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Savanah's pov-

I woke hearing tapping on my window.

I ignored it snuggling closer to Seth who was still fast asleep beside me.

It was Saturday and I didn't have anything to do so I tried to fall back asleep.

I sighed in frustration as the tapping didn't go away. Slowly I gently unwrapped Seth's arm from around my waist as to not wake him up.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I tiredly walked over to my window. My eyes went wide seeing Stefan on my roof.

what is he doing? I looked to Seth seeing he was still sleeping in my bed.

I opened the window "Morning princess" Stefan greeted me with a big smile. "Shh" I shushed him not wanting him to wake Seth up.

Stefan furrowed his brows at my rudeness but didn't say anything on it. "What's up I asked?" Confused as to why he was tapping on my window so early on a Saturday morning. Something he has never done.

"What no hello?" He asked with a small smile on his lips.

I sighed "Goodmorning Stefan" I greeted him. He grinned showing me some of his bright white teeth. "That a girl" He smirked.

"Is everything okay?there better be a good reason for waking me up early on a saturday morning" I said with a small smile.

Stefan chuckled "Early? It's 11:30am princess" he corrected me. Okay I thought it was like Eight A.M but whatever.

"Anyway Lauren asked me to make sure you are awake because she is on her way over and you haven't been answering your phone." He said " Oh and she wanted to make sure you hadn't forgot about the party tonight" He added.

I groaned I hadn't asked Seth about it yet. He usually won't let me go unless he attends and even then sometimes he won't allow me to go. "What you don't want to go?" Stefan asked. "Something like that" I replied.

I heard Seth groaning in his sleep.

I snapped my head towards my bed noticing Seth starting to wake. I'm dead if he wakes to see Stefan at my bedroom window.

Turning back to Stefan "You gotta go" I rushed out Not wanting to have Seth wake up and start an argument over his brother since yesterday he had told me to stay away from Stefan and I wasn't about to disobey him and start another argument. "I gotta go" I rushed with an apologetic smile.

I quickly shut my window heading straight for my bathroom. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth before drying my body with my towel.

Wrapping the towel around my body tightly I left the bathroom heading to my walk in closet praying Seth was still asleep. I wanted to be dressed before he wakes.

To my luck Seth was awake his eyes trailing up and down my body as he took in my almost naked skin.

I felt a small blush creep onto my cheeks, I felt a little Nervous as I felt his gaze on me the whole time that I changed into my clothes but I brushed it off. Since I was inside my closet I was hoping he didn't see too much.

I exited my closet to stand in front of the mirror as I looked into the reflection seeing Seth walking towards me. With my back to his chest He moved my hair to the side trailing kisses down my neck.

I closed my eyes savouring the feel. Seth glided his hands across my breasts, collar bone and up to my neck as he watched our reflection in the mirror.

With his right hand holding my neck he brushed his thumb over the four purple bruises I now had on the skin of my neck. "A reminder for anyone who wants to touch what's mine" he said smiling proudly at his claim.

A small smile formed on my lips. "What do you want for breakfast" I asked him changing the subject.

"You" His reply was simple.

I laughed I knew exactly what he meant by that one word reply but I wasn't ready to go that far yet we had only been dating for seven months after all.

A knock on the front door saved me.

I turned around in his hold "That will be Lauren, Take a shower and I'll go make you breakfast" I told him as I placed a single kiss to his lips before turning and exiting the room leaving Seth to watch me leave.

I ran downstairs opening the door to reveal Lauren. "Girl you took forever" She said walking past me and straight to the kitchen. "I called you like ten times" She said as she got a can of coke out of my fridge.

Lauren stays here a lot when my dads out of town so my house was like a second home to her.

As Lauren made herself comfortable I began working away cooking sausage and bacon sandwiches.

"So where is Seth? his car is parked outside?" She asked.

"Taking a shower he will be down soon" I replied.

"What did he say?"She asked.

I turned seeing she was looking at me questioningly. I raised my brow at her "What?" I asked

"You forgot about the party didn't you?" She raised a brow.

"No I just haven't mentioned it to him yet" I said making Lauren frown "Don't worry I will ask him I've just not had the chance, We argued last night" I defended myself.

Lauren sat straight in her seat perking up at the news "About?," She asked curiosity on her face.

"Stefan" I replied with a sigh.

Lauren smirked "Stefan?" She questioned with an amused look on her face. "Yes Stefan, Seth thinks something is going on with me and his brother" I said rolling my eyes.

Lauren had a bright smile on her face. why She was smiling like that? I have no idea. "Is there?" She asked "Is there what?" I asked confused. "Something going on between you and the bad boy?" She clarified.

I frowned at her question. "Of Course not I have a boyfriend remember" I replied honestly because there wasn't anything going on between me and Stefan.

"Yeah but you already know my opinion on him. I prefer the other brother for you" she explained.

I rolled my eyes for the second time at her. She never liked Seth infact they both hate each other. She thinks Seth is a 'Dickhead' and doesn't treat me the way I should be treated. And Seth? Well he just doesn't like her he never really gave me an explanation on why.

Before I could reply to Lauren, Seth walked into the kitchen. His hair still wet from the shower he had just taken.

"Oh look what the cat dragged in" Seth said smirking at Lauren. I sighed at his greeting for my best friend.

Lauren rolled her eyes "I'm not going to waste my energy on you" She said hopping to her feet "I'll be here for six p.m to get ready. Savanah don't let me down, Love you!" She said before she left the kitchen gracefully.



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