Am I Really Worth Loving?

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Yasser's life keeps getting worse .Torment after torment ,he felt so alone with no one to love him and care for him or listening to his feelings.It did not take long for him to fall into a deep depression.He always asks himself ,"AM I REALLY WORTH LOVING" he knows that everyone despises him and occasionally gets bullied and body shamed by nearly everyone.This continued and each day became a living hell for him until he met Zaina. What do you think will happen between these two?Will their parents find out their secret relationship?Will Yasser be able to find happiness in his life?Will his Lord help him?Will he meet his goal?

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“No matter what, You will never ever be loved ,who will ever take interest in a fat ,plump boy like you Yasser.“Ibrahim said to me. I’ve had enough of this . The constant torments I’ve received from my family members is driving me crazy.I know I haven’t done anything wrong to them.

“Why don’t you get it Yasser?“, he growled at me. I had no choice but to cry in front of my other brothers and they just burst into laughter.I will have to say this but SHAME ON THEM!

~Okay so who is Yasser?

Yasser Ismail is a 19 year old boy who has been tormented his whole life.He did nothing wrong but his family hated him because of his physical appearance and to make matters worse ,in the upcoming months once he turns 20 his parents will just give him away by marrying him off to any woman who is around his age.What a disgrace!Don’t his parent have any dignity in them ?Unbelievable this is right? To make matters worse he has been bullied in school for the past 9 years , body shamed and cyber bullied online.

Things kept on getting worse for him day by day . He even has suicidal thoughts and has cut himself on several occasions. His family refuse to support him completely. Yasser wishes to be an engineer in the future but how will he go against his hateful parents?Just as he is about to things,his life takes a drastic turn when he meets Zaina one day.

Zaina Assim is a kind hearted, beautiful girl who has nothing to miss in her life.She has loving parents and protective and caring siblings who obviously sometimes are annoying. She is the last born in her family but that does not mean her life is perfect.She is also very talkative (likes to ramble alot) even when no one is listening to her LOL!! She is very hyper and people tend to find her very annoying and avoid her sometimes. However she is actually one of the selfless and sweetest people you could ever meet.

~Assalamu aleykum guys I just want to make it clear that this is a book that talk about two young people who are muslims .This story will mostly deal with Islamic concepts, How or when these two (Yasser and Zaina) will meet?How Islam will influence their lives?How their parents will find out of their hidden realationship ?Do you think that their parents will handle this well?

~This book will be swapping POV’S a bit frequently to get to know each characters ideas,feelings at that specific time.Last of all I am writing this book because I thought it was a good idea to write about an Islamic story just to let my readers know the REAL ROLE of Islam in some societies.In this story I will include some Practices that are done in Muslim societies and overall relationship with our lord , can ask me questions concerning Islam by messaging and I Wil happily reply to my readers.

~Finally I give this opportunity to sssilentscreamsss for inspiring me on this story because guys she publishes the most amazing Islamic stories that deal with normal occurrences that happen in life and the darkest side of life that most authors don’t talk about.Go and check her out and read her stories.

~Please guys note that I am a Human being , I will obviously make mistakes as I write this book.If you don’t agree or hate a characters behaviour DO not take it out on me please.If you have any ideas for this story send me a message and I will communicate to you from there.Have a nice time reading this book!


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