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They say the hit that hurts the most is the one you don't see coming. That hit was Paisley Dean - the one who got away - and I've spent every day since she left learning how to protect myself. How to fight. How to harden my heart and forget her. I was doing it well. The octagon. The screaming fans. Easy women. I was living the dream and loving life. Now, five years later, my life is spinning out of control. Her father has bought the gym where I train and she's back in Castleford to manage it. Seeing her every day is a distraction I can't afford, especially when the biggest opportunity of my career comes knocking. Nothing's going to keep me from winning this belt - not even her.

Kaci Jordan
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In The Beginning

I run my tongue along the seam of her lips. When she parts them, I press firmer and force it into her mouth. She tastes like aniseed and cigarettes and smells like sex and sin.

She reciprocates. My lips move against hers and I press myself against the sensual curves of her body. Her hair tickles my nose as I change the angle to deepen the kiss, my hands cupping either side of her neck. My raw need for this girl escalates when naked images of her lying on my bed filter through my hazy brain. Sexy green eyes entice me to kiss along her flawless skin. Raspy murmurs of her voice moan my name as I sink to my knees between toned thighs.

Yes, Paisley Dean has played the starring role of all of my wildest fantasies for several years and as I fight to contain myself from throwing her against the wall and taking her right here in a dark corner of Bleachers, I realize that this moment surpasses everything I’ve imagined.

I break away from her and stroke her cheek with the back of my knuckles. “Shall we take this someplace else, Paisley?”

Through the emotive lighting above, I see the desire in her eyes deepen, her chest rises and falls like she’s struggling for breath. I know she wants me as much as I want her, but I need her to consent before I touch her again.

Her hesitation to answer doesn’t go unnoticed and I think she’s about to call it a night when she dazzles me with a sultry smile and says, “Game on, Tez.”

My body electrifies. Before she can change her mind, I grab her hand and pull her to the exit of the club to seek a cab. I’ve barely closed the door and given the driver my address when Paisley bunches up her skirt, flashing me a glimpse of purple lace knickers, and straddles my lap.

Her mouth comes down on mine with frenzy. Fingers grasp and pull at anything they find, my hair, my shirt. She bears her hips down against me, the friction makes my cock hard as steel. Like heat-seeking missiles, my hands find her arse cheeks and grind her back and forth against the bulge desperate to be unleashed from the denim of my jeans.

Shit. Is this finally happening?

Paisley traps my bottom lip between her teeth and sucks. It’s the sexiest thing ever. I’m on the brink, struggling to keep myself from coming in my pants when a stern voice from the front of the cab breaks our foreplay bubble.

“Not in my cab, thank you very much!”

Paisley lets go of my lip and climbs from my lap, re-covering her modesty with a yank of her skirt. I already feel bereft of her touch and spend the rest of the journey barely able to breathe through the sexual tension hanging between us.

I throw a bunch of notes on the passenger seat of the cab when we stop and help Paisley out to the street. Her eyes flit up the road to the darkened house opposite mine and we pause. “I don’t think your dad is anywhere to be seen,” I say. “Not this time.”

I push away the memory of watching her all over Mark, her boyfriend of three months, in the street. Jealousy tore through me. His hands under her shirt. His tongue in her mouth. Fuck — I wanted to beat him to a pulp. And so did Paisley’s dad; he chased him down the Avenue with a baseball ball bat yelling curse words.

Paisley struggles to keep up with my large strides in her come-fuck-me-heels, so I chuck her over my shoulder in a fireman’s lift to get there quicker. Her light giggles echo against the empty streets and the silent skies. I climb the concrete steps to my house two at a time and fumble my way in through the door, placing Paisley on her feet in the hallway and turning the latch, locking us in.

“Where are your family?”

I hear the nerves and uncertainty in her voice but I offer reassurance. “You don’t need to worry, we’re alone. They’ve gone to visit my brother.”

The warmth of her breath hits the side of my neck as she exhales in relief. I turn my head in her direction and ask her again if she’s sure this is what she wants. This time she doesn’t hesitate to respond. She jumps towards me and wraps her legs around my hips. My hands make quick work of catching her under her arse and I carry her upstairs, trying carefully not to drop her as her tongue flicks sexily against my lips. Before I reach the top of the house, our teeth are clashing and our tongues are dueling.

In my inferno of lust, I fall through the bedroom door to my knees with Paisley underneath me. Her breathing changes and our eyes lock. She parts her legs so my cock presses against her pussy. It sends me delirious.

I need to fuck her here, and I need to fuck her now.

Paisley pulls down her top and bares her tits to me. “Suck them, Tez.”

As my mouth lowers, she arches her back, her hardened nipple coming to meet my lips. Paisley shivers, her skin like gooseflesh as my hand skims up her body and grips in her hair. “Suck them,” she implores.

With the force of desperation, I lick, suck and tease my teeth along each darkened peak until she’s an uncontrollable mess that’s begging to move this foreplay along. “Tez, I can’t wait any longer. I need you.”

I push away to my knees and take a moment to breathe. My head is dizzy with desire, my body aching to be inside her. “I need you too,” I whisper.

