Viking Princess

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After sneaking around and Bjorn finding out about their relationship, Astrid and Troels get married. As Troels goes off raiding Astrid starts to get these weird dreams of death and black crows but she doesn't know the meaning to all of it. Till she seeks answers wondering if they are all true.

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Viking Princess

Book 2 of Written In The Pages


After sneaking around and Bjorn finding out about their relationship, Astrid and Troels get married. As Troels goes off raiding Astrid starts to get these weird dreams of death and black crows but she doesn't know the meaning to all of it.

Till she seeks answers wondering if they are all true.


(This will be a short story)

Fields of blood had been scattered across the ground as crows stood over bodies while cawing away. Broken shields, broken axes and swords covered in blood all laid on the ground as I searched the bodies for someone. I called for someone's name but it wasn't clear for me to understand, I was scared I felt myself shake in fear.

I ran frantic trying to search whoever I was looking for and when I finally found who it was looking for their face was blank, it was like they had no face. They were standing there holding a wound that was bleeding profusely, blood drip down onto the floor around the viking warrior's feet. "My love, my soul"

I gasped as I shot up in bed, holding a hand to my chest because it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. My body was covered in sweat not because it was hot in the room but because of the weird dreams I kept having, this was the third one now and it all ended the same way. Waking up just after I hear the words "my love, my soul" they were the exact same words that Troels tells me. I look over at him sound asleep in our bed as the fur blankets only come up to his waist leaving his naked chest on display.

I push the covers off me before I stand up wrapping my robe around me I walk over to the basin cupping some water before I wash my face. Once I dried it I walked over to the fire place, nights like these I was not able to go back to sleep and since the sun was not up yet I would mostly just sat watching the fire.

"Astrid? What are you doing up?" I heard Troels ask from the bed, when I looked over my shoulder he was popped up on his elbow watching me.

"I am sorry that I woke you" I said as I walked over to him, taking a seat on the bed next to him.

"What is wrong?" He asked me but I shook my head no.

"It is nothing" I smiled at him as I pulled the furs over me as he takes me in his arms.


I watched as Ulf and Erik were practicing with their father Bjorn as Nesrin sat beside me combing Revna long hair before she braided it back off her face. "Mother when can I be a shield maiden?" Revna excitedly asked Nesrin.

"I will speak with your father" she tells Revna, Nesrin looks over at me noticing my dark circles around my eyes "Astrid are you okay?"

I nodded my head but turned back to ask her something "you haven't had any premonitions lately have you?" She shakes her head no, making me sigh as I bit my lip. "Do you think you could make me some tea?.. I-I'm not really sleeping" I asked her.

"Of course, I'll bring it by tonight. What's going on Astrid you are making me worried" Nesrin says as she squeezes my hand but I just wave her off telling her it was nothing. After a while of watching the children muck around with each other I wondered if I was ever going to have a child. "Your time will come soon, I know I saw it" Nesrin smiles softly at me before I nodded my head.

I had been walking through town with my mother as she was getting older she needed more help to get around, we were greeted by the townspeople we each gave a smile back at them. "They leave soon" she says looking off into the distance of the open sea. I sighed feeling my heart break a little bit knowing Troels will be among those who would be leaving with Bjorn, I should be used to it but after he came back injured it made me worry more.

"Your not happy about that?" My mother asks.

"Who would be happy about that mother? I mean they go off raiding and we sit here worrying about them, wondering and hoping they will return safely."

"It is part of who they are, who we are my child." My mother says "I was the same with your father and your brother, hoping and praying to the gods in their safe return." I nodded my head biting my lip as I remember the horrible dreams I've had.

It was later that night I was combing my hair when I heard a knock on the door when I tell them to come in I saw Nesrin walking in with her mother. I smiled at both of them before I stood up too greet them. "Astrid you look well" Theodora greets, Nesrin makes some hot water for the tea that they had brought. "Your glowing" Theodora says walking over to me, making me look confused. "Oh Astrid I am sorry."

"Oh no that is alright I just don't know what you are talking about" I tell her before she smiles grabbing my hand and places her other hand on top of my belly.

"My dear you are with child" she says making me and Nesrin gasp in shock. "You didn't know?" She asks, I shook my head no. "Well you must tell Troels he will be so happy about the news" giving me a smile Nesrin walks over with the hot tea.

"Now we know why your not sleeping this will help" Nesrin smiles as I take the cup, drinking the tea. I thanked both women for helping me before Troels walks into the room greeting both women before they take their leave.

"Everything alright my love?" He asks me as I stand up from the chair walking over to me he grabs my hands.

"Yeah... I-I think so.." I said biting my lip I took a deep breath and let it go before I told him the news. I waited for his reaction for a moment or two and I was about to say something till he picked me up and spun me around with joy.

As he places me back down on my feet he kneels in front of me placing his hands over my flat stomach "thank you my love, my soul" he says the words that make me look at him in shock.



I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Viking Princess it is Book 2 of Written In The Pages!

Just a reminder this book will be short!

But enjoy more updates will be coming soon!

Gina! 💋

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