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Savannah's P. O. V

"Come look at this" A laugh woke me from my sleep.

I snapped my eyes open as Chuckles filled the room. How did I even get home last night?

I pulled myself to sit up. My eyes taking in my surroundings. I was in Silver's bed with Silver and Liam. Okay this is just weird! Alcohol is bad so fucking bad!

Liam lay his head on Silver's stomach, his legs draped heavily overmine.

"What the fuck happened to you guys last night" Stefan laughed causing me to snap my eyes to the door to see Dom, Lauren and Stefan looking highly amused at my current situation.

"Quiet my head hurts" Silver groaned from where she lay.

I pushed at Liam's legs in an attempt to move them off of me but to no avail he was a dead weight.

"Liam you're giving me a dead leg" I I groaned.

I got no response other than the snickers from my friends standing by the door.

"Liam" I swatted at his leg "Ow" He Mumbled lazily pulling his legs from over me the weight instantly lifted allowing the circulation of my blood to flow as should be.

"Did you three?" Dom wiggled his eyebrows looking between the three of us on the bed.

What did he mean Did we do? Wait Hell no I scrunch my face up in realisation at his dirty imagination.

"With Liam Ew no" I cringed at the thought.

"That hurts baby girl" Liam faked hurt earning laughs to sound from our friends.

Lauren clapped her hands together "Right boys out, I need to get my girls ready for the day" she said pulling Liam up from the bed.

With some complaining from Liam and some help from Stefan and Dom to get him out the bed The boys left the room leaving us girls too it.

I took a shower and dressed myself in my jeans from yesterday and one of Silver's crop tops that Lauren had picked out for me I was going to wear these with my sneakers I wore over here yesterday.

"My head hurts bad" Silver wined from her spot on the end of her bed. "That's what consuming alcohol will do to you honey" Lauren said with a look of sympathy.

I laughed "No that's what a shots contest with Liam will do to you" I corrected.

Hey she can't say I never warned her because I did.

Luckily I wasn't feeling too bad physically that is my mind on the other hand was beating me up about the events of last night. Like bad!

Yup I had sex with Seth! Seriously what is wrong with me? I wondered if he had noticed that I wasn't a virgin anymore. If he had noticed he didn't say anything.

"What's up Sav you seem off" Lauren asked Taking a seat next to Silver on the bed.

I shook my head "Nothing" I played it off.

I was lying. I was freaking out the more my mind went back to last night. How stupid could I have been? That's the second time I have had sex and both times where with someone I was not even dating what's wrong with me? I can't I'm impulsive

"Spill" Silver demanded quietly rubbing her temples.

I took a seat on the bed facing towards them "You'se won't judge? " I asked them

"Never" Lauren said as if offended I'd think such a thing.

A heavy sigh left my lips "I kinda sorta began. "Oh I've heard this line before" Silver cut me off with a giggle "As I was saying" I glared at her

"I sort of may have slept with Seth" I rushed.

Lauren's eyes went wide "YOU WHAT?" She screeched "Hay, You said you wouldn't judge" I reminded her

"Pfftt that's before you said the devil's name. What where you thinking" she waved her hand about frantically.

"I don't know it just happened. He was there and we where hanging out and then it just happened" I defended.

Lauren shook her head disapprovingly at the information I had confessed.

"Don't look at me like that. Your not supposed to judge remember" I Reminded her.

"I'm not I just think you made a mistake are you dating him again" She asked her tone not impressed.

I groaned "I know I fucked up it was a mistake I know that and Noo it was just a spare of the moment thing he knows no strings attached" I informed them. It was silent for a moment as they both just looked at me.

"Your an idiot you know that?" Lauren forced a smile my way.

"Do you regret it?" Silver asked me.

"I don't know Yeah well No, I mean don't get me wrong it was good he was good like really good but now I want to hide in a hole" I bit the inside of my cheek.

I looked at my friends faces trying to gauge their reaction or any sign of what they where thinking of me in this moment. "Does this make me a slag?" I asked honestly wanting to know since I sure as hell feel like my actions where wrong. "Don't be stupid.Girls need lovin too" Silver encouraged with a smile.

Lauren tackled me to the mattress "My Sav's a woman now. Pulling men out of her pockets and shit" She laughed squishing me with all her weight on top of me. "Get off" I laughed pushing her off of me.

"Which brother was better Stefan or Seth?" Silver wiggled her eye brows I shook my head throwing a pillow at her.