The smile my words leave on Paisley’s face makes my heart swell. Once she’s removed her skirt, my fingers slip beneath the fabric of her thong and I rip it from her body. My mouth salivates at the sight of the small landing strip of soft curls sat above her pussy. I don’t know how long I’m staring at her, but the spell is broken when I hear her voice slice through the trance she has me under.

“Your turn to get naked, Tez.”

My eyes follow her left hand as it slides between her legs, her fingers move in slow circles over her clit. This is so damn hot to watch. Small moans tumble from her lips, her movements get faster and my blood boils beneath my skin.

“Jesus, Paisley,” I whisper standing and frantically ridding myself of clothes. “You’re the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“So are you,” she compliments raising herself up on her elbows. Intrigued eyes scan my body but her gaze stops on my dick.

Paisley licks her lips. I coil my hand around the base then I stroke myself for her pleasure. The head is purple with desperation, the tip almost weeping.

“You have a great body. I can’t wait to make it mine, Tez.”

In my haste to make her dreams come true, I jump over the top of my bed to the bedside draw for the one and only foil packet I’ve got. “It’s all yours tonight,” I say rolling on the condom.

Our hungry eyes meet and my heart races as I drop to my knees in front of her. This is it. the moment I’ve imagined for so long. The moment I make her mine and she leaves a permanent mark on me.

“Ready?” I ask with a silent prayer she’s not about to change her mind any time soon.

Her arms slide around the back of my neck, my hands sink into the flesh of her thighs. “Yes,” she answers. “I’m ready.”

With those words, I power to my feet and crush her into the wall behind. Frantic fingers sweep through my hair as I kiss her soft and sweet, gently nipping at her lower lip with my teeth. My cock is brushing against her wet entrance and anticipation dances through me.

“Make me yours, Tez.”

I want her to be mine, without any fucking doubt. Just mine. All mine.

I push forward inserting the head. A deep groan from Paisley has me push in further. She scratches at my back; the sharp sting causing me to shiver with delight. A rhythm forms: I pull out and flex my hips quickly, each movement threatens to impale her into the plasterboard wall.

She feels perfect.

Her hips rotate, her breathing heavy and ragged as she matches my pace. Faster and harder. Deeper and deeper. Paisley keeps up, crying out sounds of pleasure that I’ll never fucking forget. As the pace becomes wilder, I start grunting my own pleasure, and when she groans my name for the first time, something inside me snaps. I fuck her up against that wall as though I’m Don Juan DeMarco.

Legs tighten around my hips and hold me closer —our eyes locking on each other. Her face is sweaty and red with exertion. “I’m gonna come,” she whispers.

I’m not far behind her. I’ve been holding it back for the last few minutes waiting for her to come first. With a nod, I thrust quicker and tell her how I can’t wait to feel her explode around me. That’s all it takes to make her body shake and for her to come undone calling my name in one long syllable.

Every sensory nerve in my body burns for her. She sinks her nails into my shoulders as sensations of untold proportions rip through my body. I bury my face in her neck, her name spilling from my mouth repeatedly as I come in hot long spurts. I still and kiss the side of her cheek as we enjoy the sex haze we’ve created. I can’t move. I don’t want to. I just want to stay buried inside of her, forever.

“That’s the most intense sex I’ve ever had,” she murmurs.

I lift my head to regard her. The post sexual glow suits her. “Me too. Paisley, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for that.”

Reluctantly, I pull out and lower her to her feet, kissing her again and again. My legs feel like jelly as I head downstairs pulling off the condom and dumping it in the bin. I’m buzzing, completely high at what’s just happened. Paisley Dean is the girl of my dreams and now she’s finally mine.

I seize two bottles of beer from the fridge, pop the metal caps then head back upstairs to my girl. I only get as far as the second landing when I spot Paisley coming towards me fully dressed.

Frowning, I hold out a beer. “Drink?”

She shakes her head and runs a hand through her damp hair. “No thanks, I’ve gotta go.”

“Go? Already?” I hear the shock in my voice and disappointment snakes through me as she passes by and heads downstairs to the lower level.

“Yeah, I’ve got packing left to do. I shouldn’t really have come out tonight but hey, ho.”

Hey, ho?!

I follow after her like a loyal puppy. “Are you going on holiday?”

“No. I’m moving to London with my family tomorrow. My father has a new business venture there.”

Moving to London? I enter the kitchen and drop the bottles in the sink, trying to recall a for sale sign outside their house recently, but nothing comes to mind.

I can’t believe this happening.

I grip the sinks edge and bow my head so she can’t see how affected I am by her revelation. I’m only eighteen but I know she’s the one. Hopes of this going any further now lay shattered on the kitchen floor, along with my heart.

I don’t hear her approach, but I feel her palm slide down my back, her lips brushing against my skin. “Thank you for making my last night in Castleford so memorable, Tez. It was amazing. Really amazing.”

I can’t speak. Crushed is an understatement.

I listen to her heels clicking along the floor towards the front door. Part of me wants to beg her to stay, tell her I love her - the other part thinks what’s the fucking point? She’s moving away and that’s that.

The door opens, there’s a pause. I sense her staring in my direction but my pride prevents me from looking back at her.

The door closes.

She’s gone.

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