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Stefan's P.O.V -

I am currently standing with Jasper, Lauren, Liam and Savanah.

Dom was well, I'm not sure but he was about somewhere.

He would of loved to watch the scene currently playing out infront of me.

Savanah was trying to out drink Liam with shots. It was pretty amusing Savanah was on her second glass of jd and coke and is currently on her fifth shot. I know that Savanah isn't much of a drinker so I'm really surprised she isn't lying on the floor passed out yet.

I couldn't help but smile as I watched her smiling and enjoying herself.

She was care free in this moment and I wish I could see more of the care free Savanah only without giving herself alcohol poising.

Savanah stumbled over her own feet, I caught her upper arm with ease, Gently holding her up to keep her balance.

"Easy princess, I think you have had enough to drink" I smiled down at her.

She rolled her eyes at me before giggling "Nuh uh it's T-He shoes I swearrr" she defended slurring her words slightly before reaching for her glass of jd and coke.

I chuckled at her response and For the second time she stumbled knocking her glass over leaving Liam in hysterics "Damn ittttt" She whined and I couldn't help but chuckle again at her as she scrunched up her face looking at the now wet sleeves her spilt drink left her with.

Savanah began rolling her wet sleeve up, Well she tried too but struggled as the alcohol had began making an effect on her.

I took ahold of her petite hand before rolling her sleeve up to her elbow for her.

Anger instantly hit me as my eyes landed on the purple bruises on the skin of her wrists. What the fuck is that?

Savanah pulled her arm back quickly. I looked up to her face to see she was biting her lip nervously thumbling to pull her sleeve back down.

I swiftly reached out halting her actions as I took a hold of her hand to examine the bruises

"What happened?" I questioned although I am sure I already have a rough Idea of the answer to this.

"Oh" she scrunched her face up, her eyebrows knitting together as she became deep in thought.

"Savanah?" I questioned again . "Ohhhh that I Jamesed it in the door"

I clenched my Jaw shut tightly trying to rein my anger in and keep calm.

If I wasn't feeling so rowled up right now I would of found amusement at the fact she had said jamesed it in the door instead of Jammed it but right now all I could see was the marks upon her delicate skin.

Savanah pulled her arm out of my hold turning to face the others as they just looked at her questioningly, wanting to know the answer themselves.

I reached for Savanah's arm twirling her back to face me.

I pulled the sleeve to her other arm up "SSteffn w-whatryou doo" just as I had assumed her now rolled up sleeve revealed the matching purple bruises upon the skin of her wrists

"I guess you got so clumsy you Jammed both your arms in the door huh?" I gritted out.

Savanah looked to Lauren who only had a look of shock on her face before Savanah turned back to me

"yup clumbsyy mee" She shrugged trying to turn away from me for the third time.

Taking her hands in mine I turned her to face me again "Did Seth Do This" I asked calmly.

Savanah visibly gulped but didn't say a word "ANSWER ME SAVANAH DID HE DO IT?" I yelled making her flinch at my suddenly raised voice.

Liam made his way to stand between us pushing me back slightly with a little force "Alright Stefan..bro that's enough. Your scaring her" He said sternly.

I shook my head "I'm scaring her?" I asked bewildered.

"Im scaring her? Do you not see the bruises on her skin, Don't tell me you believe that bullshit story?" I spat. Liam stood firmly infront of me

"Now is not the time bro" he said standing his ground.

I shook my head focusing my eyes back to Savanah who now stood wrapped in Lauren's arms.

I'm not sure if she is crying but the thought of that made guilt sweep through me but it was gone just as fast and replaced with anger as my mind drifted to the thought of the bruise I had seen earlier on her cheek.

I clenched my Jaw so hard trying not to burst with anger infront of Savanah "I think it's time you take Savanah home" I instructed looking over to lauren who only nodded her head in agreement.




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