The smile on my face only growing and my worries fading with the presence of the two idiots that I call my best friends.

After getting ready we headed down stairs to eat some breakfast I literally Had to force feed Silver to eat telling her food will help her hungover state.

We were all now currently walking towards a basketball court. Lauren and Jasper walking hand in hand behind us. Silver and Liam where walking at a slow pace way behind us all

And me? I was walking up front along side Dom, Stefan and Calvin.

It was only a short walk before The sight of Calvin's friend's came into view as we reached the court. "Yo Calvin" Marvin if I remember correctly yelled as he jogged over to us pulling Calvin into a 'Bro hug'.

"Dom, Stefan" He motioned to the too

"This is Marvin" He Introduced.

"Sup" Marvin greeted before drifting his eyes to me

"And you already know Savanah" Calvin said throwing an arm over my shoulder.

"Racer girl" Marvin held his fist out "Marvin" I smiled bumping my knuckles to his.

"Silver not about?" He asked "She's over there bro, With the new boyfriend" Calvin answered waving his hand in dismissal clearly uninterested in talking about his sister.

"Ah Sweet, So you boys up for a game?" Marvin asked spinning the basketball in his hand.

"Yeah man" the boys agreed making their way over to greet the rest of Calvin's friend's.

Marvin looked to me "How bout you Racer girl you in?" Marvin asked "Nahh I don't play" I turned his offer down.

Marvin chuckled "You don't play or can't play?" He asked "Both" I replied honestly.

Marvin smirked at my answer "We will play a bit of one on one you'll be ite" He said placing an arm around my shoulder and pulling alongside him as we followed after the boys.

Calvin stood between me and Marvin.

"Heads up or heads down? " He asked flipping a coin in the air catching it between his hand and placing it on the back of his hand.

Marvin looked to me "Shorties First" He nodded his head in my direction.

"Up" I answered.

Calvin removed his hand "Looks like Savanah's up first" He confirmed with an excited smile.

Marvin lightly threw the ball to me and I caught it between two hands with ease. We moved into position face to face Marvin with his back to the Net. "First to eleven shots wins each shot counts as one" Marvin told me the rules.

This is going to be a big fail the only thing I know about basketball is to dribble the ball, The goal of the game to make a shot into the net.

"Relax ill take it easy on you" Marvin said as if he knew what I was thinking.

I bounced the ball twice to get a feel of it before making my move advancing towards Marvin with his arms out wide he blocked me swiftly sweeping the ball from its bounce expertly pulling up for a jump shot.

Well just like I had said a fail on my part.

"What happened to taking it easy on me" I frowned. "Gotta show you how the pro's do it baby" Marivin shot me a bright smile.

I shook my head a small laugh passing my lips.

Marvin passed me the ball "Again" He said.

"Come on baby girl" Liam cheered me on

I turned my attention to my left to where my friends stood on the side lines.

Stefan was leaning against the fence smirking amusingly at me as the rest of our friends hollard encouraging whistles.

Alright Savanah you can do this I coached myself turning my attention back to Marvin "Ready?" I asked.

With a slight nod of his head in confirmation

I dribbled the ball towards him abruptly stopping in front of him I made my shot over his head the ball smoothly flying through the air and bouncing off the back board of the net.

"Alright, alright" He nodded his head a smile playing on his lips "Not a bad shot ill give you that Racer girl" He complimented.

"I didn't make the shot" I reminded him With a laugh.

"It's all about the technique baby, you'll get there" He threw the ball to me "Again" He motion with his head for me to get back in position.

I did as told positioning myself face to face with Marvin for a third time.

I bounced the ball twice, Third times the charm I thought to myself as I dribbled the ball towards Marvin a smile playing on his lips as I approached.

Marvin swiftly moved out of my way letting me pass him with no hassle. I guess he's easing up on me.

Just as I reached the basket, two hands pressed firmly on my waist lifting my feet off the ground and giving me an advantaged height to make my shot. I aimed the shot the ball successfully making it through the net as I was placed back on my feet my friends cheering from the side lines with laughs.

I turned to face the person who had helped me make my first shot of the day coming face to face with a smiling Stefan "Nice shot" He said.

"That was cheating" I scolded a smile breaking out across my lips. "All's fair in Love and basketball princess" He grinned quoting my favourite movie.

I'm surprised he even remembered me telling him it was my favourite movie.



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