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Savanah P.O.V

I didn't get much sleep last night.

My mind wouldn't allow me too, I was going crazy debating whether I should or should not tell Stefan of Saturday nights events.

I know I should but whenever I came to the decision to do so my mind would struggle with the thought. How would I even tell him something like this? There isn't really a right way to tell your new boyfriend you had a quicky with his brother two nights ago! Surely that kind of information would bulldoze and destroy our relationship before it had even began.

My phone buzzed on the nightstand. I walked over taking it from its charger. One text from Stefan. My lips spread into a goofy smile.

'Morning Princess' - Stefan

'GoodMorning Charming' I replied instantly cringing at myself for calling him charming.

'Charming huh?' Came his reply. I just know he was wearing that smirk of his.

'Ride with me to school?' He sent a second text.

'Car not motorbike right?' I replied. I don't have anything against motorbikes. I have never been on one but I'm open to a ride on one someday.. Just not today.

'Yes mam' He replied. I smiled I could get used to a GoodMorning text from Stefan.

My mind breafly drifted to Seth. What if he sees me arriving at school with his brother? I don't want him to find out about me and Stefan that Way. Its only right I be the one to tell him before he finds out through someone else you know? Lesson the blow of his ex girlfriend now dating his brother.

I headed down stairs to the kitchen.

My dad was sat at the breakfast bar his paperwork scatter across the counter in front of him. A coffee in hand. "Hey munchkin" He smiled over at me. "Morning Dad" I placed a kiss to his cheek. "Kettles just boiled" He informed me his eyes glued to the sheets of paper in front of him.

I made a cup of tea and some toast taking a seat next to my dad at the breakfast bar.

"How come you're not at the office?" I asked.

He's always at the office before I even wake up for the day. "I have a meeting in the city. Just finishing some last minute amendments before I head out" He said. His eyes never leaving his work to even look at me.

I finished my coffee off "I better go before I'm late" I hopped off the stool to my feet.

"OK kid. I'll be out late tonight. I may have to stay in the city for the night so don't wait up" He glanced up from his work.

"Have fun at school" He smiled at me.

I smiled back placing a kiss to his cheek

"Be Safe, Love you" I told him before making my way to the front door.

I closed the front door as I left. I made my way over to Stefan leaning against his car a smile on his face as he watched me approaching.

Stefan pulled me closer by waist our bodies flushing together a smile on his lips as he looked down at me. His smile only made a smile appear on my own lips.

He took my chin between his finger and thumb lifting my eyes to meet his "Prince Charming not get a kiss?" an amused smirk played on his lips.

I knew he'd not forget my cringing comment of calling him Charming this morning.

"My dad's home" I bit my lip to withhold my goofy smile. "Hmm" He hummed lowering his lips to mine. My eyes flickered shut at the touch.

I could never get enough of his lips on mine it felt so good. So right.


Savanah's P.O.V

We pulled into the parking lot of the School, Parking in the spot beside Liam's car.

We exited the car greeting our friends as we approached them.

"Baby girl" Liam pulled me into his embrace while Stefan greeted Calvin with a 'Bro hug'.

Lauren and Silver wore matching grins as they both creepily smiled at me. I know they want to know all Stefan details that I haven't had the chance to tell them yet.

I pulled out of Liam's hold as Stefan made his way to me wrapping an arm around my waist, his thumb grazing softly over the bare skin below my three quarters crop top.

"So you two huh?" Liam smirked over at us.

I smiled back at him a rosey blush upon my cheeks im sure.

Stefan nodded his head confirming with a smile on his lips.

"About fucking time man" Liam beamed

"Right! The sexual tension between you two was intense" Dom added with a chuckle.

Stefan pulled away "Shut up Dick" He chuckled sending a playful dig to Dom's arm.

I laughed watching The three begin roughing each other up playfully.

Lauren and silver taking the chance hooked there arms through mine

"You have some explaining to do missy"

"Yup we want all the details like allllllll the details" They said pulling me towards the school entrance.

I filled them in and they where more than ecstatic at hearing the news of Stefan asking me to be his girlfriend. So was I, I was happy! Excited even to see how things go between me and Stefan.

It was now lunch and we decided we would sit outside for the break. The weather was nice, clear blue skies and warm air.

We all sat on the grass, I sat between Stefan's legs leaning back against his chest.

His right arm draped around my waist.

My hand playing in his.

"Mrs Marsden, Freaked I thought she was going to whip out her ruler and smack me with it" Liam filled us in on the events of Mrs Marsden's class. I laughed along with everyone.

This guy really knows how to wind someone up him and Dom! Two peas in a pod.

"SAVANAH" a voiced boomed.

My head shot up to a pissed off Seth approaching. SHIT! I dropped Stefan's hand from mine.

I haven't had the chance to talk with Seth yet. Well there was the time in English I could of told him then but who am I kidding I chickened out.

And now by the looks of his fuming figure approaching he knew me and Stefan are dating.

