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Savanah's P.O.V

I heard the front door shut meaning Lauren had left.

Placing the finished sandwiches on a plate I turned to face Seth who was eying me questioningly.

"Get ready for what?" He asked as I handed him his breakfast.

"Well me and Lauren are going to Jake's party tonight" I answered him.

The look on his face told me he didn't like the idea.

"I was going to tell you lastnight but we argued so I didn't get the chance to" I rushed out.

"Your not going" Seth said sternly.

I frowned I was actually looking forward to it. "But" I began to protest "I SAID NO" Seth gritted.

This is so unfair who is he to tell me I can't attend a party with my friend. "Why? I really want to go seth" I pleaded him with my eyes.

The look he gave me scared me I knew that look nothing good comes out of it.

Taking a step back I backed away from him knowing I am terrified of this side of Seth. "Seth" I said. "I SAID NO SAVANAH DON'T YOU FUCKING LISTEN" He yelled pushing me harshly into the counter.

I was angry now he acts asif I was asking his permission I wasn't! Was I? Raising my fists I hit his chest hard "DON'T PUSH ME LIKE THAT" I raised my voice to him whilst bringing my fists down on his hard chest.

Seth grabbed my wrists tightly.

His grip was so tight I winced at the burning pain. It wouldn't be a surprise to me if it leaves a bruise behind.

"You are not going" He gritted yet again.

"I wasn't asking Seth I was informing you I would be out tonight" I said calmly. If I stay calm he will become calm.

Deep down I was not calm,I was far from it. He scares me when he gets like this it's as if something snaps and he just isnt the guy I fell for.

Rage covered Seth's face at my words taking a fist full of my hair he gripped it tightly pulling my head back, forcing me to look right at him.

The action in return making we wince at the pain "I dont want you at Jakes do you understand" he spat at me. Tears sprung to my eyes and I willed myself to not let them fall.

With my arms now free from his hold I pulled at his arms trying to pry his grip from my hair. He let go of my hair Taking a hold of my chin roughly.

I pushed him off of me as hard as I could. The anger inside of him only intesified.

The look of anger upon his face made me run for the door. I didn't get far as he grabbed me by my arms pulling me backwards. I struggled in his hold "SETH STOP!" I Screamed.

Seth roughly turned me to face him before letting go.

I stood still to frightened at the anger radiating off of him to move.

He was furious as he raised His hand to my face before all I felt was pain across my cheek bone.

I fell to the floor as tears began streaming down my face.

I was shocked He hit me Seth hit me! He has been aggressive towards me leaving bruises on my arms and wrist before yes! but he has never hit me on the face before. Never.

"LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO SAVANAH" Seth yelled his breathing rugged and heavy.

Seconds went by it was silent for what seemed like ages I didn't dare speak.

Seth bent down bringing his hand to my face brushing my hair out of the way with his fingers.

"I'm sorry you just make me so angry sometimes and I don't want you going because I know Stefan will be there" he said cupping my cheek.

Great! We are back on the Stefan thing.

I couldn't bring my eyes too look at Seth, I didn't want to look at him So I kept my eyes glued to the kitchen tiles on the floor.

Seth began to say something but Before he could I abruptly raised to my feet and began harshly wiping the tears from my own face

"Get out!" I said sternly.

My voice shaking even though I was trying my best to not crumble infront of him.

Seth shook his head his fist clenching by his sides "Savan" I didn't let him finish. I bolted running to my room as fast as my legs could take me. Slamming my door shut I locked it from the inside.

Seth began banging his fists against my door "SAVANAH OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR" "SAVANAH" He yelled so loudly.

I shakily sighed closing my eyes tightly. What am I to do? I can't stay with him after this can I? But I fell for him I fell for him so hard! My mind swirled with all kids of emotions.



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