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Stefan's pov

I placed a kiss to Savanah's hair. Her body was shaking and the guilt was eating away at me.

I didn't mean for her to see that, I just blacked out, the rage all too consuming.

The prick deserved it though I'd do it all again just to feel my knuckles cracking against his face.

"We'll give you a minute" Liam announced.

I nodded my head in agreement as the three made their way towards the school.

I admit I could have handled that better. I should have caught up with Ryan when Savanah wasn't about to see.

She was shaken up at my actions, most likely going to be afraid of me after what she had seen and that thought alone stabbed me like a knife twisting in my gut.

There's one thing I wish Savanah should never be scared of and that was me.

Savanah's P.O.V

My breathing returned to normal. My body now feeling at ease.

I pulled away, out of Stefan's hold.

Liam, Jasper and Lauren had left leaving me alone with Stefan.

I looked up at him and his body was still tense. I just couldn't believe that this gorgeous human could have the ability to inflict the wounds that he had done to Ryan.

I couldn't believe that the Stefan I know and have grown to love so much was that guy who had turned into a monster. The face he pulled whilst connecting his fists to Ryan's flesh was scary. I never wish to see Stefan in that state again. Ever!

Stefan reached his hand out to mine. I pulled my hand out of his hand. His hand was covered in Ryan blood and the sight only brought up the image of Ryan's face masked in blood and cuts.

"Are you scared of me?" Stefan spoke his eyes boring into mine the worry in them clear as day.

"No" I paused "I'm scared of what you're capable of but Not of you" I told him honestly.

I wish to never see him fight ever again.

"I didn't mean for you to see that but He's lucky you were here or I wouldn't have been able to stop" He said, his eyes never moving from mine. The look in his eyes only told me his words were deadly serious.

So if I was not here what would have happened? The damage would be worse than it already was?

I shook my head "You shouldn't have hit him" I told him straight.

Stefan's eyebrows furrowed together "Like hell I shouldn't have, He touched your ass. Not to mention he was the one behind the fucking notes" He clenched his Jaw his anger reappearing.

"I'm not saying he didn't deserve it. I'm saying what I just witnessed was not you" I let out.

Stefan looked down at his hands flexing them out. "It's not the Stefan I fell in love with," I added in a whisper.

Stefan snapped his eyes up his eyes darting to every inch of my face.

"You love me?" He asked gazing at me intently.

Is it not obvious that I do? I think I fell in love with him before I even knew It myself.

"I do" I softly confessed.

Stefan was quiet just staring back at me.

I couldn't decipher the look upon his face.

He gave no sign that he felt the same way.

I've never wanted to read someone's mind more than I do right now.

Stefan swiftly stepped forward closing the distance and encasing my cheeks in his hands

Pressing his lips softly to mine my eyes fluttering shut at the touch.

"I SAID TWO MINUTES CARTER" the coach yelled.

Stefan sighed, pulling back and resting his forehead to mine.

"Your in a lot of trouble" I told him the obvious

"I know," He agreed, softly pulling away.

"CARTER" Coach yelled impatiently.


Savanah's P.O.V.

I closed the changing room locker shut.

I was worried for Stefan he was probably going to be expelled after this or worse maybe the police would be involved.

He beat Ryan pretty bad he's for sure in a shit load of trouble.

I pushed through the changing room doors and into the hallway. My eyes instantly meet with Seths.

Seth pushed himself off the wall.

"Are you OK?" He rushed over to me worry evident upon his face.

Of course news travels fast around here.

I sighed nodding my head in a yes motion

"I didn't think you cared anymore" I told him.

I really didn't, he has been throwing me hatred looks since last Wednesday.

"I'll never not care about you," He confessed.

The empty hallway fell silent, Both just staring at the other.

"You don't need to worry about Ryan, I'll handle him" He spoke with certainty.

"Don't" I let out panic rising inside of me. The last thing I want is for Seth to end up in the same boat as Stefan, Probably going to be arrested.

"I'm not just going to let him get away with what he did to you Savanah" He told me Sternly.

"He hasn't gotten away with it, Stefan already handled it just let it be" I pleaded hoping he would listen.

Seth let a heavy breath out.

"Seth promise me you won't do something stupid" I begged.

Seth scoffed, This boy is So stubborn.

"Seth promise me" I demanded placing my hand to his chest in an attempt at gaining all his attention.

Seths eyes darted to his left at the sound of a door slamming shut. His Jaw clenched at whatever his eyes had landed on.

