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Trust(Part 1)-Chapter 4

Khalid’s POV

“No! How dare you come up to me and ask me about things in my life,would you just mind your own God damn business and leave me alone!”

The words he said to me kind of shocked me in the first place but deep down I knew that Yasser was suffering.I didn’t know how I could help him.I know that I’m lucky to have people in my life who love and care for me a lot. The way I saw Yasser cry at the park all alone made my heart ache for him.No one wanted to feel that way.If only there was a way he could trust me as well ,I could at least be a good friend to him.I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t hear my sister calling me.

“Khalid! Khalid! Come quick please”, she shouted.I heard her voice clearly .She was in the next room.

“Yes Zaina”I rolled my eyes at her without realizing that she had tears in her eyes.What type of brother am I?

“It’s Lulu ,she’s not even responding ,What’s happening to her ,Oh My God”,she wailed.

“Calm down little sis we’ll know what ’s wrong with Lulu hold on”, I told her reassuringly.

Lulu is our pet dog whom we have owned since we were little kids.She is a white husky dog with pretty blue ocean eyes.We love her so much.She has been with us in most of our lifetime.

“What do you think is wrong with her?Will she be alright?“, she asked more calmly this time.

“Yes she will Zaina ,Don’t worry at all”,I reassured even though I didn’t even know what was wrong with Lulu.

I had to go to school in the next thirty minutes and here I am trying to calm my worried sister’s nerves down.

“Calm down sis it’s okay,just trust Allah and everything will be alright,I’ve gotta go to campus right now,“she nodded and I left her room to get my backpack and car keys.

I drove to school pretty slowly because I didn’t feel like I was in the mood to study but I had no choice if I was going to be a lawyer.Just as I stepped into the campus I saw someone from far being pushed into one of the few lockers in the school.As I stepped inside and took a closer look at the person I realized exactly who it was.

“Yasser?“,I asked sounding shocked.He gave me scared and agitated look. I couldn’t also believe the person who trying to beat Yasser up.My best friend Jamal was beating up a sad lonely boy I met at the park.I couldn’t remember what was next .I found myself holding the collar of Jamal’s T-shirt and lift him up before slamming him against the hard concrete wall.

“What the heck man,what are you doing supporting that dork “, he hissed at me.He was really annoyed at me for embarrassing him in that position but I refused to let go.

“Leave him alone or else never speak to me again”, I whispered harshly so that no one could hear.I know it sounds childish to threaten my best for another guy whom I just met yesterday.The problem is that I can’t allow problems to keep on building on a guy who is already suffering.So I decided to confront him.

“Hi Yasser “, I told him after letting go of Jamal.I could’t even ask him how he was doing because I was afraid he’d snap at me.

“Hi Khalid ,thanks for that “, he said nervously.

“No problem at all”, I told and gave him a smile.

“By the way I’m really sorry for snapping at you yesterday, I really didn’t mean it,I must have hurt your feelings please forgive..“he looked so worried so I shut him up playfully.

“Oh no you don’t have to ask for forgiveness from me I’m the one at fault for asking and minding your business remember” i told him

“But either way I shouldn’t have said that”, he argued.

“Don’t worry I’m fine really”,I assured him .

“Do you want to meet me in the park today after the last school session”,I asked him while silently crossing my fingers in my head.I had no idea what he was going to reply.

“Sure I’ll come “, he replied.Then he just asked me a random question.

“Do you have any siblings ?” he asked me .I felt like he was slowly opening up but then again I shouldn’t get my hopes too high.

“Of course ,only a sister though,Its just the two of us” I nervously laugh.I decided to ask him the same question just to know him a little bit.I hope I won’t sound offensive.

“What about you Yasser ,how many siblings do you have?“, I asked him as well

“Four brothers that’s it” he gave me a cold blank expression or probably it was just my imagination.

“Okay well see ya after school”,I told him and he waved at me telling me goodbye as well.

As I was walking to my next class Arts and Humanities, I couldn’t bring it to myself the reason I was going to meet him at the park.Well to be honest I wanted to know more about him, why he self isolates himself.Well for now I will just grab my favourite novels and hand it to him for starters to see if he likes reading.I probably think I’m a little bit older than him like 2 years or maybe just one.

The classes today went by slowly with the professor being extremely boring and just as I was leaving the school gate ,I spotted Yasser outside walking slowly and he was alone.I decided to approach him and offer him a ride at our house before heading to the park afterwards like we agreed.Sounds crazy right?But in Islam it’s always good to help your fellow brother in Islam especially when it comes to inviting them in your homes and offering rides instead of them walking.

“Hey Yasser ,wait up!“,he looks back at me and then stops.

“What!“, a tone of harshness clearly in his voice.

“Yo calm down”′ I told him

“You told me to meet you at the park then what do you want now”,he almost yelled but not loud enough for passersby to hear our conversation.

“Listen I just wanted to offer you a ride to our house before heading to the park then I could drop you off at your house in the end”,I explained to him.

“What make me to trust you?“,disgust clear in his tone.“I just met you yesterday for goodness sake!“, he exclaimed.

“You don’t need to trust me it’s just an offer”,I tried my best to change his mind.

“No I can’t “,he told me calmly.

“But please Yasser ,I could even give you a ride home “I begged.

“Give me a good reason to trust you”,he replied

“B-because I want to be your friend, You seem like you don’t have one , I hope that’s okay and I want to help you out as well”, I stammered and he just stared at me completely confused.

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