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Savanah's pov-

I am currently lounging on the sofa watching Friends while I wait for the lasagne I had made to finish cooking. It is now ten past five in the evening. Lauren should be here in about fifty minutes.

I had sat outside with Stefan for about an hour and thirty five minutes in complete silence.

The only words spoken between us was when he had asked if he could listen to the other headphone I had left out of my ear.

He didn't push for an explanation on the bruise that was forming upon my cheek bone. I guess he finally believed the little lie I had told him. Either that or he didn't really care on how I had got it.

Stefan seemed to be in his own thoughts dealing with his own problems I guess. He seemed a little closed off and angry even, He wasn't himself. He usually always tries to raise my bad mood to a good one but for that one hour a and thirty five minutes he was in his own world.

I can't seem to get it off my mind that something was wrong with him, I should of asked if he was okay but I was being selfish caught up in my own problems to involve myself into someone else's. I didn't mind the silence between us it was comforting with his presence, Calming even.

The timer on the oven went off making me aware that my lasagne was finally ready. I pulled the blanket off of me and jumped to my feet before making my way to the kitchen.

I took the lasagne out from the oven and turned the oven off. Dishing the lasagne out on to a plate I grabbed a fork and knife from the cutlery draw and a can of coke from the fridge before sitting at the table.

My stomach rumbled at the smell, It smelt so good. Now I'm not the best cook there is but there's a few dishes I have learnt to cook over the years since I've had too fend for myself many times since my farther is a very busy man with his work, And my mother well let's just say I'm none existent in her eyes it's been that way for many years.

Now Finished with my food I raised my head to see the mess that I had made in preparing this meal.

I guess you could say I am a really messy cook since pretty much all surfaces had something that needed to be wiped or cleaned.

I sighed raising to my feet I began cleaning the mess that I have made.

I could here my phone ring from the front living room. I ignored it knowing its probably Seth calling again.

He has called my phone every hour. It's stressful all I want is some time to think and all his calls do is make me wonder if im being too hard on him by ignoring him even though I know that I'm not, Am I?

A knock sounded on the front door and I quickly finished washing the fork I was washing before drying my hands on a tea towel and making my way towards the door.

I opened the door to reveal Lauren who was smiling very excitedly before her lips turned In to a fine line. "Omg what happened to you" she asked walking In to the house.

I gave her a small smile before closing the door. "Nothing I'm fine I just dropped my phone on my face when I was lying down that's all" I said reassuringly.

Her face turned to a scowl and I sighed great she doesn't believe me either. "Did Seth do this? because if he did I swear to fucking god I will cut his ding dong off and literally leave him with blue balls for the rest of his life" She said angrily.

I gulped trying to keep a straight face as to not confirm that I was indeed lying to her. "Off course not" I fake chuckled hoping that would help the lie in place. "Your lying you have bruises on your wrist" she pointed to my wrist accusingly.

I glanced to my wrist and sure enough I had a light purple/red bruises formed upon this skin of my wrists.

I sighed for like the tenth time today making my way to sit on the sofa.

Of course Lauren followed behind placing herself beside me on the sofa.

If I tell Lauren does that mean im betraying Seth? If I dont tell Lauren does that mean im betraying my best friend? I do need someone to talk to but if I tell her I will only be hit with 'you can't stay with him after this' 'You have to tell someone' or worse she will literally cut Seth's dick off. Argh so many thoughts of what if's my mind felt like It would explode any moment.

It was silent for a few minute before she spoke up "Sav? I'm here for you, You know that right?" She said looking at me reassuringly.

I smiled back at her before it fell silent again.

I felt her eyes glued to the side of my head. I know she only wants to help me but I can't help the feeling that she might just judge me, I know that's all in my head though.

I turned to face Lauren taking a deep breath "Ok, You where right I didn't drop my phone on my face" I confessed drifting my eyes to look at her face.

She had a frown upon her face but noded for me to explain further. "When you left this morning me and Seth had an argument about the party. It got pretty heated very quickly. And this" I said pointing to my face before looking down at my wrists "This is the outcome of our argument" I confessed as the tears began falling on their own accord.

Lauren pulled me in and embraced me in her hold allowing me to cry on her shoulder. I couldn't stop the tears they just kept coming intensely as Lauren tried to sooth me with her words that where really not helping right now "Shh sav it's ok, I will get Jasper and the boys to kick the shit out off him, They will make him bleed I promise" She said sincerely.

I pulled away shaking my head left to right rapidly in a 'No' Motion.

"Please, You can't tell anyone, Please Lauren you cant" I begged frantically.

Lauren looked back at me with a questioningook. It felt like minutes had went by before she finally spoke again "Ok, My lips are sealed and whatever you decide to do whatever that may be I will stick by your decision" She said softly.

A sigh of relief left my lips at her words "Thank" I began before She cut me off a habit of hers if you haven't noticed.

"But I swear to the gods above that I will bury him alive if he ever harms you ever again" she said seriously.

I laughed slightly at her words "Your not even religious" I announced with a raised brow. "Yeah well either way he will be screwed if he lays another finger on you gods or no gods" she said with a serious tone.

"Thankyou, For being you, But can we forget this for now? I don't want to think about any of this" I asked pleading.

Lauren gave me a sad smile before jumping to her feet and clapping her hands together "Right, Get off your pretty little ass, We have a party to prepare for" She almost squealed with a massive grin upon her face.



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