off or the bruises on her wrist at times, I know he is the cause of those but I could never question Savanah or my brother until I was sure.

Seeing him act like that towards her with my own eyes it really angered me. Savanah isn't like the girls Seth is used to dating, She's the innocent type and that just confuses me more since seth usually goes for the cheer captain and not the calm minding her own business kind of girl.

My eyes caught glimpse of Savanah through her window, She was crying as she entered her room.

I grounded my teeth together watching her break because of my dumb ass of a brother who doesn't know how to treat a girl like her.

Since I moved in here I have got to know a little about the girl next door.

Like for instance she lives with her farther who is literally never around, The woman she calls mother who Lives with her new husband and two step daughters but never actually visits her real daughter.

It's not only the big stuff in her life I know of. I pay attention to Savanah and the little stuff too, For example She has a love for all genres of music, she can sing,Damn she can really sing.

The way she bites her lip when she gets Nervous, Twirls her hair around her finger when deep in thought or how she never lets her guard down around people acting as if she is fine at all times but I see through it, I see through her.

I have always felt a pull towards Savanah ever since I moved in next door to her about ten months ago but I always pushed it away ignoring the feeling I get when around her. I'm a player a cheat I'm bad news for a girl like savanah. She deserved to have the best, To be treated in the best way.

When she got with my brother seven months ago it wound me up so much seeing them together.

Man it still does but what can I do? she has my brother the only thing I can do is leave them to it so I did and I have been.

I shook my head, A shit load of good that's done me. The pull towards her gets stronger everytime I lay eyes on her, and The way Seth treats her it stirs something up inside of me giving me the urge to defend her, To protect her even.

I don't do relationships I have always just fucked around for a few weeks and then let the girl go. How is it possible? That The girl next door is driving me crazy and she's not even my girl. She's my brothers girl.


Savanah's pov-

I awoke disorientated not knowing what the time was or what day it is for that matter. I sighed as my thoughts instantly drifted to Seth.

I need fresh air, I need to clear my head. Standing to my feet I picked my phone up seeing I had eight texts from seth ignoring them I checked the time. It was Eight at night, I haven't eaten dinner yet and I'm not even that hungry if I'm honest all I want right now is to get some fresh air and calm down.

Opening my window I climbed out on to the roof slowly making sure my clumsy self wouldn't slip off and break my neck "I wondered when you would decide to come keep me company" Stefan's voice came to my ears.

I raised my head to see him sat on the roof below his window with a cigarette in Hand as usual.

I sat down carefully, Taking a deep breath I placed my head in my hands. It was silent for a moment before Stefan spoke up breaking the silence "Why do you let him treat you like that?" He asked softly.

I raised my head connecting my eyes with his. He was talking about the argument me and Seth had earlier "You seen that huh?" I asked

"I did, I nearly came out there and kicked his ass" Stefan replied.

I didn't know what to say to that so I just stayed quiet "Did he hurt you?" Stefan asked sounding genuinely concerned.

My head quickly shot back up at his question "No Seth wouldn't harm me he just gets mad sometimes" I defended my boyfriend.

"Mad? He slammed you against his car" Stefan said shaking his head as he clenched his jaw tightly.

"Fine he gets really mad sometimes but he still wouldn't harm me" I defended Seth again.

Stefan scoffed taking a large toke of his cigarette "Wanna tell me What you where fighting over?" He asked curiously. Should I tell him? Or would that just make things awkward between us. Now I'm nervous to tell him. It would definitely make things awkward right? That's it I'm not telling him!

My phone began ringing saving me from Stefan's question. Letting go of the hair twirled around my finger I Took my phone out of my pocket Seth's name popped up on the screen.

My eyes went wide if he finds out I am with Stefan right now he will kick off and right now I really really really don't have the energy to argue with him.

I stood up quickly "I have to take this. You okay by yourself?" I asked.

Stefan nodded his head "I can handle myself, GoodNight princess" he said giving me a small smile. "Night,Stefan" I returned the smile quickly climbing back in to my bedroom through the window.

"Hello" I answered my phone.

"Babe" Seth said from the other end of the line.

"Seth If you have called to argue I-" I began but he cut me off. I really wish everyone would stop cutting me off midsentence it's all they have done all day and it's actually frustrating.

"I didn't call to argue. I want to see you?" He informed me.

"So you can accuse me of cheating more. Hell no Seth I am not in the mood" I replied bluntly.

"I am pulling up now. Is your dad in?" Seth asked ignoring the words I had just said to him.

My heart began beating faster Seth is here? I thought he would be mad for a lot longer? I hope he is not mad I don't have the energy to argue with him right now.

"Should I sneak through your window or are you going to open the door?" He asked through the phone.

"I'll let you in" I said before hanging up the phone. I left my bedroom Rushing down the stairs to the front door.

I opened the door seeing Seth getting out of his car. "Stefan brother, You smoke too much" Seth said looking up at the house next door. I guess Stefan is still on the roof.

Seth finally reached me instantly engulfing me in his hold, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I sighed feeling his thumb rub soothing circles on the lower of my back. "I'm sorry I snapped earlier, I just couldn't help it the thought of loosing you or having another guys hand on you I couldn't handle it" Seth apologised.

Seth leaned his head against mine. "Forgive me" He asked.

I was silent but I already know what my answer would be, The same as always.

He began placing kisses on every inch of my face before trailing his lips down my neck. "Seth" I breathed lightly before trying to pull away from him.

"All I want to do his hold you right now, Let me" Seth asked as his lips brushing against the skin of my neck.

I was dazed at the feel of his lips on my skin "I forgive you" I answered. Seth smiled widely at my answer as he squeezed me tight, lifting my feet from the ground he twirled me around. I giggled at his behaviour.

He placed my feet back to the floor and I smiled up at him. "So I take it your dad is not in?" Seth asked with a raised eyebrow. "Business trip" I replied sadly.

Seth grinned even wider than before, I'm glad my fathers absence can at-least put a smile on someone's face.

Seth took me from my thoughts as he crashed his lips down on mine.

I kissed him back before breaking away for air.

That didn't stop Seth though as he carried a trail of kisses down my neck sucking and biting at my skin.

A small moan escaped at the feel of his lips on my skin.

I snapped out of my daze quickly "Seth, Last time my dad went ape shit" I breathed knowing if he kept biting and sucking at the skin of my neck there will be a bruise in which people call a hickey or a 'claim' to Seth who believes it shows people I belong to him.

I pulled away making Seth frown "Your dad's not here which means I have all night to make my mark on you" He said smirking at me, His eyes darkening with lust.

He was so hot right now I swear I was blushing at his words.

Deciding I should make a run for it I did so turning as I ran up the stairs to my bedroom. As soon as I entered my room Seth wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me from behind and into his hard chest.

"SETH" I said in warning. "Got you" He breathed into my ear before he began his assault on my neck once again.

With Seth's company It was more comforting for me to try to sleep, Yes it still took me awhile to fall asleep but at-least I could get a few hours sleep when in his company.

I hated being home alone it was a fear of mine since the night the house got broken into when I was home alone at the age of fourteen but I don't want to think about that It will only end up with me having nightmares with or without Seth's company.



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