Sweet Siren

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Come take a journey back in time where Nesrin Black grew up knowing that all the women in her family before her grew up as witches. A few premonitions show her, her destiny and what will happen. Meeting a fearless Barbarian Viking clan who demands her to help but falls in love with.

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BOOK 1 of Written In The Pages

Sweet Siren

Come take a journey back in time where Nesrin Black grew up knowing that all the women in her family before her grew up as witches. A few premonitions show her, her destiny and what will happen. Meeting a fearless barbarian clan who demands her to help but falls in love with.


840 A.D.

Ever since I was a little girl my mother told me that the women in our family were special and that most people would always look down on us. We didn't belong with the towns people, we were the outcast or so the towns people would say. Well really they called us witches.. Sometimes when I walked to the market, the children would throw anything they could get their hands on. Fruit, vegetables, rocks and sometimes even dog poo.

As my father worked as a farmer we would grow crops that we would sell at the market while my mother sold off her herbs, oils and spices. The money that we would receive would go on the food we could eat for the week and maybe if my parents made enough I would receive something special like a dress or a trinket but that only happened once in a blue moon.

As I sat with my mother mixing up the herbs she wanted to put into an oil, I felt my head spin. I placed the grinder down as my hands holds my head, my mother looks over at me with a worried look she knew what was coming and as did I.

The clouds in the sky turned dark grey as the storm got closer and closer, thunder roared in the distance as lighting struck and lit up the dusk skies while the heavy rain poured down. Boats many boats grew closer and closer to our shores, men with thick fur boots and cloaks with swords and axes by their sides while holding wooden shields.

Once ashore they blew into their gjallarhorn letting us and the towns people know that they were here. As they all rushed to storm the town, yelling as they leave behind burning buildings in their paths. Fighting the kings guard, killing any man who got in their way leaving the women and children. As the smoke clears their faces became clearer, red war paint smudge over their faces representing the blood of the fallen.

But once their leaders face came into view I was back to staring at my mother in front of me, I was shaking in fear as she quickly went to my side wrapping her arms around me. "What did you see my love" She asks.

When I told her what happened in my premonition she swallowed hard and stood up, she knew that if we went to warn the king he would have us burned at the stake. The king hated witches ever since my mother turned him down when they were younger, she had met my father before that had happened and chose my father over becoming a queen but my father always treated my mother as a queen.

"Did you see what they were after?" My mother asked, I looked at my shaky hands.

"No mother but it was like they were looking for something"


It had been days since that premonition I had of those beastly men. I had been sent off to town to visit some towns people who needed my mothers herbs and oils to help them. So I pulled on my hood, grabbing the basket and went on my way. When I looked up at the sky the dark grey clouds threatened to rain upon me, so I pulled my cloak around me more and quicken my pace towards the town square.

Once I was through the gate it had just started to rain so I quickly made my way towards the towns bakery, Mrs Norman owned the little bakery with her husband. The bell above the door rang as I walked inside, my mouth started to water with the amazing smell of fresh baked goods.

"Ah Nesrin come in dear" Mrs Norman says with a big smile.

"Good afternoon Mrs Norman I have brought you the oils that you wanted" I say with a soft smile on my face.

"Of course, thank you" She says as she leads me to the back where her husband was, I placed the basket onto the table I took out the oils that Mr Norman needed for his bad eczema. Mrs Norman placed 2 loafs of bread into the basket along with a raspberry jam tart that she always gave to me when I visited her. With a goodbye I left them to it as I went off into the rain once again, it had seemed to get heavier while through the town but what stopped me in my tracks was heading a horn blow in the distance and then out of the blue the towns bells started to ring telling us that we were under attack.

As the towns people started to panic, they all started to run pushing people out of the way. Even I was shoved down into the mud covering my cloak and the dress that I wore in mud, making me drop the basket of bread.

As the towns people ran I stood up trying to brush off the mud but it didn't work, I quickly tried to run towards the gate but it was no use they were already storming the towns square. As the sky grew darker the whole town was lit but fire burning in some buildings, women and children screaming as they tried to run away. I could also hear metal steel crashing against each other as swords and axes were used as weapons against each other.

People laid dead on the muddy ground as I tried to run away from I was cornered by some of the huge beasts, as the smoked cleared their faces appeared with red war paint exactly how I saw my premonition. I gasped as one of them grabbed me by the arm I struggled to get free but he was so much stronger than I.

As I was forced to my knees I noticed a lot of women were being forced to do the same thing as they cried and shook in fear but I couldn't see my mother anywhere. "Which one of you is the local witch?" Asked one of the beasts.

I swallowed hard when everyone turned to look at me, I looked down in fear as one of the steps closer. Once they got closer they grabbed me by the hair pulling me up I cried out in pain as their fist grew tighter and tighter. I crawled at his hand but once my fingers touched him my head started to spin.

I stood in front of a burning fire watching the flames as I hear his footsteps get closer to me but before I knew it, I felt the heat off his body as he stood behind me. The way he moved my hair softly away from my neck left me having goosebumps all over my body, before he leans in running his fingers up and down the side of my neck.

When I turned around I saw the most handsome man looking down at the me with pore love in his bright blue eyes. "My siren" he spoke the words in a whisper, it sent shivers down my spine as he stoked my cheek.

I grasped hard like I trying to breathe, the man had now let go of my hair as everyone around us stared in shock while I laid on the floor. "Please don't hurt my daughter" I heard my mother yell out from the crowd but she was being held back. I heard footsteps get closer to me and when I looked up to see who it was I saw the bright blue eyes that was from my premonition staring down at me. They weren't showing the love I had seen, no they were showing control, a fearless leader.

He nods to the guy who had held my hair then turned around and went inside the palace."Get up" the man growled as he grabbed my arm pulling me up, I could hear my mother begging to let me go.

I get dragged inside the palace to one of the rooms. Candles were lit everywhere for light but once I was inside the room I saw a young girl, younger then me by a few years lying in bed. Sweat was covering her body as she shook from the cold. "Help her" growled the blue eyed beast.

I stared at him in fear but he steps closer to me when I don't move "help her or die" he growls, I swallowed hard.

"I-I need help.. m-my mother and f-father" I stutter as he narrows his eyes at me but stands up tall nodding to a guy behind me. I made my way closer to the girl lying on the bed, I placed hand on her forehead to feel if she was burning up. I looked around seeing chest on the other side of the I made my way over quickly grabbing the blankets that were in there. I laid them out before my parents stepped into the room.

"Oh Nesrin" my mother held me in her arms as my father did the same. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

"No I am fine" I said before the blue eyed beast cleared his throat. "I need help... I think she has a fever" I said bringing my mother closer to the bed.

"Let me see" my mother says as she got closer "Ah yes. My love I need my herbs and oils please. We need to cover her and she stays warm, even if she is sweating. How long has she been like this?" My mother asks looking towards the beastly men.

"A few weeks"

My mother nods her head "Nesrin I need you to get some water and a cloth and wipe her down, your father and I will go back to gather my things."

"Be safe" I tell them both as they each kissed my cheek, when they left I felt nervous with these people watching everything I do. I couldn't help my shaky hands as I let the water heat up over the fire.

Once the water was warm enough I dipped the cloth in and drained, slowly and softly wiping the sweat off the poor girls face.

But I couldn't help but think about the premonition I had before I came in here, it felt so real. It felt so real, the heat coming off the fire as well as the heat coming off the beast like man who sat next to the bed watching my every move.


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