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Savanah's P.O.V

After awhile The banging had stopped and it went silent for a few minutes before Seth spoke up

"Baby please. I'm sorry!" He apologised.

I slid down the wall not being able to controll the tears that threatened to spill yet again. "Baby" He said softly.

"Please Seth I want to be left alone atleast for awhile" I informed him silently praying he would leave. "Savanah I" Seth began but I cut him off "Please Seth" I pleaded hoping he would just leave already.

I could here him sigh from the other side of the door before hearing his footsteps descend down the stairs and my front door slam shut.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding wtf has just happened?

Standing to my feet I dragged myself to the bathroom.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror I looked a mess my eyes a little red and puffy from crying.

A small bruise forming on my cheek bone underneath my eye. I looked like I had been dragged behind a moving bus.

I sighed what the fuck just happened? I couldn't believe the events of this morning. I knew he had anger problems but how could he do that to me. How could he hit me?

I splashed some cold water on my face and dried it with a towel before heading out the bathroom.

I took my headphones and phone from my bedside table before heading outside.

Climbing out my window I sat down breathing in the fresh air. It was nice out the fresh air to my lungs helped sooth me.

I plugged my head phones in pressing play on my playlist on my phone before laying down looking up to the sky. It was a warm day the heat coming from the sun hit my skin making my body instantly relax.

What am I to do? Seth's anger is getting to much for me to handle, but I care for him so much it just feels like he isn't the same guy he was when we first met, That guy would never physically harm me I refuse to believe he is the same guy I fell for.

My phone buzzed telling me I had a text message. I opened it up seeing it was a text from Seth.

'Im sorry kitten please forgive me, I love You'

- Seth xxx

Does he mean it? I know he can't control his anger but if he loves me why would he hurt me? Deciding to text him back I replied to his text.

'I know, I Love you too but Just give me space , I want to be left alone for a little while. Please'

- Savanah

Putting my phone down I gazed up at the sky I wish it was dark and the stars where out that would be so perfect to calm me down right now.

Closing my eyes I focused on the music playing through my headset the beat of the song that played washing my aching heart away.

My eyes snapped open feeling the left earphone being pulled out. "Easy princess it's just me" Stefan's voice came to my ears. I sighed in relief.

I wasn't aware that he had climbed over to my roof.

Sitting up I looked to my left seeing Stefan already looking at me "What happened to your cheek?" He questioned.

My eyes went wide shit what do I say? I can't exactly tell him Seth did it.

Stefan was looking at me intensely searching for a response in my eyes. Quickly I came up with a lie

" I dropped my phone on my face when I was lying down" I replied quietly my lie sounding far from believable.

Stefan didn't look convinced one bit as his Jaw clenched, His intense gaze not moving from my face. "Did Seth do this?" He question after a minute or two.

I was shocked at his question how did he know did Seth tell him? "N-no" I stuttered. Was my lie not believable? A bruise can form after dropping your phone on your face right? I have done it before and it hurts like a bitch but there was no bruise afterwards.

Stefan shook his head "Your lying I just watched him storm out angrily after hearing you two arguing and if I remember correctly you didn't have that bruise when we spoke an hour ago" he said his jaw ticking as he clenched his teeth so tightly.

"I told you I dropped my phone" I paused with a sigh "Can we just dropp it?" I said not having the energy for any of this right now.

Stefan didn't look impressed or convinced for that matter but he nodded his head anyway.

Leaning his back against the wall he lit a cigarette inhaling large tokes.

He looked angry about what? I don't know. Does he not believe me? I hope he did I don't want Seth to get into trouble.

I plugged my head phone back in to my right ear leaving my left ear open in case Stefan spoke up.

Leaning back against the wall beside Stefan The both of us became silent in our own thoughts.

It was a comfortable silence still, Does that even make any sense? is it weird that I feel more relaxed with Stefan by my side? I feel safer, Even more safer than I feel when with Seth.



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