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Savanah's P.O.V

A few days had past, School was as normal as a typical Wednesday so far.

I haven't seen much of Seth, I think he's avoiding me which I gotta say I am grateful for.

I couldn't deal with that look he wears when he sees me with Stefan. He was hurting and that was my fault.

Things with me and Stefan were going amazing or more than amazing he couldn't keep his hands off of me, kissing me at any chance he got no matter where or who we were in front of and I loved it. He drove me crazy everytime he sent that smirk of his my way.

The warning bell rang signaling lunch hour was over. I opened my locker putting my phone away.

Two hands pressed firmly on my hips, a body flushing against my back from behind me.

I smiled. I'm all too familiar with his touch by now.

"Princess" Stefan whispered, placing a few kisses to my neck. My eyes automatically closed at his touch.

"Mmm" I hummed a response.

Stefan lightly chuckled, pulling back slightly, turning me by my hips to face him.

"Everyone is heading to the races on Friday night. You wanna go?" He asked his eyes on mine "of course" I beamed. It was so fun last time. Well minus the drama that is, other than that I had enjoyed myself it was a rush of a new experience.

"But stay out of trouble this time" I warned him as the thought of Stefan punching Seth came to mind.

"Hmm I should be saying that to you. Quite the first impression you left" He said with an amused smirk on his lips.

I blushed yeah last time I took my top off leaving me only in my bra In front of probably a hundred people. Stefan chuckled, most likely aware of my growing hot cheeks.

"We are late for class" I placed a light kiss on his lips. I took a step to the side to pass Stefan.

He halted my move to get to class by pulling me gently back. Without hesitation He brought his lips to mine.

My eyes fluttering shut on their own accord as a content sigh left my lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck returning his kiss. Soon enough we were having a full blown make out session in the middle of the school hallway in front of God knows how many people.

But I couldn't care less about that, I was too consumed with Stefan to pay no mind to anyone or anything around me.

Stefan walked me to class and the teacher wasn't too impressed with my late entrance.

The annoyed expression and the threat of detention I received from the teacher was worth it though.

The class went by pretty quickly before I headed to my last class of the day.

I took my seat next to Calvin placing a single kiss to his cheek.

Calvin smiled at me "So how's your day going beautiful" He asked.

"It's going OK, How about you?" I asked with a smile.

"Good today's a drag tho" He slouched back into his seat. "Alright class settle down, Let's get Started" The teacher announced.

The bell rang. It was now the end of the day.

I was starving. I couldn't wait to get home and order a pizza or something.

I was walking down the hall towards my locker side by side with Calvin, His arm draped lazily over my shoulders.

There was a commotion up ahead and the closer we got the more I recognised the voices of a heated argument.

I pushed through the crowd of onlookers to see Stefan and Seth in the middle of a brawl.

Fists flying back and forth between the two.

Wtf! I panicked rushing to stop them.

An arm circled around my waist pulling me to a halt. I snapped my eyes up to see Dom shaking his head in a No motion.

"Dom move I have to stop them" I pushed at his chest lightly.

He didn't move in the slightest

"I'm not letting you go, you'll get hurt if you try to break it up" He said calmly.

He was calm and I was far from being calm. "Then you stop them" I demanded

"Savanah their boys let them fight it out" He told me.

"Dom move the fuck out my way" I pushed harshly at his chest.

Dom let an annoyed breath out "Stay put" He instructed turning and approaching the two brothers. With the help of Jake, Dom expertly pulled the two apart as if he has broken many fights up before.

Stefan stood breathing heavily, his fist still clenching tightly at his sides, Seth wiping the blood from his lip with the back of his hand. "What pissed I took her virginity" He laughed

My heart sank at his words that's why they where fighting they where fighting because Seth let it slip that I had sex with him.

"What do you think she was a virgin? I took that a long time ago brother" Stefan chuckled.

Shame and embarrassment washed over me; they both just announced to the whole school something highly personal that should only be known between us.

I pushed away the overwhelming feeling to cry. Anger quickly boiling through my veins.

I was pissed. I was so fucking pissed that they would do something like this, I mean I expected this from Seth but Stefan? I was disappointed.

With anger taking over my body I approached the two.

I could feel The anger that was rolling off of Seth as he advanced towards Stefan. I quickly placed myself between them pushing at Seths chest harshly to stop him "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU" I yelled. I turned to face Stefan "How fucking dare both of you" I spat.

Stefan looked at me with a look of shock clearly not expecting me to hear anything he had said.

He reached for my hand and I pulled away before he could make any contact.

"No you two are bang out of fucking order you have no right to throw my PERSONAL BUSINESS Out in the middle of the god damn school hallway" I informed them a tear slipping down my cheek.

