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Savanah's P.O.V.

Friday rolled around pretty fast.

The past few days have been horrendous.

I don't even know where to begin in explaining the hell that was Thursday.

School was awful and by awful I mean nerve wracking horrific.

Seth was snarling me at any chance he got.

People were talking about me. Like A lot!

I even had a note put in my locker with a phone number and the words 'I'm up for it if you are' written on the folded piece of paper.

Apparently guys seem to think that I'm an easy lay now after Stefan and Seth had blurted it out to the whole school that I have had sex with both of them.

I didn't tell Stefan about the note he would just get mad besides things with me and Stefan are Rocky.

I don't know! We are still dating, well he hasn't dumped me as of yet but I can't shake the feeling that he is mad at me.

I don't know all I know is that something is wrong between us.

He hasn't touched me since Wednesday evening for god sake! Not even the slightest skin on skin contact between us.

I mean the only time we would touch is if I Instagnated it.

If we were to hold hands for instance, I would be the one to hold his hand first and that wouldn't last very long as he would always pull his hand away a few minutes later.

I got nothing from him, not even so much as him sending me his beautifully handsome smirk I have grown to love and crave so much.

With his lack of wanting to touch me in any kind of way, it can only mean he is still angry at me for the Seth situation or the fact that sleeping with his brother had changed his attraction towards me.

I don't know all I know is something is definitely going on in that head of his and it is driving my own mind crazy.

I took a look at myself in the mirror.

My white two piece Crop top and skirt with A black stripe down either side of the outfit was the perfect outfit for the races.

With my white sneakers I was officially ready to leave for the races.

Stefan had told me to be ready for eight and to meet him by his car.

I took my phone from the bedside cabinet and headed out the door. I'm excited for tonight. I love this place. Honestly I do.

It's such an adrenaline rush.

Stefan was heading out his front door by the time I made my way across my lawn.

"Come on" He simply said motioning to his car as he made his way towards the driver's side.

I bit my lip, he was still acting strange.

I don't know if I can deal with this anymore it's just not Stefan!

I just want him to be able to look at me for more than a minute before turning away.

Is that too much to want?

I climbed in the car sitting in the passenger seat and buckling my seat belt.

I looked over to Stefan as he backed out of his driveway he was tense just like he has been since Wednesday.

We were twenty minutes into the thirty minute drive. I became agitated, Annoyed even.

We were still to say a word to each other and The silence between us was grating at me, No his silence was sending my mind on an overload.

I looked over at Stefan slouching back in his seat. He was so undeniably handsome I just wish he would talk to me, interact with me like he would before the news of me and Seth got out.

"You're mad at me?" I spoke. Not sure if my words were a statement of fact or a question.

Stefan's eyes flashed to me briefly before returning back to the road.

He didn't say anything to acknowledge that I had spoken.

Now I was getting pissed why oh why Can this boy not just pay me some attention? I swear!

"Stefan?" I turned in my seat to face him properly. He let out an annoyed sigh "I'm not mad" He shrugged but the tightening of his Jaw told me otherwise.

"Yes You Are" I said in a matter of fact.

"You havet kissed me since Wednesday" I clarified.

"Savanah drop it" His fists tightened around the steering wheel.

Drop it? Drop what? That's what I'm trying to figure out! I'm trying to figure out why he won't touch me, Why he won't look at me, Why he won't just be STEFAN. The flirty mischievously handsome bad boy Stefan?

I unbuckled my seat belt.

"Put your seat belt back on Savanah" Stefan demanded.

I ignored him climbing over the centre console resting my legs on either side of his waist as I straddled him.

"What are you doing Savanah?" He asked his eyes on the road behind me.

"You haven't kissed me or touched me for days. Tell me why?" I demanded sternly looking down at him.

Stefan's Jaw visibly flexed.

"Get back in your seat" He demanded me yet again.

I brought my hand behind my back wrapping my fingers around his wrist pulling his hands to rest in the space between us.

"Then touch me" I demanded, bringing his hand to my body, holding his palm flat out against my stomach. Stefan flicked his eyes to mine, his gorgeous green eyes staring back at me.

I slowly guided his hand across the bare skin of my stomach, his large hand smoothly gliding over my breasts. "Savanah" He said in warning taking his eyes back to the road.

"Just tell me Stefan" I huffed dropping his hand. "Are you not attracted to me?" I spoke the idea that Stefan didn't find me attractive was a hurtful thought.

"Don't be stupid your more than attractive Savanah" He sighed.

"Then tell me why you won't touch me?" I asked frustratedly. I'm getting bored of repeating myself.

"Because '' He paused "Because everytime I look at you I see Seth with his grimy hands all over you" He lashed out a look of disgust across his facial features.

"You let him fuck you Savanah! You weren't his to touch '' He shook his head his eyes still remained glued to the road. "You were mine" He finished his voice low.

He sounds just like Seth 'His to touch' the difference though is when Seth says those words I get nervous but when Stefan says those words and things like you were mine?

God My whole body ignites in flames at the sound of his raspy voice mixed with those words. Lord oh lord I fucking love it when he reminds me I'm his.

I dipped my head down, my lips attaching to the skin of his Jaw proceeding to trail soft kisses across his skin and down the side of his neck.

"Savanah I'm driv" He cleared his throat "Driving" He let out.

My actions clearly having an effect on him.

"I only want you to touch me Stefan" I confessed "Let me prove it to you" I asked, nibbling at the skin of his neck.

I brought my hands to his waist unzipping the zipper to his jeans. Sliding my hand inside of his boxers taking a hand full of his member.

Stefan jolted at my touch "Shit Sav" He flicked his eyes to mine "What are" He began his breath getting caught as I tugged at his length pulling it out and over the waistband of his boxers.

I hooked my fingers through the side of my panties pulling them aside And slowly lowering myself onto his hardness.

Stefan's hand gripped my hip "Sav" I brought my lips to his effectively shushing him.

My eyes fluttered shut as he filled me.

God it felt amazing and I haven't even moved my hips yet.

"Shit!" Stefan pulled away his eyes darting back to the road "I need to pull over" Stefan said breathless.

I began to move my hips slowly rising myself up and down his length a small moan escaping past my lips.

He cupped my face between his palms, My eyes snapping open at the action as he pulled me to his lips "Your Fucking Crazy" He said.

His voice sounded so husky and God it made my whole body feel like jelly as he crashed his lips to mine. He kissed me hard, equally kissing each other with want and desire.



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