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Savanah's P. O. V

After leaving Stefan's I went home and took a shower the hot water was soothing to my aching muscles. It wasn't awkward with Stefan's mom like I had expected a walk of shame to be.

His mom was really nice she had set out a glass of water and some aspirin on the kitchen counter for when I came down clearly a sign that she believes Stefan's story of how I was too drunk pinning himself as my Knight in shining armour who looked after a flat out wasted damsel. I mentally laughed at the thought his mom ate it up.

Lauren had called informing me she was on her way over telling me to get my bathing suit ready because apparently we where all going to the beach for the day and something about a party tonight that was being held at the beach.

I don't know! I wasn't paying enough attention all I was thinking about was the events of last night and if this means things would be awkward around me and Stefan. I mean things weren't awkward between us this morning so everything should be okay. Right?

Lauren sent a text telling me she was here. I looked at myself in the mirror my outfit was pretty cute. I wore a white tie at the front crop top and a denim skirt with my white bikini underneath.

Quickly throwing my hair up in a messy bun I slipped my white sandles on and headed out to Lauren and Jasper who where parked out front waiting for me. The beach wasn't too far only a fifteen maybe twenty minute drive from my house.

We stepped out the car and made our way down the beach soon enough everyone came into view. Silver laying on a towel sunbathing in her bikini. Liam and Dom not too far away kicking a soccer ball around. Stefan and Calvin standing with a cigarette in hand as usual.

"Took your time getting here" Calvin smiled brightly at the three of us. "Don't look at me, I had to wait for Lauren to get ready" Jasper informed "Hey I was ready before you" Lauren whacked at his chest playfully earning a chuckle from Jasper.

I took my attention to Stefan my eyes instinctively travelling the length of his shirtless body as he only wore shorts. Only encouraging memories from last night to reappear.

God I need to get my head out the gutter.

I lifted my eyes up To Stefan's face who looked back at me with that famously handsome smirk of his "Savanah" He greeted with a wink "Stefan" I smiled back taking a seat on a towel next to Silver.

I sat with Silver and Lauren as we watched the boys kicking the ball about. "So do you wanna talk about what happened last night?" Lauren asked from beside me.

My eyes shot to Lauren how does she know? Did Stefan say something? Lauren looked at me questioningly "Why are you blushing?" Lauren asked "I am not blushing" I defended. "Ehh You are blushing" Silver chimed in crossing her legs out in front of her.

"What's got you all Clifford the big red dogged?" Lauren smiled widely amused. "Clifford the big red dog really?" I laughed at her reference "Ah she ain't wrong" Silver laughed squeezing my cheek between her two fingers. I swatted her hand away playfully These two think there comedian's.

"Come on Sav you have to tell your best friends what's going on in that head of yours" Lauren said. I rolled my eyes in response

"Fine, I kinda sortt of slept with Stefan" I spilled

Lauren's eyes went wide "YOU SLEPT WITH STE" I quickly jumped on her covering her mouth with the palm of my hand "Shhhhh" I shut her up shooting a look to the boys who paid no attention to us or Lauren's big mouth.

Lauren laughed pushing me off of her "Fine fine" She giggled "Was he good?" Silver asked with a wiggle of her eye brows. I shot her a dead pan look "What can't blame a girl for asking" She laughed. I shook my head in amusement my friends are idiots but I wouldn't have them any other way.

I lay on the towel sunbathing in my bikini the sun was scorching it felt good against my skin.

Silver and Lauren tried to get all the juicy details as they had put it but I had refused to spill anything.

I don't know I think that's kinda personal you know? It should be kept between me and Stefan.

"There up to something" Lauren voiced from beside me. I leaned up on my elbows to see what she was looking at Silver following my actions from beside me.

Stefan, Jasper and Liam walked towards us a cheeky smile placed on each of their lips as they approached us. "Definitely up to something" Silver said.

"Baby girls" Liam greeted "Youse are looking pretty hot" He grinned. Stefan and Jasper chuckled at his remark.

The boys shared a knowing look between each other before turning their gazes back to the three of us. All three boys swiftly picking a girl up and throwing her over his shoulder "Stefan" I shrieked as he threw me over his with ease "Time to cool off princess" He squeezed my thigh gently and although I couldn't see his face since I was currently staring at his shirtless back I know he was definitely wearing that smirk of his.

It was now dark as we walked down the beach towards the party that Lauren had mentioned earlier. Calvin walked beside me his arm draped over my shoulder.