"How dare I?" Seth spat in disgust.

I turned my attention back to him

"You let him take your first time" He scoffed "You wouldn't spread your legs for me when we dated but you spread them for " The palm of my hand connected with his cheek cutting him short.

His head turned to the side at the connection.

His jaw ticked as he made eye contact with me.

I turned away from him. I didn't want to look at him. I wanted to get out of here because all I want to do is punch him! Hell I could punch the both of them and I'm not at all a violent person.

I'm embarrassed, I'm ashamed of myself, I'm disappointed, I'm hurt.

I'm hurt by these two boys I care so much for.

These two boys I thought had some respect for me. Even if they do, Right now they didn't show it.

"Why I bother! Clearly you ain't nothing more than a fucking whore" Seth spat at my turned back.

His words cut through me. He thinks I'm a whore I know I have done some fucked up things like sleep with two brothers but I am not a whore.

I'm not!

Before I could stop him Stefan pounced on Seth his fist connecting with His cheek bone "I FUCKING WARNED YOU. WATCH HOW YOU TALK TO HER" He roared.

The anger was rolling off of him like a Tsunami as he pulled Seth up by his collar crashing him into the lockers behind him.

"STEFAN" I screamed, pulling at his elbow hoping he would release his hold from Seth.

He backed up, his fists still clenched in Seth's shirt.

"Stop fighting, Please the both of you" I pleaded with the pair.

Stefan pushed at Seth's chest releasing his hold and making Seth's back hit against the lockers for a second time.

He swiftly took a hold of my wrist pulling me past our friends who all stood watching the drama unfold in front of them. Jasper, Liam, Dom, Lauren, Silver and Calvin. All of them.

He pulled me out of the building and towards his car "Stefan".. "Not now Savanah Get in the car" He clenched his jaw releasing my wrist from his hold as we reached the car. .

He was mad with me that was evident.

I mean he has a right to be he just found out from someone other than me that I had a night with his brother. Even though we were not dating at the time he still has a right to be angry with me for not telling him something like this.

The car ride was silent. The silence was killing me. We were pulling into the driveway, Stefan hasn't spoken a word to me the whole ten minute drive.

His fist clenching around the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white his eyes glued to the road the whole time.

Paying me no mind He climbed out of the car making his way towards his house.

I followed after him quickly "Stefan" I called

"Not now Savanah" He gritted unlocking his front door.

He left the door open and I took that as a sign he expects me to follow after, I did just that entering his house and following after him as he made his way up the stairs two steps at a time.

I rushed after him entering his room to see he was pulling a pack of cigarettes from the draw on his night stand.

I stood by his door silently.

I didn't know what to do,Should I explain myself or should I let him cool off? He has never been mad at me before so this is all new to me.

I don't know how to handle him when he's this angry.

"You're mad at me?" I asked not sure myself if it was a question or a statement.

He looked over at me, his gorgeous green eyes were swimming in anger and I instantly scolded myself for being the reason.

"You fucked Seth. That's something you should have told me" He gritted his eyes boring into mine.

I took a deep breath "I was going to tell you"

He cut me off with a scoff

"Could have fooled me" He pulled a cigarette from the packet.

I took a step forward "Stefan what happened between me and Seth was a mistake it wasn't supposed to happen it just did" I rushed out.

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT SHIT SAVANAH" He let out approaching me.

Instinctively I took a step back , My back clashing against the wood of the door as he stopped in front of me placing his palms on the door either side of my head.

"How many times" He ground his teeth together.

"Once," I answered honestly, biting at my lower lip.

"DON'T BULLSHIT ME" He roared not believing my answer.

"It's the truth Stefan I swear" I cried the tears falling rapidly down my cheeks from my blurred eyes.

Stefan raised his hand causing me to flinch.

His hand dropped to his sides heavily.

"You thought I was going to hit you?" He looked down at me with a look of shock, Shame, Sadness and anger, all in one covering his face.

"No I-I" I stuttered. Really I didn't think that.

I don't know why I flinched. It's Stefan I know he would never hurt me. I knew that he would never..ever.

"It's just a habit I guess. With Seth I"

Stefan took ahold of me encasing my face between his hands cutting me off.

"I wouldn't I'm not Seth Savanah I'm not him" His eyes desperately pleading me to believe him. "I know," I said honestly. I believe him of course I believe him.

Stefan sighed pulling my body closer by my waist. He lowered his head resting his forehead to my collar bone. "I would never hurt you" He breathed against my skin.

He seems defeated and I hated to see him like this.

I placed my hands to his neck and hair holding him to me, smoothing the pads of my thumbs back and forth across his skin in hopes to soothe him. "I know" I said softly.

Stefan placed his lips to my skin leaving a single delicate kiss.



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