Am I Really Worth Loving?

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Betrayed-Chapter 3

Yasser’s POV

Islamic word in this chapter and meaning

EID-Islamic celebration that is celebrated twice a year

I felt as if the earth collapsed right in front of me.I knew I could not face him.What should I say to him?I felt really miserable?I did one silent quick prayer and took a deep breath before confronting him.

“Did you not hear me!!” he yelled at me so loudly.It didn’t affect me though.

“Yes ,I heard you well enough ,so how come you never told me this?” I asked trying my best not to irritate if I wanted answers.

“How dare you listen to your parent’s conversations while you were supposed to be in the kitchen long ago”he shouted trying to dodge my question on purpose.He took out his hand and slapped me backhanded,I knew that I couldn’t control myself over this guy.However,the amount of anger I had in me was overwhelming.So I decided to scream back at him.

“Where are my real parents?Where are they? Don’t you dare shut me up ,I’m an adult and I can control myself.How could you physically abuse me all these years.“With that said I ran out of the house just before he could beat me up.Who does he think he is?How can he just consider marrying me of.” Useless. I heard him calling out my name but I felt way too betrayed to listen to his voice.

“Are my siblings not related to me now?“this thought hurt me so much.It was unbelievable for me.I felt really betrayed by everyone .I knew that they knew about this all these years but never once thought about telling me .It broke my heart and things keep getting worse ,the next thing they wanted do was marry me off to someone I don’t even know.

I ran off to the same park this time without anything to distract me at all.I was beyond betrayed.Just as I felt there was hope somewhere,that hope becomes shattered the next day. Maybe I am not worth loving to anyone.Maybe my parents abandoned me on purpose.However I knew that there was nothing wrong with me.

This time I just sat near the pond in the park and huddled myself in one corner and started to cry because I didn’t have anything better to do.The words betrayed came in my head a lot of times.I was betrayed for freaking nineteen years.What!This time I couldn’t even pray to Allah because I was beyond confused.I wanted to know what I did to deserve this. I remember the times when I was little and on Eid day, all my brothers were bought new clothes and I didn’t get anything .Then there was this fun fair that was happening in this park and I remembered seeing it through the windows.It was awesome.But guess what ,Everyone including my fake parents left leaving me locked in my room only for me to watch them leave .

Betrayal.Betrayal.“Is it really worth living after an act of betrayal done to you”, I hope not I told myself.I continued to let my tears flow and I didn’t even realize that time was ticking.I didn’t even care about other people’s attention at the time.Soon,I felt an arm on my shoulder unexpectedly and reacted to it since I was extremely sensitive.I backed away slowly and I almost fell into the pond.

“Hey hey,slow down buddy I don’t mean any harm”, he said slowly.

I looked up at him and I couldn’t put my finger on it.I didn’t know him .Suddenly ,he knelt down and hugged me slowly and I didn’t know what to do but eventually responded back.

“What happened to you? ,Who did this to you?“,he asked timidly but I just couldn’t respond.I even hadn’t realized it was raining and I was soaking wet.

“Oh My God ,I’m so sorry what’s up with me asking questions instead of helping you”,he chuckled quietly.

He lifted me up slowly and told me to come with him but I didn’t oblige.Besides I didn’t even know him let alone trust him.So instead he asked my name as we walked by.

“What’s your name”,he asked slowly making sure not to upset me.He looked as if he were 21 or 20 .He didn’t look as if he were to cause any harm.

“I’m Yasser”, I replied making sure I didn’t cry in front of him.

“I’m Khalid, nice to meet you Yasser”, he beamed.

“I’m sorry but I saw you crying all alone in the rain is there anything wrong?“he said.

“No I’m fine”, I told him. I really did not want people interfering with my business at the moment.

“Would you mind telling me about it?“, he asked me quietly.

“No !How dare you come up to me and ask me about things in my life,would you just mind your own God damn business and leave me alone!“, I screamed at him.I felt really bad but how would you like it if a stranger approaches at a time like this when your whole life is ruined.I just couldn’t trust anyone,I couldn’t allow myself to be hurt again.

He looked at me as if I had grown two heads and he seemed very very surprised.I wouldn’t blame him if I were him though.

“Well Yasser it was nice meeting you”he told me .

With that he left and I was left alone once again so I just walked home (well not my real home anymore) but I just went there.I couldn’t believe that I just talked to someone that way, I knew he also had feelings but he seemed so calm about it.Well if fate makes us meet again then I won’t mind.Just as I had stepped into the house ,I felt something like hot water being poured onto me and I was forcefully dragged inside the house and locked up in the basement .

“Stop it please “, I screamed .I couldn’t take it anymore.Am I a donkey to be treated like this.I couldn’t even see anything.

“This better be worth it “, I heard Ibrahim say.God curse him .I hate him so much.

“It will don’t worry son , he won’t even escape the house again until he gets married”,my fake father told him quietly.

Soon enough ,I heard the doors of the basement close and I was left all alone in the dark.My skin was burning so much .I already started forming scalds and blisters on my skin and I was soaking wet from head to toe .What did I do to any of them to deserve this.I decided to call the police but the moment I felt my pocket ,My phone was no where to be found.Shoot.

Wow!This is how my life is everyday. At least the only to avoid them is if I go back to college tomorrow morning. I hate the college I go to because I am practically bullied everyday but I have no choice.Its not as bad as home but its not cool.I even forgot to eat my late breakfast and here I am locked up in room all alone.Soon I felt my eyes become heavy and the room started to spin and before I knew it I felt my shut tight.

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