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Savanah's P.O.V

We finally arrived at our destination.

A quick stop at a diner that was based just down the road from the races.

Stefan decided we should stop to get cleaned up and refreshed after our work out in the car and I agreed.

Could you Imagine the sight our friends would be greeted with if we arrived with my hair a mess, lips swollen and outfit creased.

Yeah! The conversation that would follow would be too awkward for me to even think about.

I exited the car drifting my eyes around as I took in the sight of my surroundings.

Liam, Dom, Calvin and Silver were hovering by Calvin's car. Jasper and Lauren sat in Jasper's jeep.

"About time you two got here" Dom said as we approached.

I bit my lip to hide the smile that was threatening to appear upon my lips.

"Stopped for a milkshake at the diner" Stefan shrugged pulling Dom into a 'Bro hug'.

I was thankful for his quick thinking because if someone had asked me our secrets would be uncovered in a split second.

"Baby girl" Liam sent a wink my way, his arm wrapped around silver's waist.

I smiled over at him sending a grin to Silver.

They are looking extra cosy today.

Did he finally have the balls to ask her out officially? I'm sure going to be hounding her for details later.

I'm happy for both of them if they are.

I know how smitten Silver is for Liam and by the way he looks at her I can only imagine he is of her as well.

"Hey beautiful" Calvin smiled at me as he approached.

His arm circling around my waist as he placed a kiss to my cheek.

I smiled "Hey, Handsome" I placed a peck to his cheek.

"Alright my turn" Dom voiced as I pulled away.

My eyes caught a glimpse of Stefan, His eyes on me and Calvin as he leaned against the bonnet of his car, a cigarette between his lips. Why was he looking at me like that? Cautiously?He kinda looks pissed off or Maybe I'm overthinking it.

Dom tackled me, my feet leaving the ground as he squeezed me with his bear hug.

"Feel like I haven't seen you for ages" He said, placing me back to my feet.

"I saw you at school a few hours ago" I reminded him.

A wide smile spread across his face

"Oh yeah" He grinned his large hand roughing up my hair.

"Hey" I swatted his hand away.

"Couldn't resist" He laughed mischievously. "You're a Punk" I retorted, turning to face Stefan who was in the same spot, his eyes still trained on me watching me carefully.

Really!, Why was he looking at me like that?

Stefan begged me over with a nod of his head.

"What's that look for?" I asked as I approached him, his hands reaching out impatiently pulling me flush to his chest.

I bit my lip, Stefan lightly trailed the pads of his fingers the length of my neck, his hand cupping my chin tilting my face slightly upwards.

Stefan hummed "I'm thinking about how much I wanna be that skirt wrapped around your legs" He said, his eyes drifting to my lips.

God I have missed this side of him. The side that wants to touch me. The side that loves to tease me.

I looked at him in anticipation, his thumb pressing down on my bottom lip causing my lips to part.

Stefan brought his lips to mine with a kiss to my bottom lip, pulling at my lip between his teeth. His actions igniting that feeling inside of me I would happily bail on our friends to spend the night just me and Stefan.

"There you are" A familiar voice sounded through the air.

Stefan pulled back ever so slightly.

I turned around to face Jonathan.

Stefan tugged at my waist pulling me tighter to his chest, his arms circling around my waist from behind.

"What's up, J?" Stefan asked his chin resting upon my shoulder. "Our Girl here has been requested to start the race by tonight's racers" He informed us, sending me a grin.

My eyes went wide.

They want me to start a race? Why?

I mentally did a backflip at his words.

The excitement washing over me in waves.

My excitement quickly faded in the realisation that No way in hell would Stefan let me.

I mean the only reason he let me last time was because we were not dating right? Seth sure as hell would never let me.

Stefan gently squeezed my hip twice grabbing my attention. I spun around in his hold to face him. "Can I?" I asked eagerly.

"If you want to" Stefan smirked at me amused.

Is he serious? "Really?" I asked, doubtful.

Stefan nodded his head and that was all I needed before spinning around to face Jonathan "I'm in" I agreed excitedly.

"Awsome, Race starts in a few minutes" He informed me.

Stefan tugged at my hand pulling me to face him. "Keep your top on this time" He warned, wrapping something around my bare thigh and knotting it.

I looked down to see what he was doing.

He had tied a black paisley print bandana around my thigh.

A soft laugh past my lips as I brought my eyes back up to his. He smiled at me with an amused smile, the smile I have missed so much the past few days. "You are the best," I said through my overly large smile, placing a kiss to his soft lips.

"Come on" I pulled at his hand pulling him with me as I followed Jonathan to the starting line.

We reached the start line.

My eyes instantly recognised Marvin who stood by his car, a few of his friends standing with.

"Ayy Racer girl" He smiled, noticing my approaching form.

"Marvin" I greeted bumping my fist to his.

"So" I sent him a smile "You're the one who requested my presence?" I asked with a smile. "It was a mutual decision between me and my opponent" He confirmed with a gentle nod of his head.

"So you in?" He asked

"I am," I informed him, my words igniting a grin to spread across his lips.

"Right drivers get in your cars" Jonathan instructed. I looked over to the other car, the driver was a guy from my school, I think His name is Ryan he plays soccer with Seth.

Ryan sent me a wink climbing into his car.

I positioned myself in my designated position.

Facing the two cars.

"Go Sav"

"come on babygirl" Liam and Dom Holland from the sidelines.

A goofy grin broke out across my lips. I love these guys I swear.

I pulled at the knot holding the bandana to my thigh allowing it to slip loose.

I raised the bandana in my left hand in the direction of Marvin.

Marvin revved his engine confirming he was ready.

I repeated the action raising the bandana in my right hand in the direction of Ryan's car.

He revved his engine twice, confirming he was ready.

I waved the flag to my left


I waved the flag to my right


I dropped to my knees the flag fluttering down with me.

The familiar rush of wind past me and I couldn't stop the giggle escaping my lips. I live for this!



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