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Reversed Evening-Chapter 7

Islamic words in this chapter and their meanings

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun -Verily we belong to God,and very to Him we do Return.

(Recited to the dead )Arabic


Habibi-My beloved (Male)Arabic

Habibti-My beloved (Female)Arabic

Assalamu Aleikum -Peace Be Upon You (Greetings)Arabic

MaashaAllah-God had willed it.Arabic

Ummi -My Mother (Arabic)

Khalid’s POV

I’m sorry again if this chapter again becomes overwhelming like the previous one but I PROMISE the whole chapter won’t be emotional.

I couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me .Lulu was laying on the floor with a clear discharge coming from her snout.She looked like she was about to breath in her last .I quickly asked my mom what the veterinary doctor has said about Lulu’s condition.

“Mom tell me what happened please”,I practically begged. Zaina decided to speak for her while she was clutching onto Lulu’s paw.

“She is suffering from Canine distemper and she may not survive it because she had the disease for long”,Zaina said.

“I don’t care about how long I wanna know what the disease is ,OKAY.Tell me NOW”,I practically yelled.As I took a closer look at Lulu I noticed that she was slowly forming foam in her mouth.I don’t even know if it is accepted to call a dog a she.

“Does it affect her canines?“,I asked since I thought the disease was coming from the word canine.

“No ,canine distemper is a disease that affects a dog respiratory and nervous system.I think you could see the symptoms by yourself”,She told me.

“SO that means she is not going to survive”,My voice cracked in the end as I was dangerously and close to tears right now.

“Yes”, she whispered.

My mom just sat there in her own thoughts and I felt nothing but I just wondered how she could just sit there and let me cry over a dog that I have known my whole life.She soon stood up and left the room.

“How could you Ummi”,I yelled across the room watching her leave.Back then I didn’t know that there was a surprise she had in store for us.

“No ,No Lulu please don’t “, Zaina said starting to cry again .I turned my head to face her and noticed that Lulu was blinking rapidly.We stared at her for two minutes straight until she closed her eyes permanently.

“That’s it isn’t it”,she said to me trying her best not to cry.

After she said that I lost it ,my eyes swelled because of the tears and I just couldn’t hide them anymore.I knew I was a man but losing a small potion of your heart does not make things better for me.I let my tears flow like small rivulets down my face.I just had to let it all go, Of course I meant the tears but not Lulu. Zaina slowly carried Lulu but we didn’t know what to do with her right now.We both recited the dua of the dead.It seemed stupid to read the supplication on animals but we had no choice.

“Inna Lillahi Wainna Ilaihi Rajiun”,Zaina whispered.

After much researching about what to do with dead pet dogs, we decided to bury her two feet down in our backyard.The moment the last patch of soil filled up the grave ,more tears came out of me uncontrollably and I found myself standing there for an hour remembering all the memories we had with Lulu.

It was finally time for us to get back inside and it was nearly time for the last prayer of the day (Isha).My mom called Zaina and I to come downstairs telling us that she had a surprise for us.A surprise at this moment , I couldn’t believe it but I knew I couldn’t disrespect her as well.

I called Zaina from the other room and as we were going down the stairs we noticed that the dining room was filled with balloons and streamers.

“Mom , what is all of this?“. I questioned her all confused.


“Wooow!“, I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes.I knew losing a dog is pretty hard but replacing it immediately with another dog never made sense to me.

“Awww , Its soooo cute”,Zaina exclaimed.

“Oh come on , you’ve got be kidding me, Have you forgotten about Lulu”, I told her.I was slowly losing my patience.

“No , I haven’t but don’t let that stop you from moving on with your life”,she said.

She was giggling like a little child while holding the puppy .The puppy was a tiny German shepherd and as much as I hate to say it , it was pretty cute.

“Hey what are you doing standing there like a lone man ,lets dig into the cake that was baked for us “she scolded me and she instantly slapped my hand. HARD.

“Hey what did you do that for”,I practically whined.

“Haha that’s what you deserve now hold Daisy”, she ordered.

“Misses Boss Lady” I teased back.

“Yup , you should respect me you bighead”,She said.That’s why I love my sister so much.

“I love you habibti”,I told her.

“Love you too big bro”,she grinned at me while taking an orange slice and placing it in her mouth while trying to smile.She looked adorable and funny at the same time.It covered her teeth and I tried my best to hide my laughter.

“Ewwww!“,I complained.“Daisy licked my face”, I continued.

“Serves you right , next time she should bite ya”, she laughed sarcastically.

“It’s not a she”, I told her.

“Says who , your not my English teacher you dork”,she replied.

“WHAT”,I gasped.

“Yeah that’s right weirdo, Now I know that I’m the boss here not you “, she whispered. I tried to hide my amused face but we both ended up laughing so hard until I thought I heard my ribs crack. Exaggeration LOL.

“Hey Zaina , where were you when I invited my friend today after school.” I said changing the subject.

“I was at the veterinary office ,Don’t ask me why though”, she said while hugging the Daisy so hard and I could see the look on Daisy pleading to be rescued.

“Err that’s enough hugging Zaina , pass me Daisy”, I told her and she handed me the dog.

“Hey who is this friend whom you invited to our house, is he or she one of your best friends”she asked suddenly.

“I already told you he is my friend not my best friend duh get the difference woman!“,I said foolishly. I didn’t intend my comment to be harsh but it came out a little harsher than I expected.

“Woman?” she sounded a little bit offended.

“Aren’t 18 turning 19 next month sis”,I told her in-a-matter-of-factually tone

“Yeah but that doesn’t give you the right to call me that”, She replied and she took a spatula from who-the-hell knows where and hit me with it repeatedly.

“OW!Ow! Why do you keep hitting me”,I said.

“So who is he since you might remain a bachelor your whole life”, she sarcastically said.

“Oh come on I know that I’m good- looking and I want to find the perfect girl not just any random one”, I explained.

“Fine then whatever tell me”,she kept pressing me on to say.Chill woman.

“His name is Yasser and he is 19 this year.I met him at the park and found out that he studied in the same college as me done I hope I’ve explained myself clearly”,I told her.

“I didn’t ask you to hope that you’ve explained yourself well ,WEIRDO“,she retorted.

“That doesn’t even make sense.” I told her.Sometimes I couldn’t even stand her.I bet Yasser doesn’t even have to deal with such annoying sisters.

“Actually your the one who is senseless habibi”, she dropped her head back and roared with laughter.

“I’m outta here “, I told her while still clutching onto to Daisy.

“Hey give me Daisy back”she cried out loud.

“Not after you catch me”, I stuck my tongue out like a five-year old child before she could even catch me.

“Come back here you nincompoop“.she yelled across the hall.


Well that’s what you call a reversed evening.From a sad evening to a happy one before the day even ended.I guess you can’t just stay unhappy in our home for long.

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