A mate's love?

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Snow Winters is a werewolf with snow white hair and piercing green eyes underweight and only 5'2 and has never had an easy life after her parents were murdered by rouges when she was 7. Her pack blames her for her parents death as she was the only saviour of her family. Her dad was the packs Bata. She is beaten, starved, hurt and never been cared for and is the pack slave. All she wants is to find her mate when she turns 18. And she can finally be safe and happy But what happeneds when she finds her mate and he is the one who is her biggest tormentor.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one

What is life?

Am I alive?

Can nothing be classed as alive?

Can nothing have a mate?

Those are the questions that I ask myself every morning when I wake on the cold floor in the kitchen after I have been beaten where I can't stand or move. How can this be my fate? Even on the morning of my 18th birthday?

For as long as I can remember I have been told that I am nothing and that I should be grateful that i have what i got. That in ugly, fat, stupid, disgusting and waste of oxygen. But am still I must always clean the pack house, cook all there meals for the pack pretty much anything they don't want to do I do.

And yes I'm a werewolf. The pack slave as they like to call me.

" where is our food? " said a whiny voice.

I would know that voice anywhere. Amy, the pack slut. Or should I say the leaders of the sluts.

Amy notices me on the floor and starts to smirk.

" awwww look the fat fuck can't even get up off the floor she is so fat! " she said with a high pitched laugh. To only come over and start kicking me In the stomach which was already saw from last nights beating from the higher ranking members of the pack.

I didn't realise Amy came in the kitchen with someone, but not just anyone The soon to be alpha Jack of the night blood pack. One of the worst tormentors in this pack. He will be taking over the roll as alpha on his 21st birthday which is in 2 months or when he finds his mate.

He has black hair and pure blue eyes, 6'7 and super built, you would know he is an alpha's son just by looking at him. He exudes pure power without even trying.

But all I could think was......

What is that amazing smell. Fresh cut grass and rain.

Our eyes locked and we both said " MATE!!! "

Oh no.......

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