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Savanah's P.O.V

I had the best weekend ever!

I spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday with Stefan, just the two of us without our friends.

He took me out on a date on Saturday and it was amazing! He was ever the gentleman opening the doors for me you know? The little things. It made my heart swell for him.

On Sunday we spent the day at the beach, come night I made dinner for us while we cuddled watching movies for the rest of the night. I loved the one on one time we had together. It was bliss.

Today is Monday school was going okay. The talk about me had died down and I was relieved for it.

The warning bell for the end of lunch had just rang. Me and Stefan slipped away from our friends to head to my locker to put my phone away before class.

I opened the locker, a folded piece of paper floated to the floor. Stefan picked the note up from the floor, his face screwing up as he read the words scripted upon it.

Fucker! I mentally scolded the culprit behind the notes I had been receiving. "What is this?" Stefan asked with a clench of his Jaw.

"It's nothing," I rushed, reaching for the note in his hand. Stefan pulled his hand back stopping my attempt in retrieving the piece of paper.

"You looked sexy at the race. Why haven't you called me yet I'd love to show you a good time" Stefan read the note aloud.

I cringed at the words as they left his lips a look of disgust across his face.

"What the fuck is this Savanah" He clenched his Jaw his tone holding anger.

I bit the inside of my cheek. I didn't want him to know I had been receiving these kinds of notes since he had announced to the school that I had slept with him.

"It's nothing," I insisted again.

"Don't fucking lie to me Savanah" He spat "Are you cheating on me?" He asked his fist clenching at his own words.

My eyes went wide. He thinks I'm cheating on him? No, NEVER!.. He has this thing all wrong.

"What, Of course not" I rushed "Why would you even think that?" I let out. Does he seriously think I'd cheat on him?.

"Then what Savanah! What is this shit?" He asked, waving his hand back and forth between me and the note.

I caught his hand in mine to stop his ranting

"It's not what you think," I told him.

Stefan scoffed, pulling his hand from mine harshly.

"Jesus Stefan just listen" I let an annoyed sigh out.

Stefan looked at me with his stormy eyes expectantly.

I took a deep breath. How was I even going to explain this to him without him being mad at me for not telling him in the first place.

"I have been getting these notes through my locker since your fight with Seth on Wednesday, If anything I should be pissed at you for blurting it out to the male population that you took my virginity" I told him the truth.

"You've had more of these?" He asked his face screwing up at the thought.

I nodded my head "Two" I confirmed.

"Who?" He ground out. "That doesn't matter" I waved his question off.

"Don't give me that Savanah, Who the fuck is behind them?" He asked angrily.

"I don't know" I told him honestly. It was the truth I didn't know who was behind the notes. The only clue they left was their phone number on the first note.

"I'll kill them" He scrunched the note between his balled fist. He was pissed. I could feel his anger from here.

"Don't" I pleaded "Just leave it. I'm ignoring it, whoever is behind it will get bored eventually" I Said closing the distance between us.

"Did you really think I would cheat on you?" I asked The sadness clear as day in my voice. The thought that he would think that low of me hurt, like really hurt.

Stefan pulled at my waist bringing me closer to his warm body. His arms wrapping around my waist.

A small sigh passed by his lips

"No, but when I read that it was the first thing my mind went to" He said a look of guilt washing over his handsome features.

It still hurt that his mind took him to such a thought. But I could see how it would have looked from his point of view.

I brought my hands to his neck "I would never" I told him matter of factly.

He let another sigh out, Resting his forehead to mine "I know, I'm sorry" He apologised.

I placed a kiss to his lips silently letting him know I forgive him. Because I truly did forgive him.

I probably would have come to the same conclusion if the roles were reversed.


Savanah's P.O.V

I was in my last class of the day. Gym! I love this class. The girls coach is pretty laid back.

Right now she had assigned me and Lauren to go and pick the soccer balls up from the pitch the boys gym class were using.

She picks favourites with Lauren I guess being Lauren's best friend has perks like getting out of running laps for the last ten minutes of class.

"Stefan's watching you" Lauren giggled.

I lifted my eyes to see that Stefan's eyes were indeed on me from where he stood talking to Jasper and Liam.

He looked good in his soccer kit. He was hot as hell.

I blew him a kiss, His eyes shined with amusement A smirk forming on his lips at my actions.

"You two are fucking adorable" I took my attention back to Laurens smiling form.

My cheeks growing hot.

"Aww" She cood "You're blushing" she smiled widely.

"Shut up," I laughed, taking my attention to the many soccer balls scattered across the pitch.

The weather today was hot and I'm thankful I wore my shorts to gym . If I was to wear my joggers I'd sure be sweating like a pig.

I bent down to pick a ball up.

A wolf whistle sounding from behind me.

I shot up spinning around to see Ryan eyeing me. His eyes drifting over my body with a lick of his lips.

The look instantly made me feel uncomfortable.

"You look good Savanah" He complimented although I didn't feel like it was a compliment it sounded gross coming from his mouth.

"Thanks" I said in unease, taking my eyes to Lauren who shrugged her shoulders from where she stood listening in.

