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The boy with the sewn mouth

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Every family has two children. One of their children was popular but the other wasn't. Max, the child that was always forgotten, had one way of not speaking to anyone so he wouldn't get hurt. No one would talk to him because of the popularity grid. The lower you are, the less friends you have. Until, someone came in. Someone that will listen to him...

Romance / Humor
Chloe Godden
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Chapter 1

Max's POV

Alarm started going off in my pastel blue walls, bouncing off the switched off lamp that was laid on my paint splattered desk that held my painting for art class. I tapped my alarm off that was ringing from my phone. I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes from dried tears that fell the night before. I pulled back my blankets that were placed over me and sat at the edgy of my bed to look at the paint splattered floor. I slowly rose from my bed and walked into my small bathroom where everything was in its place apart from my paint covered mirror to keep myself from seeing who I am.

Turning on the water to my shower, I leaned against the sink and listened to the falling water. I peeled my clothes off, wincing from the pain of fresh scars and dried blood that was on my clothes. I walked into the water and washed the scars and blood before getting out.

"MAX! HURRY THE FUCK UP!" My mother yelled.

I dried my longish, brownish blond hair and pulled it into a ponytail. I walked into my bedroom and pulled on some blue skinny jeans, light pink shirt and light purple sweatshirt. I pulled the hood up, covering my hair and grabbed a scarf to place around my mouth. It hides what I did years ago, the year I went into high school.

I grabbed my empty green rucksack that was covered in acrylic paint and started to put my art stuff in it for my art class. I grabbed my painting that was my art homework and I walked downstairs. My mother glared at me as I grabbed my lunch and walked out into the garage before she could spit vile words at me. I walked to my beat up car that my dad left me when he went away.

I miss him. He was the only one that understood me.

My mother married some spiteful man that she met in a bar soon after and he had always hated me. Tried to make more of a man. He didn't understand that I wouldn't be who he wanted me to be.

Climbed into my car, I placed my bag in the passenger seat and turned the car on. I put my pride flag seat belt on before I started to drive to school. I reached a stoplight and I pulled the scarf down to get some air. The thread on my skin poke out.

Since no one was on my side, I stitched up my mouth so I wouldn't speak. The first year of high school.

A car, blasting music, waited next to me. My step dad was driving my half sister, Lucy, to school. Lucy. The golden child. The one that could do no wrong. She looked over and threw something at my window as the light turned green. I continued to drive to school and found a parking space where it was away from everyone's. I grabbed my things and left the safety of my car. I pulled on my grey headphones and put on music to keep everyone's words away from me.

I walked inside and pushed my way to my locker. I opened it to have a confetti bomb go off. Everyone laughed as I shook the confetti off and grabbed my things. I closed my locker and locked it and walked to the homeroom. I kept my head down and got to my desk. I sat down and pulled out a notebook from the back of my books.

My homeroom teacher, who was nice to me and made sure I was OK, walked in and made sure everyone was there. Someone walked in, pink slip in hand.

"Class, this is Lucas. He's just moved from Arizona" She smiled.

There was a free seat next me and he sat next to me, asking no questions. He looked over at me as I looked down at my notebook and a note landed on my book. I put my pen down and opened the clean paper.

"Hey :)" It wrote.

I gave out a smile but stopped to stop the stitches from ripping. I wrote back and passed it to him. The bell went off and my homeroom teacher kept me behind, along with Lucas.

"Max, can you show Lucas around school. You both have the same classes together" She spoke.

I nodded.

"Sure Mrs" Lucas smiled.

Lucas left the classroom and my homeroom teacher checked the stitches, making sure that they didn't get infected.

"You know, when you are ready, you can have them out. You don't need to be alone" She spoke.

I nodded and left the room, without my scarf. Lucas saw and didn't want to mention it. Every time someone saw the stitches, they laughed and would mock me, even making rumors about it.

We walked to class and Lucas was kind enough to stay by my side and not leave me for my half sister's group.

"What class do we have now?" Lucas asked.

I got out my notebook and wrote 'Art' to show it to him.

"My favorite class" He smiled.

We got into the messy room and I pulled my painting out to put it on the stands. Lucas saw and was in awe.

"That looks awesome" He smiled.

I wrote down something and showed it to him.

"You think so?" It read.

Lucas nodded and everyone else came in. We sat down on the paint covered stools and waited for the class to go on. People that were on the lower part of the popularity grid always did art class as the popular people were deemed to smart for these classes.

Lucas seemed to look popular but he has a sweet determiner. His clothes were dark, there was some bleach on the jeans and a tie dyed purple and red shirt. His hair was blue and black, must have been placed as a goth.

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