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Stefan's P. O.V

I sat on the bench watching Liam, Jasper, Dom and Calvin play ball. Marvin and Daniel I think his name was sat beside me.

Calvin's friends aren't to bad a company.

They are alright to hang around.

Silver, Lauren and Savanah where stood a bit away leaning against the fence they seem to be enjoying themselves. Silver was sat on the floor her back against the fence her hangover clearly taking it out of her.

I don't know Whatever they got upto last night but this morning was a sight to see.

Liam had said they hit up a party at Harry's giving the girls a run for their money in shots. Typical Liam party game.

"You the guy that raced that night at the races right?" Marvin asked from his seat beside me.

"That's me" I confirmed putting my cigarette out.

"Ayy was a good race brother, You race often?" He asked. "Nah first time I raced in awhile, Did it for Savanah she had never been to a race before" I told him looking over to Savanah who was looking at her phone a look of frustration on her face.

"She your girl?" He asked nodding his head in Savanah's direction. I shook my head no, Hell I wished a girl like Savanah was my girl!

"You got that look" Marvin said nudging his shoulder to mine.

"What looks that?" I questioned

"Ah come on man you know what I'm talking about, you want her to be your girl look" Marvin chuckled. "That so?" a small laugh past my lips. I didn't deny it.

"Your mad bringing a girl that looks like her around here, She's getting eyed like a steak brother" Marvin says looking over to a group of guys who stood at the other end of the court all there eyes where on the girls.

The look only annoyed me. Savanah was clueless to the amount of attention she attracts from the male gender. I can't blame them though shes got the look of a Victoria secret model.

"Forget them guys. Calvin's the one to watch for the guy has it bad for her" Daniel added to the conversation with a chuckle.

"Nah Calvin's sweet just put it out there he will back off" Marvin said patting my shoulder.

I knew Calvin had a thing for Savanah and yeah it winds me up to see him flirt with her but he's come to be a close friend and she isn't exactly my girl. Yet!

The thought of asking her out has past my mind a few times.

"In coming" Daniel said as the girls approached us. "Were heading out" Silver announced.

I looked to Savanah standing next to Silver.

Jasper, Dom, Liam and Calvin approaching behind them.

As the guys reached, Calvin swinging his arm around Savanah's shoulder the action triggering me. My body with a mind of its own took over moving me swiftly I stood to my feet closing the space between Savanah and I.

I encased Savanah's face between the palms of my hands crashing my lips to hers effectively Calvin dropped his arm from around her shoulder.

It didn't take long for her to respond kissing me back "Well damn that works too" Marvin laughed from behind me. I couldn't help the smirk that took over my lips as I kissed her.

Savanah parted her lips giving me access and I took the chance, our tongues gently moulding together.


Savanah's P. O.V.

My head was swimming my lips tingling at his surprise touch. I paid no mind to our surroundings and the company of our friends who where whistling and hyped at Stefan and I's unexpected makeout.

Stefan's scent had enveloped me, My body fully consumed with him it was heaven.

Stefan slowly pulled away his hands still encased around my face as he looked down at me. Consciously I bit my lip "What was that for?" I asked I didn't get an answer as Stefan placed his lips to mine for a second time the action and feeling consuming me wholly.

Stefan pulled away. My cheeks where red hot Stefan was fully aware of my increasingly rosy cheeks as he chuckled smoothing his thumbs over my rose red cheeks.

"Alright if you're done with the PDA can we get going" Calvin spoke crushing the moment.

Stefan drove me home the car ride was quiet and my mind was all over the place.

I had just made out with Stefan in front of all our friends.

My head was consumed with all kinds of thoughts. I didn't know what he was thinking? Did this mean he wanted our friendship to be more than a friendship or did he just want to kiss me or more sleep with me?.

Today I was kissing Stefan but Last night I had sex with his brother things where just confusing and my feelings where jumbled to the point I wanted to hybernate. It didn't help ease my mind that Stefan had his hand placed on my Jean clad thighs while driving.

The car pulled in to his driveway and he shut the engine off. My phone rang in my hands, I looked down at it to see Seth's name across the screen it's the fifth time he has called me today.

I'm beginning to think he didn't listen when we agreed that last night meant no attachments, No Strings Attached.

"Is he still bothering you?" Stefan asked.

I looked over to see his eyes reading the name flashing across the screen of my phone.

"No, He hasn't called in a while this is the fifth call today though" I told him honestly.

Seth had left me alone for a few weeks but last night had awoken his need to call me.

"I'll have a word with him" Stefan said.

"No its okay you don't have too"

The last thing I want is for the two to bring me into a conversation, God knows it never ends well between them when I'm involved.

"I do have too and I will. My brother is calling my girl more than once in one day that doesn't sit right with me" He paused "A girl he used to date might I add" He smiled at me.

Did he say His girl? His girl? HIS GIRL!?

Lord oh lord my body loves the sound of him calling me his girl.

"Your Girl?" I bit my lip in an attempt to hide my smile. "That's what I said" He smirked over at me "Incase you didn't click on princess that kiss was me asking you to be my girlfriend" He informed me. "Oh" Was all I got out.

Stefan chuckled "Oh?" He repeated my words.

"Well if you haven't forgotten we have done a lot more than kiss before and I wasn't your girl after that" I reminded him.

"Like I'd forget your first and only time" He smiled at me his eyes never leaving mine.

Should I tell him he isn't the only guy I've been with? I should tell him! Tell him I slept with his brother? Yeah No!

He wants me to be his girlfriend me releasing this information to him will only change his mind hell he would probably never look at me again.

I didn't want that.. Like really didn't want that I revelled in the idea of him calling me his girl of being his girl.

Stefan cocked his head to the side questioningly. I quickly took my seat belt off opening the door I climbed out of the car before he could read my mind.

I will tell him about me and Seth..

I will at some point..When that will be?

I don't know but that time is not this point in time.

"So" Stefan said approaching me.

"So?" I encouraged him to go on.

"You didn't give me an answer" He said eyeing me as he placed a un-lit cigarette between his lips.

A smile instantly broke out across my lips.

"An answer to what Mr.Carter" I faked innocently clueless.

"Don't play with me Savanah" He smirked through the cigarette between his lips enticing A giggle to leave my lips.

I slowly closed the distance between us.

our bodies almost touching but not quite.

I reached my left hand up removing the cigarette from his lips.

He licked his lower lip, His eyes drifting from mine to my lips.

I reached on my tip toes gently brushing my lips to his "Yes, I would love to be your girl Stefan" I breathed.

Stefan instantly wrapped his arms around my waist lifting me off my feet as he ever so gently spun us around his lips softly attaching to mine as he kissed me gently, Softly, Amazingly heavenly.



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