Up ahead was what looked to be a lit fire the area was pretty busy with people from school.

I drifted my eyes around noticing a few people standing around a barbecue. logs dotted around the fire. "So want a drink shorty?" Calvin asked pulling me away from our friends and towards a table placed next to the barbecue.

Lord the table was full and when I say full I mean overloaded with every kind of alcohol one could imagine "What will it be Sav" He asked separating the red cups.

I looked at my option's my eyes zoning in on the vodka "Vodka lemonade" I smiled "Coming right up beautiful" He said picking the vodka up spinning it in the air and catching it in one hand "Show off" I laughed "Hay I'm a man of many talents" He chuckled.

Calvin poured us some drinks and we headed over to our friends who sat by the fire.

I took a seat next to Stefan and Calvin sat beside me as I took a sip of my drink.

It was nice sat by the fire. Today was fun I really do enjoy the company of my friends they never fail to make my day.

I was now on my third vodka and lemonade a light buzz as the tipsy feeling settle over me.

We sat around the fire for awhile it was getting late and I needed to head home soon my dad should be getting back from His business trip tonight. "Beat it Jones" Stefan voiced from beside me I lifted my eyes from my cup to meet eyes with Harry "Mind your own Carter, I just want to talk to Savanah" Harry informed looking down at me as if silently asking me to come talk with him. "He said beat it" Calvin interjected.

I rose from my seat with a sigh "Savanah" Stefan began but I cut him of "It's fine" I gave both boys a reassuring smile before following Harry out towards the car park just off the beach. "I'm sorry" He finally spoke.

I looked over to him questioningly "For what?" I asked. "For not noticing that Seth had hurt you, I swear I didn't know I would of never let him hurt you like that" He let out.

I shook my head "It's not your fault, Seth is responsible for his own actions" I placed a hand on his arm a comforting gesture in hopes it would make him feel better.

He looked at me with a look of guilt his eyes flicking to something behind me "I'm sorry for this too" He announced I raised a brow following his gaze my eyes landing on Seth.

Panic instantly hit me "Harry" I scolded "Savanah I promise you I won't let him hurt you, It was either he goes over there to talk to you or I come get you and I knew you wouldn't appreciate a repeat of last night " He said softly. "Jee thanks" I retorted did it not occur to him that maybe I didn't want to speak with Seth.

I made a move to leave "Savanah just hear me out" Seth blocked my way "Seth I'm not doing this again" I told him "Please I just want to make things right" He pleaded. I bit my cheek Have we not already done all this? We should just leave it as it is but the look in his eyes, the busted lip and purple bruise that formed across his jaw bone made me stop "Two minutes that's it" I let him know.

Relief washed over Seth's features at my words "I know I'm a jerk and you deserve better" I scoffed cutting him short "Seth we have been through this I'm tired" I told him.

I was, I was damn right exhausted of the back and forth between the two of us no matter how much I had wanted things to work we can't be. Although it hurts to say it but me and Seth? We can only take the hint that we aren't supposed to be together we aren't good together that's clear.

"Savanah just listen please" He took ahold of my hands to gain my full attention "Im getting help I'm starting an anger management programme, I just wanted you to know I don't want to ever be the reason you cry again. I promise I'll never make you cry again" He paused his eyes gliding over my face "Shit I'm not doing a good job of that" He reached his hand to my face his thumb wiping away a tear I didn't even know had slipped. A small laugh escaped my lips. It was ironic.

"I am truly sorry for what I have done to you" He said softly. I gave him a weak smile "I promise ill do better for you I'll do whatever it takes for you to forgive me" He said his hand now holding my face between the palms of his hands.

"Seth I already forgave you" I said honestly because I had forgiven him for hitting me at least. I had forgave him a while ago actually.

"We can't be an us Seth we can't be anything more than friends" I told him. "I know" He smiled sadly "Friends?" He asked hopefully. Maybe this is what we need? Maybe friends will settle the drama that seems to follow us.

Being friends doesn't mean we have to make plans and hang out or anything it just means all bad blood between us can evaporate "Friends" I agreed sending him a soft smile.

The way tonight ended felt good.

It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I was relieved that tonight had given me an out.

It was good to know Seth was seeking help in controlling his anger and I'm proud of him for it I really am I just hope he can keep to his words and that now the air is settled my life can stay drama free for the rest of my senior year.



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