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Savanah's P. O. V

The weeks past by and things where going well my life was drama free at least

I was enjoying life and it felt good for the first time in awhile.

Seth had kept his distance with the exception of a few hello's in the school hallway.

My dad had even got a week off and we spent it visiting my grandparents it was nice to spend time with him even if it was only for one week.

Still no word from my mother but that's was expected of her.

Things with Stefan where never awkward although his flirting had increased immensely I didn't mind. I'm not going to lie The odd touches he left only made my skin grow hot.

Now I know what people mean when they refer to being sexually frustrated because that is how I felt every time I was in his presence. He knows it too I can tell by the devious smile he wore.

Tonight I'm heading to Harry's party.

He had invited me and I decided I would go.

It will be fun to have a few drinks and a dance.

I had asked Lauren if she wanted to come but she said she's having date night with Jasper so we made plans to hang out with Calvin and his friends something chilled since it will be a Sunday an all.

Silver had accepted my invitation though so we were currently at Silvers getting ready.

Calvin was giving us a ride since I didn't have a car and Silver hasn't got her licence yet.

I was wearing a black above the knee skin tight dress that silver had picked out.

It looked good on me.

Silver had done my makeup again she was amazing at it I would have her do my make everyday If I could I always feel good and confident after Silver dresses me up.

"So is Liam staying at the party with us?" I asked her. They had been on a date they seem to be hitting it off too.

I guess their dating now they haven't put a label on it or anything but I know it won't be long.

"He said he would for a little bit" She confirmed putting her high heels on.

"Is that not going to be awkward since you know Dave will most likely be there" I asked.

She had only dated Dave for a few weeks or so but from what she told me they had slept together.

"Nah he's old news besides it was short lived" She laughed. "What about Stefan" She raised a brow.

"What about Stefan?" I asked "Please the sexual tention between you two is off the hook, You two need to bone and get it all out of your system" She smiled giving me a look like she knows everything and I can't fool her even if I tried. She wasn't not wrong I guess it wasn't invisible to people like I had hoped.

"What happened with me and Stefan was a one time thing" I explained "Besides He's my ex boyfriend's brother" I reminded her.

She clicked her tongue "Like that ever stopped you both before" She laughed.

"Hey" I laughed pushing at her shoulder she wasn't wrong on that part either.

"So is he coming?" She asked again.

"Nah he doesn't get on with Harry they call each other by their last names" I laughed at the thought "That bad huh?" Silver giggled . "MM That bad" We laughed.

We headed down stairs Liam and Calvin where sat on the sofa playing the PlayStation I wouldn't have a clue what game they where playing. "Damn Baby" Liam double taked as his eyes drank in Silvers figure.

"Close your mouth that's my sister" Calvin swatted at Liam's arm.

I laughed looking to Silver who blushed at his reaction. she did look good in her grey two piece crop top and skirt she was stunning to say the least.

Calvin stood up and made his way to me "Sav your looking beautiful" He placed a kiss to my cheek. I smiled at the gesture "Thankyou" I smiled at him as he lazily placed his arm around my shoulder "Your riding shot gun with me" He Announced pulling me along with him as he made his way to his car.

We pulled up to Harry's house. The car ride was as normal the boys complained about our choice in music but didn't make a move to change it.

Calvin didn't stay he said something about going to see Marvin I dunno. "Thanks for the ride" I told him placing a kiss to his cheek.

Calvin says a kiss to the cheek is our thing whatever our thing means. I think it's cute he always greets me with a kiss to the cheek and as do I him. I guess it's abit like how Liam always greets me with "Babygirl".

"Have fun Shorty" He winked turning his attention to his sister "Ayy silver stay out of trouble and give me a call when you want picked up" He shot at silver as she climbed out the car. "Yeah yeah" She Mumbled closing the door shut. .

I guess I was now the third wheel that didn't bother me in the slightest at least It meant I wasn't attending the party alone.

We entered the house it was packed so many people where here it is crazy.

Liam took my hand in one and Silvers in the other navigating us through the bustle of bodies and towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was less busy.