I followed his gaze and looked over to see Stefan with his eyes on me, or should I say more on my hand that is placed to Seth's chest.

I dropped my hand quickly.

"Fuck this" Seth let out as he turned his back to me, storming his way down the corridor.

"What was that about?" Stefan voiced placing his hands to my waist as he spun me around, gaining all my attention.

"He was just checking if I was OK" I told him truthfully.

Stefan looked down the now empty hallway.

"What did coach say?" I desperately needed to know how much trouble he was in for defending my honour.

"No expulsion if I start playing for the soccer team again" He informed me, pulling me closer by my waist.

I sighed a sigh of relief at his words.

I was certain he would be in a lot more trouble for his actions than being forced to play soccer. What kind of punishment is that?

Stefan gazed at me intently with a small smile upon his lips.

"What's that look for?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows. After todays events there isn't much to be smiling at.

"You said you loved me" He smirked, his eyes shining with emotions I couldn't decipher.

My cheeks grew hot and I bit my lips to hide my smile caused by his reminiscent remark.

"Say it again" He demanded his smirk turning to a full blown smile.

I shook my head no, a small laugh passing my lips at his silly behaviour.

Without any warning Stefan tickled my waist a shriek of a laugh escaping my lips at his actions. "Say it!" He chuckled, tickling me harder.

I turned in his hold trying to escape his playful assault.

Stefan halted his actions pulling my back flush to his chest resting his chin upon my shoulder.

With my laughter dying down I closed my eyes relaxing into his hold with a content smile across my lips.

It amazed me how much I feel so calm and collected in his presence.

"I love you, Stefan Carter" I whispered.

Stefan hummed pressing a soft kiss to my cheek.


Savanah's P.O.V

I leaned my back against Stefan's chest as he leaned against the bonnet of his car.

I was thankful it was the end of the day and I couldn't wait to get in the car and drive away from the school grounds.

I feel like today has been the longest Monday in history.

"Damn I can't believe I missed that" Dom said in reply to Liam filling the rest of our friends in on the events of gym class.

Stefan tangled his fingers through mine pulling me closer with a gentle kiss to my shoulder.

"Bro, I hope you broke his jaw" Calvin shot at Stefan.

I winced at how calm yet excited the boys seemed to be over Stefan's fight.

"Forget Stefan, You should have seen the dig Sav gave him" Liam cut in. "Baby girl got a mean right hook" He grinned widely at me.

I sent him a smile, Stefan's chest rumbling with a laugh at his friends proud blabbering.

Loud yells floated through the air grabbing all of our attention. Everyone's eyes now drawn to the commotion not too far from us.

I craned my neck trying to see past the crowd that had begun to form. Two people were fighting, Two boys from what I could see.

I turned my attention away wrapping my arms around Stefan and snuggling my face into his chest, his arms wrapping tightly around me.

I've seen enough fights and bloodshed for one day,I couldn't possibly handle seeing anymore today.

"Ayo" Liam said excitedly "I think that's Seth and Ryan" He announced.

I shot out of Stefan's hold "Are you sure?" I panicked.

"Yeah I can tell dickseths foul punching skills from here" He said, his eyes darting to Stefan behind me. Liam shrugged his shoulders in a silent conversation between the two.

I couldn't care enough to pry into their silent conversations. My mind was solely on Seth.

I made a move bolting towards the crowd as fast as I can. If it is Seth fighting Ryan there is only one reason they would be fighting and that was me. Ryan had way more than enough fighting with one Carter brother for today, he didn't need a round two with the second brother.

Two arms wrapped around my waist from behind pulling me into a hard chest halting my advance in stopping Seth. Stefan's cologne enveloped me just as his arms did.

"Stefan let Go" I tried to pry his arms from around my waist. "Like hell, You ain't getting near those two idiots" Stefan denied me.

I spun around in his hold "Then you stop them" I said sternly. "Why would I? I couldn't give a shit if the two killed each other" He said without a thought.

"If you don't I will" I spat pushing at his chest.

I knew I had no chance of breaking the two up from fighting on my own but I'd be damned if I sit back and watch. "It's Seth. I can't sit back and watch him hit someone or watch him be hit" I let out angrily.

Stefan's Jaw ticked, removing his arms from around me. "Why do you even care? He clenched his Jaw. "I'm not doing this Stefan,"I said, turning to the crowd.

Stefan let out an annoyed heavy sigh "Stay put" He breathed as he stormed past me, I rushed after him ignoring his demand.

With the help of Harry and I'm guessing two of Ryan's friends Stefan managed to pull Seth from Ryan's weak form.