"How come you haven't called me yet?" He asked. My eyes snapped back to face him at his words. The notes were from Ryan? I didn't see that one coming.

"You are the one who has been leaving me the notes?" I asked dumbfounded.

Ryan chuckled, closing the distance between us. "So, What do you say?" He questioned.

My face scrunched up at his question.

Is he serious? What the actual fuck.

"No thanks," I spat, turning my back to him.

I wanted to be anywhere but near this creep.

Ryan gripped my upper arm pulling me back to face him. "Let go of me" I pushed at his chest harshly. "Come on don't be like that. You let Seth and Stefan beat" He said asif it was his right to be next on a list of who Savanah sleeps with next .

The jerk doesn't even deserve for me to waste my breath on him so I turned away from him to leave.

Lauren was no longer in her spot; instead she had left me to make her way towards Jasper and the boys.

"You know your ass would love it" He chuckled sending a slap to my ass cheek.

How fucking dare he! I spun around my fist connecting to his cheek. My hand instantly hurt. Oh lord why did I do that? Jeez I think I cracked my knuckle.

"RYAN YOU PIECE OF SHIT" Stefans voice boomed. I snapped my eyes to Stefans running form as he approached us anger radiating off him.

Oh fuck! I mentally groaned.

"STEFAN" I warned placing my hand out in front of me to halt him getting any closer to Ryan.

I didn't want Stefan fighting over me.

I didn't want to see him fight over anything.

Stefan was too consumed with anger to listen as he tackled Ryan, their bodies colliding with the ground below our feet.

"STEFAN" I screamed but he ignored me sending dig after dig to Ryan's face.

"STEFANNN" I cried out.

Oh my god what the fuck.

Ryan struggled underneath Stefan but to no evail. His body becoming limp.

"OIIII BREAK IT UP BOYS" The boys Coach yelled, rushing over and pulling Stefan off of Ryan.

Stefan fought against coaches hold

"TRY THAT SHIT AGAIN I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU" Stefan roared his body shaking with anger.

I don't think I have seen him this angry before.

It was scary. The scene in front of me was absolutely fucking mortifying.

"Alright enough," Coach said, pushing Stefan back. "Shows over, You lot head to changing" He demanded to the rest of the class who stood watching with wide eyes.

"And Someone get this idiot to the nurse" Coach instructed with a nod in Ryan's direction.

Ryan was smothered in blood dripping from his lips, his nose, a deep split below his left eye.

I winced looking at him, the damage looked so painful I couldn't believe that Stefan was the cause of those terrible wounds.

"Savanah" Stefan spoke softly as he appeared in front of me. I couldn't take my eyes off of Ryan as two boys helped him to his feet guiding him away from the field.

I felt sick my legs feeling like jelly as my whole body was shaking.

"Savanah" Stefan said cupping my face between his hand to gain my attention.

His green eyes swimming as he looked back at me with worry.

I gulped, his hands were covered in blood.

Ryans blood. I think I'm going to vomit.

I shook my head from his hold, backing away from him my eyes glued to Ryans blood smeared across his knuckles.

Stefan clocked my line of vision "Shit!" He let out Wiping the blood off his hands with his shirt.

"Are you okay, Sav? You don't look so good" Liam asked, placing a gentle hand to my upper arm.

I took my eyes away from Stefan.

The field had cleared out the only people left besides me and Stefan where Liam, Lauren, Jasper and coach.

Jasper held Lauren tightly in his arms, his hand rubbing soothingly across her back shielding her from the scene that had just played out in front of us.

"Sav?"Liam asked.

"I'm fine," I nodded my head, forcing a smile to reassure him.

Physically I was fine other than the fact I wanted to throw up at what I had just witnessed.

"You have two minutes, Then I want your ass in my office" Coach pointed to Stefan before he headed to the school building.

Stefan stood in his spot, his eyes never leaving me,Unsure whether he should approach me or not.

I wasn't sure if I wanted him too.

All I could think about was how He had just beat a guy to a pulp with his bare hands.

"Savanah" Stefan spoke almost pleading.

My stomach turned, it's contents forcing there way up to be released.

I swiftly turned to the side heaving at the overwhelming nausea that had settled over me.

My stomach attempting to rid itself of the sick feeling as I heaved repeatedly.

Liam held my hair back with one hand, his other hand smoothing circles into my back. "I think she's gone into shock" Liam voiced "Fuck" Stefan cussed with a mumble.

Stefan appeared at my side, I shot my hand out in an attempt of telling him to back away.

I dropped my hand clutching my stomach, returning to my dry heaving.

Nothing was coming out but the more I dry heaved the more the nauseating feeling was easing away.

Stefan caught my face between the palms of his hands "Relax Princess" He said softly pulling my face to his chest, his right hand smoothing over and down the length of my hair as he held me impossibly tight.

I let a shaky breath out my fist clinging tightly to his shirt. My body automatically relaxing in his hold.

"It's okay" He whispered his lips brushing the top of my hair. The nausea washing away with every soothing kiss he placed to the top of my head.



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