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Savanah's pov-

It was now nine at night and We where finally ready to leave for the party. It took me a while to decide on what to wear but in the end I had decided on wearing a pair of dark navy blue skinny Jeans, a long sleeve Green off the shoulders crop top that by the way I loved since it showes off my defined collar bone, and paired it with a pair of black open toe high heel shoes.

I Had done my make up as normal and added a Matte red lipstick to my lips. I was able to cover up the bruise that was upon my cheek bone.

I struggled at first but with the help of Lauren we finally made it work.

I have purposely wore a long sleeve top for tonight so that I can hide the bruises that had formed on both of my wrists and I'm thankful that the sleeve ends just over the begging of the palms of my hands.

All I want to do is let loose and have a fun night with Lauren tonight and I couldn't do that if I had to keep explaining how I had got those bruises.

We left the house and I locked the door placing the key in the back of my phone case. "Hurry up already we have been waiting twenty minutes for you two" I heard Liam yell from the car. Liam was tall with blue eyes or maybe green I'm not sure but he always has a massive cheeky smile placed across his face whenever I see him.

We made our way to Jasper's car and to our luck the car only had five seats and four of those where taken. Liam and Jasper where in the front, with Stefan and Dom in the back. Dom was slightly tanned with dark brown hair and brown eyes big build like the rest of his friends.

"But I wanted to sit with you Jasper" Lauren whined crossing her arms across her chest.

I rolled my eyes at her attempt to steal shot gun from Liam.

"Sorry my love, I promise on the ride back the front seat is all your's" Jasper reasoned with her from the drivers seat. Lauren frowned but reluctantly sat on the spare seat behind Jasper.

It was my turn to frown as Lauren looked up at me expectantly.

"You know since there isn't enough seats I can just get a taxi there" I informed them.

The guys chuckled at my response to having to sit on Lauren's lap for the car journey. "Oh come on loosen up and get in already" Lauren pulled me forward by my hand.

Even though this is not safe to do so I climbed into the car and sat upon Lauren's lap. Liam turned to face us from his seat in the front.

"Lauren do you wanna switch seats? I wouldn't mind having sav sit on my lap" He commented before sending a wink my way.

Liam instantly received a smack across the back of his head by Stefan who was sat behind him.

"Alright Alright" Liam raised his hands up in defence.

I chuckled at how much of an idiot he can be but that's Liam for you and that is exactly why pretty much everyone at school likes him. He's amusing and very unfiltered.

The car ride wasn't too long it only took around ten minutes to get to the house party. Everyone climbed out the car and we all began walking up to the house.

The house was a pretty big house, I have been here once before with Seth and his friends for a pool party but that didn't turn out too well since I was wearing a bikini and Seth well, Seth was just being Seth and didn't like the idea of me wearing a bikini infront of others.

I rolled my eyes at the memory.

"LET'S PARTYYYY" Liam yelled over the music before disappearing into the living room that was now turned into a dance floor.

I spotted Seth sat on one of the sofas next to Harry and Jake. He was smiling and laughing with his friends as-if our encounter this morning didn't even happen.

As-if feeling my gaze on him Seth looked my way connecting his eyes to mine. He exchanged a few words to his friends before standing to his feet and in no time at all he was standing infront of me. "Hey babe, You look beautiful" He said placing a kiss to my cheek.

I was lost for words as I just stood there froze like an idiot looking back at him as he smiled down at me with that sweet smile of his.

Does he not remember literally ragging me around my kitchen earlier this morning?

"Okay well I'm going to get a drink, any takers?" Lauren announced before a wave of 'Er Yeah sure' 'let's go's' where herd.

I focused my attention to my friend in time to see her give me a reassuring smile before heading into the kitchen with the others. Seth took a hold of my hand pulling me back out to the front yard gently.

The second we had a little privacy To my surprise Seth placed a gentle kiss to my lips.

"Seth I -I can't do this" I stuttered trying to back away from him.

Seth gently took a hold of my face between his hands "Please Savanah I know I hurt you, I know I did and I know I was in the wrong and that my actions can not be excused. But I want you too know I am sorry that I hurt you, I really am sorry. forgive me please?" He said sounding so sincere.

I swallowed the lump forming in my throat. Come on suck it up Savanah you can't start crying now.

I cleared my throat before speaking up "I love you Seth but how do I know you won't just do it again, How do I know that I won't end up with another black eye the next time you get mad" I let out quickly struggling to keep the tears in as my eyes began to fill up. "I bruised you?" He asked almost defeated.

I slowly nodded my head yes.

He pulled me gently so that our bodies flushed together and our heads leant on each others "I am so sorry kitten, I promise I will never hurt you again, I will make it up to you for what I did, I will do anything, anything you want" He said looking at me pleadingly.

"I'm sorry Savanah I love you" He apologised again as he placed a gentle kiss to my cheek bone.

I closed My eyes taking in a deep breath before letting it out.

I had an overwhelming feeling inside me hearing Seth tell me he loves me. Before I could respond to Seth my body took over and before I knew what I was doing my lips where on his. Seth instantly moved his lips in sync with mine, Wrapping his arms around me as I melted into his embrace.

Time went by before I pulled away drifting my eyes to look up at him, I couldn't help but smile as Seth had the biggest smile on his face.

"I should go find Lauren before she hunts me down" I informed him.

"Ok" he said as he caressed my cheek bone with his thumb, I leaned into his touch feeling comfort.

"Promise to come find me soon?" He asked brushing a hair from my face and placing it behind my ear.

"I promise" I smiled at him.

Taking my hand Seth gently pulled me back inside the house. Placing a quick kiss to my temple Seth made his way back to his friends.

I let out a long breath before heading towards the kitchen, Today has mentally been a long and crazy roller coaster and I'm going to need a strong drink to be able to wind down from today's events.




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