Empty bottles of beer and used red cups scatter the counter tops.

"Shots competition?" Liam beamed picking a almost full bottle of vodka up from the counter.

I shook my head rapidly in a No motion

"Nope I learnt my lesson last time" I turned his offer down

"That wasn't an offer it was a statement your doing shots with us baby girl" He handed me a shot of straight vodka. "I'm in" Silver said taking a shot from Liam's hand.

"You will regret it, Don't say I didn't warn you" I said to Silver. She giggled and Liam smiled his goofy pearly white teethed smile.

They both looked to me expectanly "Nope" Silence "No" I denied them again. They both raised an eyebrow a cheeky smile on both of their faces. This won't end well these two are bad influences.

"Alright Fine on three" I said "ONE. TWO. THREE" We downed our first shot the taste was gross it burned as it slid down my throat.

I shook my head as if to rid the taste from my mouth earning a laugh to erupt from Silver "AGAIN" Liam cheered pouring three more shots out.

It had been thirty minutes the game had ended and we where all pretty much wasted I was probably the most sober out of the three of us since I was first to tap out. Silvers alcohol tolerance out ways mine by far she almost kept up with Liam it was amusing to see

"Time to dance" Silver announced taking my hand in hers she began to dragg me and Liam out the kitchen "Hey Savanah" Someone caught my attention. I halted looking up to see a smiling Harry. "I'll catch up" I told Silver and Liam.

They carried on to the dance floor not even bothered. I think they wanted to be alone for awhile and I didn't have a problem with that one bit.

I want their love to blossom and for that to happen they need to be alone to enjoy themselves.

"You made it" Harry said smiling over at me

"I did. This place is jam packed" I informed him. "Ah what can I say I'm a popular guy" He shrugged his shoulders and that cheeky Harry smile playing on his lips.

"Come chill with me, It's been awhile Kitten" He said with a triumphant smile clearly still finding amusement in Seth's nickname for me. "Funny aren't you" I mused "I try" He took a bow.

"Come on" He pulled me along and out the back door. We exited into the backyard a few people hung out by the swimming pool and hot tub. Harry's parents are loaded their garden was bigger than a football pitch.

We approached a pool table currently occupied by Dave playing pool against Jake.

Seth sat on the wall beside them with a beer in hand as he watched them play.

"Hey look who it is long time no see Sav" Jake smiled up at me from his game. "Hey jakey" I smiled over at him. Dave sending me a nod of his head in greeting.

I drifted my eyes back to Seth, He was already looking at me and He was looking as handsome as ever okay maybe I have had a few too many drinks.

But honestly I couldn't blame it on my tipsy state though. He was Hot yeah we aren't dating anymore and I don't feel the way I once did for him but that didn't stop my attraction towards him to lessen any I mean Have you seen him? He looks like a Calvin Klein model Him and His brother both.

I knew he would be here he's Harry's best friend ovcourse he would be here but I didn't know if he wanted me to be here maybe his being friends was just a polite way to say I accept it we are over good luck in life you know?

Harry pulled me towards the wall Seth was sitting on My nerves where making an appearance every step we took.

Seth stood up as we approached "Hi" He said as he smiled down at me. "Hey" I smiled back.

"Well this isn't awkward or nothing" Dave said "Shut up idiot" Jake scolded him.

Things eased up pretty quickly my nerves had vanished and the awkwardness between Seth and I had disappeared.

Harry had got me a drink and things seemed normal with us all. It was kinda good to hang around with the boys again after so long I have sort of missed them. It was a big change you know from spending every single day with these guys for months for it to suddenly stop when things with me and Seth turned bad.

"Don't pout Anna you almost had me" Dave grinned over at me from the other side of the pool table. "Quit calling me Anna" I place pool cube down. "What no third time's the charm?" He laughed "Three games of getting my ass kicked is enough for one night" I laughed "I'll get you next time Davey boy" I promised "I'm sure You will Anna" He winked at me. I hate when he calls me Anna he knows it winds me up yet he's a boy so clearly finds amusement in my dislike of the name.