My stomach churned at the sight of him. Ryan was in bad shape to begin with after gym class but now he was almost unrecognisable his skin was stained with blood. The only thing that led me to believe he was alive was his attempts at swinging his fists for Seth as his friends pulled him away.

"GET OFF ME" Seth blew, pushing Stefan away from him. I rushed over wrapping my hands around Stefan's balled up fist placing myself between the two brothers.

I looked at Seth, his clenching knuckles stained red at his sides. A graze along his Jawline.

"I told you to leave it" I shot at Seth.

"Like I would leave it, The Dickhead deserved it and more" He spat angrily.

That's exactly what Stefan had said. These brothers are so persistent.

"I know that look Savanah" He shook his head "You can't be mad at me for defending you. And you sure as fuck should not be defending a prick like Ryan" Seth said bringing his palm to his face with a wince.

"I'm not defending him. I was worried for you" I announced letting go of Stefan's hand.

Seths face contoured into one of shock. Obviously not expecting the words that had came out of my mouth.

I stepped forward bringing my palm to Seth's cheek observing the graze along his Jawline.

It looks like one of those impulsively stinging cuts you get when you fall over on gravel and graze your knee.

Stefan cleared his throat from behind me.

I bit my lip, dropping my hand from Seth's face.

I turned around to see a pissed off Stefan.

Did I cross a line? OK maybe I did? I don't know he's definitely mad.

I stepped towards Stefan placing my hand in his.

The whole time I could feel Seth burning holes through mine and Stefan's hands.

Without anymore spoken words Stefan pulled me away, across the parking lot and towards his car.

"You two good?" Liam asked worriedly as Stefan pulled us past our friends. I gave them a smile allowing Stefan to pull me to his car.

He opened the passenger side door for me waiting patiently for me to climb in.

I climbed in buckling my seat belt as he made his way around to the driver side. He climbed in his seat with no hesitation and started the car.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked cautiously, I mean he seems angry so the only feasible explanation for that would be me.

"Not now Savanah" Stefan let out.

"If I crossed a line" I began "Please just give me a minute Savanah" He cut me off harshly.

I shrunk back in my seat with a huff. He's definitely mad at me for something.

We pulled into Stefan's yard. The car fell silent as Stefan cut the engine. I looked to Stefan as he rested his head upon his steering wheel, his chest rising and falling heavily.

Does he want me to leave? I don't want to leave him like this but I feel like he doesn't want me here right now. I took my seat belt off "Do you want me to leave you alone?" I asked my voice coming out mousy.

Stefan didn't say anything so I took that as his answer. I reached over placing a soft kiss to his cheek before climbing out of his car.

Stefan rushed out after me.

"I don't want you to leave," He said, tangling his fingers through mine.

"Stefan if I crossed a line, I didn't know that I Did" I said wholeheartedly.

I feel like maybe caressing my ex's cheek may have overstepped the line of things you shouldn't do.

"You didn't over step, I just" He stopped, taking in a deep breath "Do you still have feelings for him?" He's asked. I was taken aback by his question.

"No of course not" I told him.

"Don't lie to me Savanah, it sure looks like it" He dropped my hands from his, His fingers roughly running through his hair. "Do you love him?" He asked his gaze on mine intensely trying to read and dissect my reaction.

"Yes" I told him honestly because I do. I do care and love Seth a lot but not in the same way that I used to.

"God damn it" Stefan clenched his Jaw

"But not in the way you think" I rushed.

Stefan scoffed clearly not expecting the answer that I had gave him.

"Do I care for Seth? YES! Do I love him? In a way sort of Yes! But not the way I used to" I clarified.

Stefan turned his head to the side, my guess not wanting to look at me.

I placed the palms of my hands on either side of his face forcing him to look right at me

"My love for him is not the same as my love for you" I told him softly. "I love you Stefan" I confessed again.

A small sigh escaped his lips resting his head against mine. "Do you have plans?" He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist holding me closely. "I was going to make dinner, I'm starving," I told him. I barely ate at lunch and just on time my stomach rumbled causing heat to rise to my cheeks. That was embarrassingly good timing.

A soft laugh left his lips "Let me make you dinner" He said, pulling away.

Stefan has never made me a meal before but from what I remember Lauren had said he was a good chef, He did make them amazingly delicious pancakes that time I was so hungover from my stupidity of accepting Liam shots contest.

"What will you make?" I asked knowing I'm a fussy eater. Stefan smirked "I have something in mind" He placed a soft kiss to my lips.



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