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A piano prodigy running from her past meets math genius hiding his true identity. *** "Why are you so charming?" "And why are you so forwardly bold?" He asks nervously as she sizzles up to him, her chest fully leaning on him. Lightly grazing the nape of his neck before tangling her hands in his hair and pulling him down to meet her. Their lips met briefly before she pulls away, and looks directly in his eyes. "Because I know what I want."

Romance / Drama
Sara Halls
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1. this is an attempt at writing a story. enjoy.

2. and don’t copy. thanks.

Aria Jin remembered the first time she laid her eyes on a piano, the rush of feelings that went through her as she played her first song by memory. “She’s a child prodigy!” Her mother’s best friend exclaimed in excitement after finding out that she had known the chords simply by listening to her mother play.

It was from that day onwards, that she was introduced to a world filled with endless lessons playing classical songs and various competitions over competitions. She would snatch the first prize at almost every competition, as well as snatching the hearts of everyone who listened to her play.

By the age of 11, Aria Jin became a well-known name around the music industry in the United States.

It wasn’t until she was 18, ready to head to Julliard with a full ride, that she realized how cruel and unfair life could be. Especially to the stronger and kinder ones. With beautiful smiles on their face and the gentlest caresses at their fingertips.

Aria’s sister had committed suicide at the age of 23. And Aria could never play music the same way she did again.

Everything else seemed dark after that.


Michael Lang first met Aria when she was but a small child with two pigtails over her long red hair. Their mothers were apparently the best of friends, and somehow the two were supposed to also be the best of friends.

Except Michael hated girls, especially girls this cute, so he did what any 6 years old would do. He bullied her.

He’d pull on her pigtails, ignore her during recess, and sometimes he’d steal her bunny-shaped apples.

In return Aria would step on his white shoes, doodle flowers on his books, and stuff his bag with her packed peanut butter.

It was probably during recess when she had gotten enough of his teasing and eating her apple slices that she stood up, glared at him, and gave him a strong punch in the nose.

He bled the whole way to the principal’s office.

They quickly became civil after that. Her mother had apparently threatened to take her piano privileges away if she kept her menace towards Michael.

Michael just didn’t want to get punch by a girl again.

Sometimes all you needed, was a quick punch in the face to realize certain things after all. That gender had nothing to do with one’s strength.

It wasn’t really until high school, did the two of them began to develop a somewhat closer friendship. Aria was almost always at the top of her class, but Michael made sure that she would never always be at the top of her class.

He would defeat her the first round of exams, and she would defeat him the next. This went on throughout high school. At least he was undeniably good in sports, something Aria never participated in (which he didn’t understand since it was the easiest and funniest class).

There were speculations that the two hated each other because of the competition, and yet they studied together in the library, walked home together (they lived next to each other anyway), and share dinners with each other’s families every other Friday.

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer...”

Michael kept a quote of that in his room as a reminder. That Aria Jin was his first nemesis.

And his first love. (But he didn’t realize this until it was too late).


... can you tell it’s about to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride?

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