I made my way to the wall Seth was stood by as he watched us play.

I hopped up taking a seat beside Seth

"So how have you been" Seth asked turning his attention on me.

"I've been good, How about you? " I asked him he seems happy and that made me happy I guess.

"Good" He stated placing his hand to the wall on either side of my thighs.

He looked up at me a smile on his lips "You look good tonight" He Complemented me placing a hand over my bare thigh his thumb grazing over the skin.

I bit my lip he was hot and I'd be lying if my body didn't react to his touch like it always did.

"Not so bad yourself Carter" I retorted.

I was bad at flirting like really bad.

Seth raised his hand to my neck the palm of his hand placed gently as the pad of his thumb moved slowly back and forth across my beating pulse.

My heart rate began to pick up.

Is it normal for his touch to still effect me in this way? My head was in the gutter only imagining what it would of been like if I was to have slept with Seth when we dated. Would it of felt the same? Is it bad that I wanted to kiss him?

Seth leaned in his breath fanning across my face "I've missed you" He confessed.

I was Hot and bothered and my body was begging for him to kiss me.

Maybe the alcohol was fueling my sexual frustrations I don't know But I wasn't drunk I was aware of this situation "Seth" I shook my head "Please don't start. Things are good between us finally" I said softly. My body was on fire at his touch, I needed to gain some distance between us before I do something stupid like follow through with my thoughts and kiss him.

I gently pushed him back sliding off the wall to my feet "I should go check on Silver" I said turning away and making my leave towards the back door.

Seth was Hot on my heels "Savanah" He pulled at my hand halting me from succeeding in creating space.

"You want to kiss me I know you do Kitten" He said bringing back his nickname kitten that weirdly made me want to jump his bones even more.

"Seth please not here not now" I pleaded him not to make a scene.

Seth Pulled me by my hand through the garage door to the side of the house.

"What are you doing Seth" I asked as He locked the door behind us.

"No eyes no ears" He said pulling me closer by my waist. "Just one kiss Savanah no attachment" He said.

And with that My body took over and my lips crashed to his.

Seth reacted immediately pulling me closer.

My arms wrapping around his neck as I pulled him impossibly closer. This kiss was rushed, feverish enticing a moan to escape past my lips his rough hands trying to touch every part of me while he could.

Seth walked forward forcing me back until I crashed into a works table.

Seth lifted me from the back of my thighs placing me on the table.

I pulled at him wanting to feel more wanting him to take away the burning need to be touched. "What's gotten into you Kitten" He breathed pulling back from the kiss. Our breathing heavy and uneven.

"You said no attachment right?" I let out.

"Yeah?" He asked.

I bit my lip "Tell me what your thinking Savanah" He coaxed "Fuck me?" I blurted.

Seth searched my face I didn't know what for he was silent and the susspense was killing me "Seth Fuck me no strings attatched Or leave me alone" I bluntly told him.

Seth clenched his jaw before His lips crashed to mine harshly and I kissed him back hungrily. Seth pushed his hands under my dress causing it to hitch up, His fingers hooking under my panties as he pulled them to the side.

The need for pleasure was burning my core.

"Are you sure about this?" He breathed travelling his lips down my neck "Yes Seth" I breathed the touch driving me insane I needed to feel something more.

With my words Seth unzipped his jeans placing a condom on himself as I waited impatiently. Seth brought his lips back to mine and I gasped as he pushed himself inside of me it felt amazing my head spinning at the sensation of being full "Seth" I moaned.

Seth covered my mouth with his hand "Shh Kitten, Your going to earn us an audience" He said huskily.

"Mmm" I moaned My head tilted back as Seth picked up his pace as he bit down on the skin of my neck I could feel the familiar feeling form in my stomach "God Seth I'm coming" I moaned my confession only encouraging his thrusts to get harder, Faster and before I knew it my body was thrown into that oh so addictive sensation as Seth released with a grunt. His head falling on my shoulder.



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