And the fact I am openly sitting cosey between his legs on school grounds in front of anyone to see he definitely knew something was up.

I scrambled to my feet as Seth reached us.

"What the fuck is this shit" He seethed A look of disgust across his handsome features...Shut up Savanah this is not the time to admire your ex's good looks.

"It's not your business brother" Stefan rose to his feet to stand.

"FUCK THAT SAVANAH IS MY BUSINESS" Seth yelled "Seth Calm down" I pleaded.

"Calm down? Calm FUCKING DOWN" He roared in my face. I gulped he was angry, He was upset that was clear. This is my fault and I have to fix it.

Stefan stepped in pushing Seth back creating a much needed space between us two. "MIND WHO YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE TOO" Stefan demanded just as angry as Seth was.

I stepped inbetween them both, Something I'm all to familiar with now.

I placed the palms of my hands on Stefan's chest halting his advance towards Seth.

"Leave it Stefan" I pleaded him with my eyes.

He was angry his Jaw clenching was the evidence of that.

"Let me handle this?" I asked softly "Please" I added. Stefan clenched his jaw giving me the go ahead signal with a slight nod of his head.

I took a deep breath turning to face Seth taking ahold of his wrist I pulled him away towards the school building away from the ears of my friends for privacy.

Seth shrugged his arm out of my hold. "Seth I'm sorry I didn't let you know. I didn't want you to find out like this" I waved my hands around.

"What your fucking my brother now" He spat.

I bit my lip to stop my weak emotions from bursting into tears. He was hurt and I hated to see That. "Stop it Seth. It's not like that. I care for Stefan I want to see where things go with me and him" I told him in honesty.

He screwed his face up at my words. "You don't make sense two nights ago I fucked you in Harry's garage. Now your dating my brother" He raged balling his fist up, repeatedly clenching then.

I backed up against the wall.

He was mad and I was Afraid.

I couldn't help it! Nothing good ever came from Seth being this angry.

Seth closed the space between us trapping me between the wall with his hand placed palm down against the bricks beside my head.

"Does he know?" He looked down at me.

My eyes flickered over his shoulder across the yard to my friend's, They were all watching me closely, all the boys now standing as if ready to pounce if Seth was to over step.

"Answer me Savanah" I snapped my attention back to Seth "No! And your not going to tell him" I demanded. Seth scoffed dropping his hand from the wall.

"Like hell I ain't. I'll tell that bitch his precious girlfriend isn't a virgin anymore" He spat.

He thinks he took my virginity lord how he was wrong but I wasn't about to correct him I'm OK with letting him believe that if it avoids a full blown Seth melt down.

I pulled him back by his wrist halting his attempt to turn in the direction of Stefan. "Seth Please" I pleaded. He clenched his jaw "Your supposed To Be mine Savanah not his, he needs to know that" He let out.

"But I'm not Seth I'm not yours. We have been through this. We aren't together because of you. Thats all on you" I swallowed the lump rising in my throat.

Seth pinched the bridge of his nose with a agitated groan. "I know that! But it isn't supposed to be like this Savanah your not supposed to be with him. Your supposed to be with me" He repeated.

I placed my palm against his chest in an attempt that he could see how much I'm sorry for hurting him how guilty I was feeling. I only gave him hope when I slept with him on Saturday night and now he was hurting and that was on me.

"Saturday was no strings attached remember a spare of the moment thing, we agreed" I looked to his eyes to read his expression, He was doing the same to me. "But I don't regret it I could never" I tried to ease the blow.

"I'm telling him" He said bluntly.

"You used to say you loved me" I spoke my voice was low.

"I still do Savanah. I do love you" His eyes spoke to me.

"If you loved me. You would leave me be. Let me have the chance to try and be happy no matter who I choose to be with Seth even if that someone isn't you" I told him. Tears freely dripping down my cheeks.

Seth's eyes followed the tears down my face.

"I promised I wouldn't make you cry anymore, I'm fucking shit at this" He let out.

I shook my head "This is on me" I said lightly.

Seth wiped away the tear on my right cheek with the pad of his thumb. "I need to cool off" He said dropping his hand from my cheek with a weak smile and no more words spoken he walked away.

I leaned back against the wall my eyes closing, a breathless sigh escaping my lips.

"Are you OK?" I opened my eyes to come face to face with Stefan, A worried expression across his handsome face.

Stefan stepped forward closing the distance between us. His hand raising to my face as he wiped away my wet cheeks from the tears that has slipped.

"I'm okay" I told him. This was all my fault I need to deal with the consequences.

Stefan's thumb glided softly down my Jaw.

Stopping at my chin.

Gently tilting my head he pressed his lips to mine leaving a soft kiss to my lips before pulling back.

"Come here" He said softly encircling his arms around my body pulling me into his warm embrace. My body instantly relaxed With my head on his chest I wrapped my arms around his waist holding him tightly.



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